EXAMPLE 1 NO QTY BOX: By: Don Fishback How would you like to win on at least 80% of your trades? If you trade stocks and the market is in a bull mode, winning on 80% of your trades may not sound so hard. But what about bear markets like 1994? What about standstill markets like 2005? Not only is it hard to achieve consistently profitable results, it takes a lot of time. What if I told you there is a way to easily select trades that win at least 80% of the time, you could make your selection in less than five minutes, and it works in bull markets, bear markets, even standstill markets? The reason it works so consistently is that we are going to legally change the rules of trading. Instead of making money the way most people make it, we're going to radically change the way you profit from trading. The way most people make money is to buy a stock at a low price, wait for something to happen, and then hopefully sell it at a higher price. A few people make money from short selling. That is, the way they make money is to sell the stock short at a high price, wait for something to happen, and then hopefully buy it back at a lower price. We're going to make an extreme departure from that method of trading by legally changing the rules of trading. And once we've changed the rules, you have at your fingertips a fast and statistically proven method to achieve high accuracy and steadily build profits.
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