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The Ancient Samurai Secret
That Produces 88% Accuracy

My name is Steve Bigalow, and I’ve been trading for nearly 4 decades now.

While I quickly became successful enough to leave my job and trade full-time, I must admit that trading never really made me what I would consider “financially free”…

Or at least not until I learned about an ancient pattern—first discovered by Homna, known as the “God of Markets”…

In the mid-18th century, Homna became the modern equivalent of a billionaire by trading rice futures.

He found that a specific candlestick pattern--based on investor sentiment—slices through all other indicators like a samurai sword.

Of course, candlestick patterns are nothing new and are now known by virtually every trader—and this discovery was only half of the equation.

The “Pivotal” Secret to Sneaking Away
With Nearly ALL of a Profit Move

While studying Homna helped accelerate my success, things didn’t take off until I realized that there was a specific sequence—from trade to trade—that gave early warning of potential profit on the next one.

I came to call this a “pivotal” sequence, because it’s really about the turning point where you FIRST see a trade is going to shoot up.

Frankly, I was shocked that others were not teaching or even talking about it, especially when it was producing huge profit opportunities.


Let me explain, because there’s more than meets the eye…

I’ve chosen to call my new, ultra-lucrative trading and mentoring program The Pivotal PROFIT System, which breaks down as follows:

P stands for pivotal—which as you learned, this program emphasizes the turning point where you get in EARLY on a trade and capture the lion’s share of the profits…

R stands for retirement—because in my experience, you shouldn’t have to wait decades to retire. You can start RETIRING NOW and be fully ready, a bonafide millionaire, in as little as two years with this process…

O stands for options—which are the single best trading vehicle for generating enough return and liquidity to produce meaningful income…

F stands for fast—because as you’ve seen, when you can make $85,400 in as little as 62 days and up to $2,847 PER MINUTE—you’re earning at superhuman speeds!

I stands for income—and while this seems obvious, the truth is that not enough traders focus on income, which is the key to the lifestyle and security you deserve…

T stands for trading—because the alerts and signals I send transform you into a world-class, pro-level trader—and triple digit trades are the ONLY way I know to become financially free so quickly.

Each letter represents a key element of The Pivotal P-R-O-F-I-T System and you’ve seen just how incredible the gains can be.

Automate Your Profits in
Just Minutes Each Day!

In a moment, I’m going to invite you to send for a FREE manual that further details these strategies and how they work--just in case you ever want to trade them on your own.

But that’s only if you have time. If you’re like most people, you can just wait for my signals and jump online to place the trade.

To my knowledge, wealth accumulation at this SPEED does not happen in any other market. And YOU could also enjoy gains like these.

But please, don’t think of this as one of those “get-rich-quick” operations. I hate those things, and they never work.

And although you may disagree with me, from your own past experiences ... “Big gains” are NOT synonymous with “Big risks.”

I know most people believe there’s a direct correlation, but I think they’re WRONG!

But, I want you to understand, this service is AIMED at helping you fast track your retirement -- NOT gamble it.

Absolutely Clear, Unambiguous,
Easy-to-Follow Trading Instructions!

With each trade I recommend, you get complete, easy-to-follow, plain-English instructions. I tell you what to buy and when you should buy it ... give you the strike price and expiration date ... and exactly how much to pay.

I even tell you the steps to take to make the trade online ... or, if you’re more “old school” I’ll tell you precisely what to say — word for word — to place the trade with your broker on the telephone.

If you like, you could simply call your broker and read my trading instructions word for word.

Ditto for when it’s time to take your profits or cut losses.

I will rush you an e-mail telling you what to sell, how much your position is worth, the profit target for the trade — and once again, you also get easy-to-follow instructions for executing the trade online or on the phone with your broker.

Put simply, with The Pivotal PROFIT System

If you can dial a telephone and read a simple paragraph to your broker, you can harness the enormous profit potential of my ultra lucrative pivotal profit signals.

Plus, you’ll get some very powerful bonus training tools…

Right Off the Bat, I Will Rush You
Reports and Training Worth
$1,977—Absolutely FREE!

When you join The Pivotal PROFIT System and Service, you’ll be invited to download a free copy of several reports — packed with everything you need to know to help maximize your profit potential and help minimize your risk in the world’s most liquid and most profitable investment market.

They are:

Inside Secrets to Your Pivotal PROFIT System

Learn every single detail of the Pivotal PROFIT system… From market scans to pivotal patterns… Written in simple if-this, then-that terms… You’re even getting the program code for complete automation!

Simple Guide to Higher Profits Using Pivotal Points With Candlesticks

Starting with the lingo… then placing a trade… and finally calculating profits… Develop a comfortable familiarity and the confidence to
seek higher profits using candlestick patterns to trade options. Here’s your chance to jumpstart your wealth building success by surrounding yourself with the incomparable energy of experienced traders who have a passion for winning.

6 Month Membership - $997

18 Month Membership – $1997

Our Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If You Don’t Grow Richer, We Don’t Keep a Penny!

It’s important to understand that options are not for everyone, and they’re certainly not for all your money. But ...

If you have, say, 90% of your nest-egg set aside in conservative investments and you’re willing to take a fling with some capital you can afford to risk ...

If you’re looking for protection against the inevitable that occurs in times like these, and like the idea of going for double- and triple-your-money returns on a regular basis, and ...

If you enjoy the adrenalin rush of occasionally aiming for much larger profit opportunities ...

I am confident you’re going to be very happy with The Pivotal PROFIT System and Service.

Losses can and do happen. We win on better than 7 out of every 8 trades, though I’m obliged to say that past performance is not always indicative of a future result.

What I can guarantee is this: The sum total of all the documented trades I make as part of the service MUST be net profitable, otherwise you are entitled to a full refund.

You must be delighted with the profits The Pivotal PROFIT System earns you. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and guaranteeing we’ll be positively profitable over the next 12 months, or you pay nothing!

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