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Easy To Follow
10-Minute Success Formula
Has Proven To Work
For Just About Everybody

My name’s Dale Brethauer and option trading has been my passion for more than 32 years. I’m good at it. It gives me and my family a wonderful lifestyle.  And winning is just plain fun!

Over the years I’ve developed a simple 3-step formula that has always made me money, yet takes very little time to do.

Even managing trades for the hedge fund I’m involved with takes less than 30 minutes most days.  So I end up with an awful lot of spare time on my hands.

And, I’ve spent that spare time doing all sorts of things.  I wrote two text books and a novel… I acquired four U.S. Patents… I taught classes on Fundamentals of Finance… And, when Pacific Trading Academy asked me to mentor struggling option traders, I gladly did that too. 

And guess what, it’s lucky for me, and even luckier for you, that I did.

You Learn By Doing
There Is Just No Other Way

Most professionals attend years of school followed by some sort of internship before they ever embark on private practice.

Traders, on the other hand, tend to jump right in after a single seminar, book, or video.  No wonder most fail!

You learn by doing. There really is no other way.  

The problem has always been: How is a novice trader supposed to get live trading practice… because paper-trading really isn’t the same… without losing all their money in the process? 

Until now, hiring an expensive one-on-one trading coach was about the only way you could SAFELY get real-time practice and earn while you learn. 

But now, for the first time, you can master the art of option trading faster, easier, cheaper, and safer than ever before.

Never Trade
Alone Again

It all started in March 2010 when I undertook the Double-Up Challenge to publicly double the value of a live trading account in one year.

Every evening for twelve months I posted a Double-Up Video Blog that revealed exactly what I would be doing when the market opened the next morning.

Viewers felt like virtual co-pilots.  Sitting next to me… looking at the same charts… observing the same signals… reading the same option tables… and then, if they wanted to, placing the same trades and enjoying the same results.

Between March 29, 2010 and March 28, 2011… with the world looking on… I grew a $25,000 trading account to $48,968… after deducting commissions.  And the fans went wild.

But it wasn’t until I quit posting nightly videos that I realized how much people had come to rely on my Double-Up Video Blog to guide their own trading... I had inadvertently become their virtual mentor.  And they were depending on me. 

Faithful followers… many enjoying their first taste of success and horrified by the thought of ever struggling on their own again… swamped my inbox begging for more.   

OK.  Why not?  I’m doing the analysis for myself and the hedge fund anyway.  And I really do relish the thought of helping folks succeed beyond their wildest dreams. 

So, I agreed to do it.  I’m going to continue my Double-Up Video Blog.  And you’ll be happy to know it’s YOUR turn to win!

Double-Up Profit Secrets
5-Part Video Course on DVD
Gets You Up and Running FAST

Double-Up trading success is the result of integrating two powerful, yet super-simple trading strategies…

Both are winning strategies and either one could make you very rich.  Put them together and they’re killer… as you will see for yourself when you watch Double-Up Profit Secrets… the very same video course I give students who come to me through the PTA Mentorship program, (tuition $6,000).

Double-Up Profit Secrets DVD will play in any DVD player… and the picture looks great on a big screen.  So pop it in, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to be amazed.

Module 1 - Fundamentals: Find out how financially strong stocks can boost your percentage of winners… Discover an often overlooked item that can lead to big profits… Learn an easy way to select a winning basket of stocks for you to trade.

Module II – Macro MACD: Super-charge the popular MACD indicator with proprietary settings that filter out false signals.  

Module III – Ready, Set, Go: Eliminate fear, doubt and second-guessing with the powerful 3-step strategy Faythe says “Screams of simplicity”.

Module IV – Theta Income: Learn how you can turn one trade a month into an average income of 11% every 30 days … 131.8% in a year… and go 12 months without a single loss!

Module V – Think or Swim Tutorial: Transform your computer into a powerful profit center using your free Think-or-Swim trading platform. Step-by-step tutorial makes it easy for anybody to do… even a complete technophobe!

Armed with two winning strategies and a state-of-the-art profit center… nothing to it but to do it!

Become an Overnight Success
With Double-Up Video Blog
As Your ‘Virtual Mentor’

Logon to my nightly Double-Up Video Blog and EARN while you LEARN starting the very first day!

In some ways, learning to trade is like learning to play the piano.  You need to play in order to learn and you continue learning as long as you continue playing. 

And if you have a skilled teacher sitting by your side, not only do you learn much faster, but you become much more accomplished too!

So, welcome to my Double-Up Video Blog… the very best earn-while-you-learn training ground available anywhere!

Not only will I spoon-feed you specific profit opportunities… and explain them on real-time charts… but I also answer questions just like in a live classroom!

The funny thing is, you may learn even more from the questions and answers of other students than from having your own questions answered!

Now You Can Get
Double-Up Profit Secrets
Limited Time Only
Introductory Offer

Under the terms of this very special introductory offer, there are three ways you can put Double-Up Profit Secrets to work for you.

That’s right. You can actually get the

Double-Up Profit Super Combo - $97 quarter Buy Now!
  • 3-month subscription to the nightly Double-Up Video Blog. Then $97 every three months. This is a $20 savings compared to the monthly rate of $39.
  • Double-Profit Secrets DVD
  • The Business of Wealth Buidling Made Easy bonus
Double-Up Video Blog – $39 mo Buy Now!
  • Nightly Double-Up Video Blog. Then pay $39 every month.

Double-Up Profit Secrets Video Course – just $199 (Click the Buy Now button on the top of this page)

  • Double-Up Profit Secrets, value priced at just $199

Say ‘YES’ Today
And Get This
Valuable FREE Gift

As my ‘virtual student’ I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure you achieve the success you deserve… Same as I do for the men and women who pay me thousands of dollars for one-on-one mentoring.

To that end, when you say “Yes” to my Double-Up Super Combo I’m going to send you The Business of Wealth Building Made Easy as my free gift to you.

Part easy-reference guide and part business plan, The Business of Wealth Building Made Easy picks up where Double-Up Profit Secrets leaves off.  And you’ll find the contents truly invaluable.

For example…

  • You’ll get my October 2011 list of 22 Financially Strong Companies, from 15 different market sectors, which show the greatest profit potential at this particular time.  Here’s where the winning begins!
  • You’ll discover a super-simple way to overcome psychological pitfalls to trading success.  And automatically transform your mindset into that of a winner.
  • You’ll learn how to turn option trading into the most lucrative business on the planet.  Step-by-step, together we’ll calculate realistic ‘expectancy’ and formulate a business plan designed to earn you $250,000-$300,000 income every year… or even more with just a few slight adjustments!
  • And much, much more!

The treasure-trove of wealth-building wisdom contained within the pages of The Business of Wealth Building Made Easy can boost the wealth building potential of ANY viable trading system.  So, no matter what else you do in the long run, make sure you call today and get this exclusive free gift… unavailable anywhere else.


You have a full three months to make up your mind about whether the Double-Up Blog is really right for you.  If you feel you’d rather cancel, simply return the Double-Up Profit Secrets course within 90 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you paid to subscribe.

But a gift is a gift.  So, even if you do return Double-Up Profit Secrets course and get a full refund of every penny you paid, The Business of Wealth Building Made Easy is yours to keep with my compliments and best wishes.

After the first 90 days, you may cancel your Double-Up Video Blog subscription at any time, and receive a pro-rated refund for any remaining time.  But you return nothing… Double-Up Profit Secrets will be yours to keep and profit from forever!

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