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If You Trade Options – or Want To – This One-of-a-Kind
“Super-Program” Will Find You the BEST Options Opportunities
Available Right Now With Near ZERO-Effort On Your Part

You know how exhausting it can be to find a decent trade . . .

You glare at chart after chart after chart until your eyes glaze over . . . digging and digging . . .Desperately searching for potentially profitable trades, as the mind-numbing hours tick away.

It’s tedious. It’s a massive time-suck. And it’s emotionally draining.

I know. I’ve been there too.

But not anymore. Now it only takes me a few seconds. That’s because I’ve discovered a breakthrough technology that puts the best trades at my fingertips in as little as 20 seconds . . . sometimes even less.

And where did I find this “magical” source of trade ideas?

I didn’t find it. I built it!

I call it, “ODDS OptionApps”. And I’ve never seen an easier way to find the best trades for you. As you’re about to experience – it’s not only effortless, but intelligent . . .

Because it’s built to think like a trader. And it’s “push-button easy” – making finding options opportunities as simple as cooking a bag of microwave popcorn.

But just because it’s simple – do NOT make the mistake of thinking it can’t be very powerful. Truth is – and this is going to sound like hype – but quite honestly . . .

There Has Never Been Anything Even Remotely Close to the
POWER that’s Packed Into My ODDS OptionApps Software

It Gives Options Traders KEY Decision-Making
Data That Has Never Even Been Available Before –
Let Alone Available All in One Spot!

No More Plowing Through Ten or Twenty Different
Web Pages, Newspapers & Quarterly Reports to Dig-up
Critical Decision-Making Data

For the expert-level trader . . . this is not only a MAJOR time-saver, it can also UP your win-to-loss ratio because you’ll be able to avoid “mis-fires” and bad trade decisions simply because of an overlooked piece of information.

What sort of “key data” am I referring to?

How about things like:

  • Probability Calculations . . . what they are, how they’re figured, and how you can use them to ENHANCE the outcome of any and every trade you make – BEFORE you even think about pulling the trigger!
  • Valuation Calculations . . . never heard of this one? Well, you’re not alone. In a nutshell – the bottom-line benefit to you is that you will know the fair value of an option based on real-world behavior, as opposed to an over-optimized formula. You’ll be able to easily find inexpensive options that are priced cheaply to give you a huge advantage.

Plus, you’ll be able to spot expensive, overpriced options that you’ll want to avoid. Our research has shown that this information on its own is a key factor to success.

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this ground-breaking data before. Available now at the tap of a button on your iPad, Kindle, or computer . . .

  • “Insider Money Trails” . . . not to be mistaken with “insider trading” – “money trails” are GIANT CLUES you can take advantage of to seriously UP the odds in your favor.

What’s more, proven academic research has shown that these key options market indicators can guide you down this money path. We are the exclusive provider of many of these indicators. It’s pretty astonishing.

So, not only does my software make this data (and billions of other little-known, critical data points and calculations) available to you – but I also give you all the training & support videos you need to learn how to BEST use the information, when it’s important to your trade and when it’s not . . . and much, much more.

Those are just 3 quick examples of the “insider” data sources I make available to you inside my ODDS OptionApps software.

Lock-In Your Slot & Get Started
Right Away. Just Think . . .
You Could Be Accessing
This Powerful Software in
the Next 10-Minutes!

Now, a minute ago I mentioned how “inadequate options education” was one of the biggest pitfalls I’ve seen . . . something that keeps traders from having the success they want. Well, with my ODDS OptionApps software, that’s NOT going to happen. In fact:

You Get Complete, Customized Support PLUS Telephone Support!

Listen . . . I’ve been in this business a long time. I’ve worked with traders for over 30 years. I know what they need when it comes to support. And my customers tell me that I give them the most comprehensive, best support in the industry.

And this is no different.

And I’ll tell you . . . there’s something magical that happens when you’ve been in business as long as I have – when you’ve built a reputation like I have – and it’s this:

My Longevity Has Attracted the Very Best Trainers, Teachers,
& Customer Support People in the Business . . . and the
Best of the Best Have All Wanted to Come & Work with Me

Consequently, I’ve assembled the finest bunch of support staff you could ever hope for. And it starts with me!

So in addition to the “in-app support” and video tutorials – you also get hands-on support . . . and the best part is, it’s constantly expanding and improving. Here’s what I have in place for you right now:

  • 30+ High Definition Training Videos. There are over 30 video “Training Tutorials” that provide detailed instruction on all aspects of the software. You can access them through the program itself or go to the video gallery.
  • Comprehensive, Searchable “Knowledge Base”. I’ve also integrated a comprehensive knowledge base. These are all articles on trading, how to trade, and how to use the ODDS OptionApps in your trading.
  • Online Support Ticket System. You also get access to an online “support ticket system” that allows you to contact my support team directly through an easy, well organized, online support system. A real person will get back to you and answer your specific questions.
  • Searchable Training Glossary. There’s also an extensive training glossary to help you get up-to-speed to the language of options, and any technical terms relating to the software.
  • Phone Support. And there’s also phone support available. And heck, believe it or not . . . even I get on the phone and help customers!

Bonus Gift #1:
Get a Live, “As Long As It Takes” Question & Answer
Webinar Training Session Directly with Me . . . Don Fishback!
(Worth $1,995 Minimum Value)

That’s right, if you’re one of the next 70 traders to sign-up for a subscription to my software, I’m going to let you attend a “live”, as-long as-it-takes Q&A Webinar Training Session where you’ll be able to submit your questions and get answers “straight from the horse’s mouth”! (“As Long As It Takes” means we go as long as we need to get EVERY question answered!!!)

Once you subscribe, you’ll want to spend some time getting familiar with the software . . . then, you’ll attend a Q&A Webinar directly with me! You’ll get all the details on how to submit your questions in plenty of time.

You’ll be able to ask questions about anything. It doesn’t even have to be about the software. It could be, “Don, what’s a good way to find heavily shorted stocks – and wouldn’t it be wise to buy calls on them?” Or it could be something completely different, like, “What’s it going to take for rates to get back to where they were before the financial crisis and the meltdown?” Or it could be as simple as “What’s a put?” Ask any question — whatever you want.

Bonus Gift #2:
“Just For Beginners”
Bonus Package
(a $295 Value)

Now, if you’re new to Options trading – or if you just need a refresher on trading options . . . I don’t want you to be scared-off by the power of this software.

So I’m going to get you quickly “up to speed” with Options trading by giving you immediate access to the first three chapters of my “What Are Options?” training course. You’ll learn right away how to change the rules of investing so that you can ALWAYS stack the odds of success in your favor.

This training is normally another $295 – but as a new subscriber to my software, I feel it’s important for you to have access to the critical information that’s found in the first 3 chapters of this course. Hey . . . I just want you to succeed . . .

In it you’ll get all the essentials . . . everything you NEED to know – and none of the stuff that confuses traders who are first learning options. I’ve cut out all the crap . . . and left nothing but “the good stuff”.

Bonus Gift #3:
Get a Copy of My Favorite
Course I’ve Ever Created:
The Casino’s Secret to Profitable
Options Trading”

— a Limited-Edition Course
on Probability!
(a $295 Value)

This is my most comprehensive course on probability . . . and I personally think you’re going to love it. It explains how, when it comes to the odds, we all know casinos have an edge.

And in this course, I’ll show you how you can actually get an edge in your options trading by using probability. It’s all explained
in crystal clear detail – and quite honestly, for the right trader – this information will make ALL the difference in the world between success and failure.

All in all – between the software, the support, and the training materials – you’ll be armed-to-the-teeth with everything you
need to FINALLY start experiencing the success you have always wanted to have with your trading.

100% Money-Back, 10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with my ODDS OptionApps software for any reason at all, just let me know within your first 10-days, and I Won’t Charge You a Single Penny!

The only risk you really have is in NOT giving this a try. And 10-days gives you plenty of time to “walk around” inside the software, go through the video training, and make sure it’s perfect for you.

You’ll love it, or you pay nothing! You have my word.

The normal investment to gain access to my ODDS OptionApps is $1395 per year.

And compared to other software that has less than half the capability . . . even THAT price is substantially LESS. In fact, most trading software companies charge around $2,000 a month for software that’s not nearly this powerful.

But because I’ve developed ODDS OptionApps “in-house” over the past several years, my production costs going forward will be significantly less than what a typical software production and development would run.

Couple that with the fact that much of the logic, and many of the algorithms, for ODDS OptionApps was formulated by me years and years ago – and there’s a real opportunity here to change the way the entire trading industry looks at software pricing.

So, rather than offering a “month, renewing” model like most companies do, I can actually afford to offer you two different subscription choices. Pick which one is best for your situation:

  • Annual Subscription: Just $995 per year
  • Quarterly Subscription: Just $295 per quarter

Buy Now!

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