Global PowerTrend System (GPS) Kit

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For Confused and Worried Investors…

A Rare Opportunity To Turn $4,600 Into
$4.672 MILLION!

For the first time ever, Self-Made millionaire and Eight Time International Trading Champion Chuck Hughes reveals his Global PowerTrend System (GPS) which may very well be the last remaining legal way to get rich in today’s volatile markets.

With the market doing its best imitation of the latest big thrill roller coaster ride, most people are hanging on for dear life.

But there is a better way!

A better way to earn huge profits…a better way to protect your money...and a better way to put these huge swings to work for you.

With huge global opportunities, Chuck Hughes made a $1,023,174.93 documented actual profit in just 26 days! He’s won his sixth International Trading Championship…he’s pocketed millions in profits…and he’s revealing his global trading secrets to you in a shocking new book.

Your “Under the Radar” Global Opportunity with GPS

For over a decade, there’s been a group of funds traded over and over again by certain individuals who identified right away the potential for vast fortunes and controlled risk.

These funds have been available all this time to anyone wishing to trade them. You didn’t have to register, pass a test or join a secret society or investment club.

All you had to do was

  1. Recognize this opportunity
  2. Learn a simple approach like GPS to take advantage
  3. Step up to the plate and pocket your profits

If you haven’t yet figured out the “under the radar” investment that lets us siphon huge profits …it’s Exchange Traded funds, or ETFs. ETF assets are exploding from $16 Billion a decade ago to over $600 Billion and growing.

ETF’s trade similar to stocks…and consist of a basket of stocks that track a market sector. ETF’s are designed to mirror each sector – whether it be emerging markets, China stocks, oil, foreign currency, etc. There are now over 730 ETF’s available for you to choose from!

You can trade currency ETFs – without the risk of Forex. Trading the Euro Currency ETF using GPS – a $10,000 investment produced a $515,347 profit with 100% winning trades.

You can trade commodity ETFs – without the risk or leverage of Futures. Trading Crude Oil using GPS – a $10,000 investment produced a $1,281,372 profit!

You can trade blocks of stocks – with much less risk than individual stocks. Trading the S&P 500 Index using GPS – a $10,000 investment produced a $1,121,884 profit

Distinct Advantages of ETF Trading

  1. Allows you to invest in the global currency, commodity and equity markets that have the greatest profit potential
  2. Allows you to diversify your investments across a wide range of asset classes
  3. Allows you to trade from the long or short side which increases profit opportunities
  4. Reduces the market risk of owning individual stocks
  5. GPS trades are limited risk trades
  6. Can help you achieve a GPS goal of at least a 3 to 1 Profit to Loss Ratio (Our results = 22 to 1 Profit to Loss Ratio)

Trade with Confidence

These strategies are trader friendly. They are designed for actual trading. You will be able to use these strategies and do it safely and confidently.

Once you see for yourself how to construct these trades, you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that exceptional rewards are possible with virtually no risk. Even better, you will be making profits yourself without the stress and worry normally associated with such profitable trading.

Monumental Report Now Available to Traders at Cost – for a Limited Time Only

This report explains, in clearcut terms, how to multiply your trading profits to unheard of levels – without losing even a minute’s sleep worrying about your exposure to risk!

This monumental book was planned to sell at $195…and it would still be a bargain as these secrets are easily worth thousands. But with the market’s collapse, it’s important that this crucial book is affordable to everyone.

Chuck has also just presented an exclusive, detailed seminar with all the latest secrets and updates to make this trading even more powerful. Now, this priceless information is included on a DVD available only through this exclusive offer.

These rules have been applied on the current market for 23 wins of 23 trades. That is 100% accuracy and $159,358 profits … just like that! The information included here is worth a virtual fortune to you, if you have an open mind to a whole new trading idea. Now…for a short time … it is available for just $77, with all profits donated.

These secrets are vital to every trader.

Don’t miss this chance to discover the true, inside secrets of low-risk trading and global opportunities.

Special Double Bonus

FREE Gifts For You…Act now and I’ll immediately also send you a free copy of Chuck Hughes reports Cornerstones of Investment Success, Options Trading with High Accuracy, Extra Money Made Easy and Astonishing $4.5 Million In Profits.... In them, you’ll discover low-risk, high reward opportunities to multiply your money with precise, easy-to-use instructions.

PLUS, you’ll also get a year FREE of our exciting, informative newsletter “Inside Trading.” Include your e-mail below and receive your bonuses immediately!

Absolutely Guaranteed - You Cannot Lose

How many more big money trades are you going to miss? Act now and discover how easy it is to multiply your money in just a few days or weeks…while reducing your stress to almost nothing! If this is not the most exciting, powerful and low-risk approach you’ve seen, just return it to me. I’ll immediately buy it back from you, no questions asked. So you risk nothing to take a look at this report.

Global PowerTrend System (GPS)
Order Item #K27031................$77.00

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