1 Hour System

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1-HOUR System

Based on data around combining my highest-accuracy strategy WITH my high-upside strategy, this new service incorporates my two most powerful secrets in a totally new way.

First, let me explain the name.

1 – because it’s BOTH of my best trading approaches in ONE SYSTEM; and because you can receive and execute the trades in as little as ONE HOUR per week

High – because you get extremely high accuracy (well over 90%) across a decade of trading.
Odds – because that level of accuracy totally stacks the odds or probability in your favor, even if you have down months in your aggressive trades.
Ultra-High – because you also get the more aggressive approach that delivers a triple digit winners that dwarf the small losers.
Returns – because you ultimately get the highest possible return of ANY trading approach I’ve analyzed in my decades of success in the industry.

Combining both gives you a step-by-step “one hour” system that delivers high levels of accuracy AND high profits. And best of all . . .

  1. You can use my 1-HOUR System with limited capital: Because many of these options can go for as little as $100 or less, you don’t need to already be rich to go for gains that could make you rich.
  2. The 1-Hour System doesn’t require you to learn a SINGLE thing. I wait for the pattern to be triggered, then I post the trading alert with plain English instructions to a private, secure web site.
  3. The 1-Hour System is a breeze to follow: In each trading alert, I tell you what to buy . . . when to buy it . . . what you should pay . . . and I even provide specific exit instructions daily. It’s so easy a 6th grader could do it!

Still, the best news is yet to come, because . . .

The 1-Hour System Is ONLY Just the Beginning of the
Money-Making Tools You’ll Access When You Act Today!

As you’ve learned, my HIGH-ODDS, ULTRA-HIGH RETURN or “1-HOUR” System contains BOTH of my most lucrative strategies:

  • My core ODDS High Accuracy Method, which allows you to sell overpriced options for a 90% probability of earning 8.5-10% on your weekly trades . . .
  • And my ODDS Burning Fuse Method, which helps you buy underpriced options for explosive gains averaging 113% per winning trade . . . and has piled up cumulative profits of 7,438% in testing and live recommendations!

That’s not ONE but TWO highly lucrative sets of trading signals that perform with better results than anything else in the industry . . . all rolled into one powerful service.

Red Hot Profit Opportunities
. . . Personally Selected
by Don Fishback

The entire trade-finding process begins the night before. My team created automatic programs that distill everything down to a one-page daily preliminary report.

Then, I personally do pre-market, sameday research and write the daily reports each morning.

And when I find a trade that has either explosive windfall profit potential or highly accurate weekly income potential, I post the recommendations in a secure, membersonly private web site that you can access from any device.

Word-for-word instructions are provided. Just enter the trade online, or if you’re old fashioned like me, you read the instructions to your broker. Either way, you’re getting the equivalent of a turnkey business that you can start right away.

But I’m not done yet. Every day you get followup instructions, including full exit instructions, so you’re never alone, and never left in the dark.
Translation: you get the near-term cash flow you need to live life on your terms . . .

. . . along with the long-term security and wealth-building you and your future generations deserve.

The 1-HOUR System allows me to accomplishthat more than anything I’ve ever done.

And after a lifetime of success — it’s my great honor to finally make this available to you.

Still, they don’t call me “over-delivering Don” for nothing!

Because I’ve Also Gathered
Over $6,000 in Bonuses for You . . .
Just for Trying the 1-HOUR System!

That’s right.

To make the 1-HOUR System even more of a no-brainer, I’ve created a package of highvalue training bonuses for you. They will help you master these moneymaking skills even faster.

When you decide to join me in the 1-HOUR System today, you’ll get:

  • You get my Secrets of the Burning Fuse Revealed Program, which is an in-depth video training designed to help you squeeze even more profit out of the alert signals you’ll receive . . .

In fact, I personally show you the EXACT process that I taught my staff to find option trades on stocks that are poised for explosive profits.

This is the exact same method that Bryan, one of my employees, used to turn $4,000 into more than $55,000!

  • You get my High Probability Secrets of the Stock Indexes Home Study Program, which contains the secrets and strategies that let you apply amazingly accurate, near-perfect credit spreads to the highly lucrative stock index markets.

Here, you’ll discover ALL the secrets of high accuracy and steady profits:

Amazing 95.2% accuracy
in 6-year independent study

Returns of $126,000 Profit
Per Year in Actual Trading

Independent Study of 707 wins
out of 732 trades

It is not available anywhere else at any price!

On their own, these programs have sold for more than $3,000 EACH. That’s over $6,000 in value, and as you see from Bryan’s story, they are even more valuable than that — if applied.

Yet you won’t pay a penny for either program — they’re both included, 100% FREE, as part of the 1-HOUR System.

Test-Drive My
1-HOUR System for 60% Less
Than Others Have Paid

How would you like to SEE whether you too can earn stunning profits like you’ve seen throughout this report — by letting me spoon-feed these trades for you?

Every day, before the market opens, I personally analyze the parameters for every service, paying extra special attention to both ODDS High- Accuracy AND ODDS Burning Fuse patterns.

When I see it, I run that trade through our filtering software that my team of programmerscreated to double check and ensure it meets my strict criteria.

Then, assuming everything looks perfect, I pull the trigger — alerts are posted to a secure website within minutes.

Everything you need to place a trade is right there: the stock and its price, the option and its price, what action to take.

In the past, we’ve charged as much as $10,000 for all these services when sold individually.

And that’s not including the value of the bonus gifts!

However, because of the urgency I feel to help you protect and grow your retirement . . . in the face of what feels like immense global and economic uncertainty . . .

. . . we’re giving you EVERYTHING I’ve outlined as part of the 1-Hour System for JUST $3,997.

That’s literally 60% off — by FAR the best deal I’ve EVER given on my premium services.

Incredible, right?

That’s a little over $10 per day to be spoon fed winning trades and coaching from a 33-year veteran with one of the best track records ever. And private coaching from my hand-picked staff with over two decades of experience.

That’s a LOT less than you’d pay in fees to most money managers, who’d fail to deliver even a fraction of the performance the 1-HOUR Service does!

And I’ve got one more ace up my sleeve . . .

Get Access to Private Group
Coaching Each and Every Week!

I want to give you EVERY possible opportunity to kick your retirement into high-gear, starting today.

My Private Group Coaching Forum helps you do just that.

There, you’ll be able to get coaching from a successful professional trader on my team . . . get answers to your most pressing questions . . . the high-level strategy or mechanics of each trade recommendation I personally select . . . and more.

Imagine being coached by a world-class trader deeply experienced with my system — the same system that has produced one of the best track records on the planet . . .

Picture yourself having total confidence in the recommendations, executing the winning trades successfully each week . . .

And becoming a world-class trader yourself, with matching financial freedom, in the process!

Plus, you’ll get to interact and receive support from fellow 1-HOUR traders on the same journey to financial freedom and rebuilding their retirement dreams.

This is easily worth $5,000 — and frankly very time-consuming for our team. But I LOVE seeing others enjoy the success and retirement security I’ve personally achieved.

I have devoted much of my life to service, and bringing these trades to you—while donating a significant portion of my earnings to the American Heart Association—is just one example of the kind of guy I am.

That said, a deal like this is easily abused — and so I’m not going to keep such a deep discount to my best service available for long.

Test-Drive My 1-HOUR
System and Service, Risk-Free!

Order now and give the 1-HOUR System and Service the chance to make your money grow. If you like what you see, do nothing.

I guarantee you will have full access to my NEW 1-2 hybrid strategies I use to generate "best of both worlds" trades.

I also guarantee that we will provide you with all the support you need over the next year to put those strategies into action.

And I further guarantee that the methods will generate profits for you over the next 12 months.

If I fail to deliver on the promises above, you are eligible for a full, 100% refund PLUS you can keep all the training materials.Star

I've been in this business for over 30 years and nobody makes this guarantee.

I know. I checked.

Note: Because of the unprecedented nature of the guarantee, refund eligibility begins immediately after the 12-month period has ended.

You have an additional 30 days after the end of the 12-month period in which to request a refund.

And no matter what happens, your free copy of the Secrets of the Burning Fuse Revealed and my High Probability Secrets of the Stock Indexes Home-Study Programs — are ALL yours to keep completely without cost or obligation!

The only way to save 60-70% . . . claim over $6,000 in bonus training . . . PLUS get my fast-action private coaching bonus worth $5,000 . . . is to activate your membership in the 1-HOUR System and Service TODAY.

Buy Now!

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