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YES — YOU TOO could “speed retire” in 5 years or less.

With just the two strategies you’re about to learn, you’ll see exactly how you could have potentially turned $5,000 into over $10.1 million since 2007.

Or, as I’m about to illustrate, you could have played it “safe” and taken a more realistic route — turning your original $10,000 into a $410,000 trading account — with the potential to pay you $100,000 in income each year.

Not just one year, either! I’m talking about a consistent, six-figure income that means you’d never be forced to work again.

That’s a bold claim, I realize. I’ll walk you through all the proof in just a moment. Because the good news is . . .

IT’S NOT TOO LATE to Retire Rich!

There are many more opportunities on the horizon I want to show you, starting today.

Of course, I only hope that as a smart investor, you’re skeptical of claims — especially those as eye-opening as you’re about to see.

I invite you to reserve your final judgment until you see the extensive charts and numbers behind everything I show you — all of which has been documented and proven extensively.

We both know proof is everything. I really want you to see why — if you had known and listened to the more than 342 verified trades I’ve recommended since 2006 — you would NOT be worrying about your portfolio, or even working today.

Finally, I’ll illustrate how using a highly sophisticated “R&R” strategy — coupled with money management techniques used by some of the world’s most secretive and successful hedge fund traders — gives you a decisive edge over virtually every other investor in the market today.

In fact, I’m going to GIVE YOU a detailed report called The RI5 System, which is filled with . . .

The Exact Strategies I’ve Used to TROUNCE Every Index or Service

This report explains why an approach focused on cash flow — and coupled with world class money-management strategies — is the only way to shave years or decades off your wait for retirement.

First, let’s get something straight.

When I use the words “speed” and “retirement” together, I’m talking about something totally different than what the government or even Wall Street envisions for you.

Waaaaay different.

To me, the thought of retiring “modestly” or having to pinch pennies is beyond boring. I never want to worry if I’ll ever run out of money, or wonder if I’ll leave anything to my kids.

The RI5 (Retire in 5) System .

Because it’s never too late to really begin setting yourself up for the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

I don’t care how old you are right now — once you switch to this approach to investing, you start thinking in terms of four-to-five years to wealth.

Because you’re multiplying your money up to ten times faster than traditional investors typically do, and 19 times faster (or more) than the market has been moving.

I promise to do my part. I’m going to show you everything you need to take full advantage of my triggers, the R&R process, and the elite money-management strategies that keep me ahead.

It all starts with the RI5 Quick Start Guide you’ll get absolutely free today. I show you how it works, how to set up the trades, and how to maximize your returns throughout.

Of course, as a member of the RI5 program, you don’t have to worry about any of that. I tell you everything — when to buy, when to exit, even how much of your portfolio to ideally allocate to each trade. It’s simple. It’s easy. And it’s so much more profitable than what you’ve been doing.

Once you accept my invitation to join the RI5 System, here’s what you’ll get . . .

You get every single one of my trade alerts — The same ones that have averaged 242% per year and 73% winners, since 2007. You’ll get short, straightforward steps for placing the trades, a quick, clear look at why we’re making the trade, and the amount of profit we can expect to get from it.
You get the RI5 Quick Start Guide — Your FREE quick start guide is designed to help give your profits a quick boost right out of the gate. In it, you’ll discover the #1 reason why most investors and traders get in trouble, and our easy method for avoiding it . . . two simple rules for quickly boosting your profits . . . 3 simple steps for finding winners . . . plus much, much more!
You get access to my “RI5 Weekly” Letter that includes specific trade analysis and has a $1500 annual value — FREE! With this powerful weekly resource, you get proven, lucrative price action analysis in every time frame Look at some of these incredible results.

Not only was I right, my predictions were even better than I imagined! And that means more money in your pocket each month.

  • QQQ at 50 — forecast to 80 . . . went to 82!
  • Heinz at 48 — forecast to 70 . . . shot up to 72!
  • Costco at 63 — forecast to 114 . . . jumped to 116!
  • S+P at 107 — forecast to 175 . . . right on target at 175!
  • Russell ETF at 60 — forecast to 100 . . . now at 111!

Each and every day, you’ll get access to the most promising trades I’m seeing right now — trades you can USE to go for consistent AVERAGE annual gains of 270% . . . 334% . . . 125% . . . 151% . . .. 211% . . . even 919% or more!

You get all my alerts as they occur. Although I monitor the markets and every position we own hour by hour during the trading day — I cannot tell you ahead of time, precisely how often or when I will issue a recommendation. The markets tell me what to trade and when — NOT the calendar! On average, I tend to recommend 2 to 5 trades per month. But sometimes, patience will prove to be the most prudent path, and I may recommend that you simply stand pat for up to four weeks, or more. It’s rare, but it happens.

At other times, when I see multiple opportunities, I may have several recommendations for you in a single week.

Our 100% Profit Performance Guarantee: If YOU Don’t Make a Bundle , We Won’t Make a Penny!

Nobody can guarantee profits, and losses are always possible. But I can guarantee this: If we don’t deliver amazing performance with RI5, we don’t make a dime!

In fact, given my track record over the last ten years, and given the fact that I’ve never delivered less than 49.61% . . .

I’m confident promising you that the service MUST return at least 100% performance to members across all trades over the next 18 months — winners and losers — otherwise, you are entitled to a prompt, courteous refund.

This isn’t your typical “satisfaction guaranteed” promise — but much better. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and standing by the PERFORMANCE I’ve stated and proven throughout this letter.

In other words, the 100%+ profit performance and ability to boost your annual trading income MUST be a reality after 18 months, otherwise you pay nothing.

I don’t anticipate that happening, though.

If, as I suspect, RI5 delivers profits that dwarf the small membership fee, then like other members you’ve heard from today, you will be well on your way to the retirement and lifestyle of your dreams.

Your 5-Year Retirement Plan . . . for as Little as $3.64 Per Day!

If you like it, and more importantly, if you profit from your first few trades, then you can remain in the program and pay just $997for 6 months — or save more by paying only $1,997 for 18 months. That’s just $3.64 per day!

Either way, it will be a steal relative to your gains . . . and I bet that I couldn’t pay you $5,000 to keep you OUT of the program once you see its immense profit potential.

Of course, once membership fills up, you may be shut out. We can only hold so many members without diluting the quality and performance of the service.

That would mean you risk missing out on these incredible gains, maybe for life.

RI5 Program - 6 months for $997

RI5 Program - 18 months for $1997

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