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87 Year-Old Doctor — Who Beat Wall Street
and Retired On His Own Terms — Reveals:
How to Turn
$5,000 Into
$4.88 Million
(In Just 3.5 Years!)
Using a Little-Known “Hedging” Strategy
Wall Street Has Ignored for Decades!

Do you have at least 30 minutes of free time each week?

Can you place one or two quick, easily executed trades in that time? Can you occasionally place a few more trades when the market is ready to hand you a great opportunity?

If so — and you follow the simple instructions in this report — you may NEVER worry about money, ever again!

Because the blueprint you hold in your hands now is about to help you turn those little trades into up to HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN PURE PROFIT each day . .

. . . . Up to THOUSANDS per week . . .

. . . All while paving the way for a lifelong annual income of $99,224 . . . $198,448 . . . even $492,151 or more!

How GML Was Born,
Optimized and Automated!

In 2012, Dr. Lloyd’s daughter Genevieve Mary Lloyd asked him to design a system for her to make trades at the end of each trading
day. She is a busy professional always pressed for time.

The result? Dr. Lloyd developed a specific system of timing both the buy and sell side of these credit spread “hedge” trades, and named the system after her initials – GML.

The system utilizes highly sophisticated charting and mathematical analysis to 1) predict the directional movement of underlying securities before entering any position. Then 2) calculates the time of entry with maximum odds of success, based on millions of back-tested and current trade performance numbers.

With each GML signal, odds of reversal are minimal and success maximized, leading to incredible results! It’s simply light years beyond any other system of utilizing credit spreads, and the only true way to properly hedge your trades in this arena.

Now at the ripe old age of 87, and after years of success for him and his daughter, Dr. Lloyd can happily leave GML as his legacy. It’s fully programmed for her, so she can continue to profit even when he’s no longer around. The best news is that for the first time, GML is available to YOU — and if his daughter can use it, you can too!

The HEDGE® Trading System

And it may be the single best way to generate rapid retirement income — while hedging against the massive losses suffered by investors and traders who lack this knowledge.

In this case, HEDGE® stands for High Efficiency Diversified GML Earnings — and it’s the first complete trading system to fully incorporate Dr. Lloyd’s powerful GML timing breakthrough.

GML (which is based on his second daughter’s initials) is actually the secret sauce in the HEDGE® formula — because it provides the mathematical foundation for both the timing and directional predictions behind each transaction.

When you take the GML timing breakthrough, and couple with the rest of the HEDGE® strategies, you have a decisive edge against others who attempt to trade credit spreads. And gaining an edge makes all the difference!

This is almost like getting to hold shares of a stock on consignment (with no purchase commitment!) at wholesale prices. You make your prediction and initial buy or sell, hedge with another position, and cash out once you see your spread is profitable.

This gives you amazing downside protection!

Because stocks and securities are always moving, we have a never-ending opportunity to generate additional cash flow. And we can, of course, get more sophisticated and grow our returns even further — but Dr. Lloyd prefers his students see profits rolling in from the core HEDGE® strategy first.

This is so lucrative, in fact, that the U.S government and most U.S retirement accounts allow the HEDGE®-type option spreads to be transacted in a 401(k) plan.

Take Action TODAY and You’ll Get the
HEDGE® & GML Timing System Manual!

To ensure you hit the ground running, I’ve created a very special training manual, which we’re calling the HEDGE® & GML Timing System Manual.

This power-packed volume will give you a complete foundation in the principles, strategies and everything you need to be a master of this

You know the expression, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Well, with HEDGE® you get BOTH: we give you the fish in the form of trade alerts that you can just use without any thought . . . but we also TEACH you how the entire process works . . .

So that you can begin using the system to pick out even more profit opportunities from the countless trades that are available each week.

This manual will walk you through, step by step, the charts and methodology that give you a pro level understanding and ability to execute.

The result? You can pick out even more winners on your own, and grow your income even faster! This manual is easily worth $495, but it’s yours absolutely free when you enroll in the HEDGE® & GML Timing System and Alert Service Today.

You’ll Also Get Our Detailed, Yet Easy-To-Follow, HEDGE®
& GML Timing Newsletter, to Stay on Top of the Latest
Breakthroughs, Opportunities and Trends!

As if our trade alert recommendations and your system manual weren’t enough — Dr. Lloyd wanted to take things even further. So he created a detailed newsletter for subscribers to help keep their finger on the pulse of the market . . .

This newsletter is filled with tips, insights, new material, cutting edge strategies and the nitty-gritty instruction you need to master income
generating with HEDGE® — it’s everything Dr. Lloyd knows and does to produce such stunning returns.

Most importantly, you’ll avoid the costly mistakes made by most investors and traders when they first get started in options spreads.

You get all this and more as part of the member’s only HEDGE® and GML Timing System and Alert Service that Dr. Lloyd is opening for a select group of individuals — starting today — and I hope you’re one of them.

Remember, of course, that while the training is extremely valuable — it’s also not absolutely necessary to make money.

Because with our ongoing trading alerts, you’ll be able to simply take action and potentially profit without reading or learning anything
at all . . .

One-Year “Profit or Pay Nothing”
Money-Back Guarantee!

Now, in a perfect world — we only make money when we help YOU make money — so that’s exactly how our guarantee works!

The HEDGE® Trading Alerts you get as part of your membership MUST generate a positive net profit across all trades (including winners
and losers) — within 12 full months of your purchase date — or we will refund every penny you paid for the service.

No questions asked, no fine print. This service MUST generate a full year of profitable performance by the end of the year, or you can request and receive an immediate refund.

Whether you actually USE the trades is up to you, but our guarantee is that at the very least, we’ll do our part to guarantee high performance.

We can do that because we’re THAT confident the HEDGE® and GML Timing System—and accompanying alert service—will be the single best investment of your trading lifetime.

The only thing left for you to do is seize this moment and get started today . . .

Hedge & GML Timing System & Alert Service - 1 year at $997

Hedge & GML Timing System & Alert Service - 3 years at $1997


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Reviewed by chet@stx.rr.com
07/30/2015 - 07:04:08 PM
I have been trading options for years and I've tried a lot of complicated strategies. I'm giving them up and sticking to the GML system. While not a requirement, trading experience and basic knowledge of charts and indicators will get you on track faster, if you want to do the work yourself. However, the Trading Alerts make it easy, it's all worked out for you.

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