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Generate Additional Income Now!

In this bull market, now is not the time to sit back and collect 5-10% on stock market gains and dividends.

Times like this, when the market is volatile, remains the absolute best time to make windfall profits you can brag about

Everything you need to get started can be found in my brand new book, Generate Additional Income NOW (GAIN).

You get a fresh-off-the-press copy delivered right to your doorstep.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Page 6: The exact strategy used to collect over $9.9 million the past 10 years in cash payouts

Page 11: The unique strategy to drastically cut down commission costs

Page 20: 3 criteria to select the ETFs with the best profit potential and collect cash payouts each week

Page 25: How to collect cash payouts even if the market takes a turn for the worst

Page 60: Actual printouts of trades so you get 100% clarity

I haven’t been this excited to release a book in quite some time. And, that’s why I’m not going to leave it at just that.


Again . . . you were hand-selected to receive this special “WANTED” invitation.

I’m going to make it worthwhile for you to pick up this new book right now...

As a one-time bonus (you will never see again), if you respond today, I’m throwing in something extra special:

You’ll get a DVD seminar of myself walking you through how to use my GAIN method using real-life examples. Step-by-step, crystal clear instructions from me directly.

I charge up to $5,000 for seminars.

But, you’re not paying anything close to that.

In fact, this DVD seminar, only today, is absolutely free. You won’t pay a penny for a seminar many have paid thousands for.

All I ask is that you pick up a copy of my GAIN strategy book right now.

To sweeten the pot, it gets even better . . .

It’s no secret trading options has turned into a way to make massive amounts of cash in a little time. With just a few hundred bucks, you can control tens of thousands of dollars.

As a bonus for picking up my new book, I’m going to let you into my “inner circle.” Meaning, for 3-months, you get my weekly newsletter, “Options for Income,” absolutely free. Actual trading ideas and analysis you can take advantage of.

Others pay $39/month for this “inner circle” trading knowledge, but you won’t pay a dime for three months.

Add up the free seminar with my options newsletter, it’s mouthwatering how much free information you’re receiving. You’ll laugh at the price when I show you.

Consider this the first step in a long relationship together where you can collect an extra $100 . . . $1,000 . . . $5,000 . . . $19,000 . . . per week in cash payouts. All from simply leaning on my 32+ years of trading experience.

Why wouldn’t you get the book if you can pay it off right away?

At $97, I’m essentially giving my trading secrets away. An average one-night stay in a nice 3-star hotel ($123.97) would cost more than what I’m charging you here.

Other “gurus” charge $2,000 . . . $5,000 . . . even $10,000 per year for the information in this new book + DVD + Option newsletter. One well-known “guru” boasts a sub-90% winning trade percentage and charges over $2,000/year for a similar strategy.

You’re not paying anything close to that, plus I’ve had a winning trading percentage as high as 98.8%.

This is a steal. The DVD + trial option for “Options for Income” is a one-time offer. This’ll be pulled very soon or when I run out of copies (which I expect to happen fast).


  • Fresh off-the-press copy of my Generate Additional Income NOW! - $97 Value
  • 3-month free subscription to “Options for Income” - $117 Value
  • DVD seminar with me walking through the strategies - $5,000 Value

You get $5,214 of value for a mere $97!

Are you ready to start cashing a second “paycheck” in this challenging market? Ready to answer the call and enter my “inner circle?”

730-Day Guarantee!

If at any point, you aren’t satisfied with my materials, simply send the book back and you’ll get a refund for every penny. Don’t take 30 or 60 days . . . take a full 730 days (2 years) to walk through my strategies and see if they work. No other book will give you that money-back guarantee!

Are you ready to start cashing a second “paycheck” in this challenging market? Ready to answer the call and enter my “inner circle?”

I’m looking for serious investors only. Get the book, DVD, and newsletter right now while there’s still room and supplies last.

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