Guaranteed Real Income Program DVD Seminar

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"How to Be $1,748,599 Richer...Win Up to 98.81% of all Trades"

...And Often Lose Nothing. If You're Not Absolutely 100% Satisfied with my trading system IT'S YOURS FREE IF I HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN 72 HOURS!

This is NOT theory...It is proven with real money. Huge piles of money. Trustworthy, predictable and darn near obscene profits can fall into your lap. But you have to rid yourself of your preconceived notions of making money and start applying Chuck's scientific approach to options trading. It's all included in Chuck's exciting new video and his now-classic book. This exclusive course includes everything you need to start making huge profits with low, low risk.

$4,600 To Over $1,000,000

It's so good, I guarantee you'll profit 1000 times over...or it's yours FREE! You'll learn the basics...then the eight key strategies. The same strategies that Chuck Hughes used to build his fortune starting with just 4,600!

Easy-To-Use - Build Your Own Fortune

You need not be an expert, as everything is explained assuming you know nothing about options. You do need to be able to add and subtract...this is no get-rich-quick solution for dummies.

Highlights of The Guaranteed Real Income Program

  • Trade with 10-1 leverage while only risking a few hundred dollars
  • No need to monitor markets during the day
  • Can be traded in smaller accounts with less than $5000
  • Up to 98.81% of trades profitable in actual trading
  • Learn options strategies that can double your money in an unpredictable market with low risk
  • Learn to trade and make money regardless of market direction
  • Designed to trade all options on the CBOE, AMEX, Philadelphia, and Pacific Exchanges

But if you're willing to think and try something is as near a sure thing as ever existed for making money. One trader has made over $100,000 per month for 70 consecutive months. Another has produced trading profits of over $5 million per year.

Everything is revealed for $99 in Chuck Hughes NEW Video "The Guaranteed Real Income Program." You'll know everything you need to duplicate his $1,748,599 profit trading.


  1. You can get started with just a few hundred dollars. (One investor publicly admits he achieved $500,000 profit starting with just $400.)
  2. Your risk is always limited to a small amount. You can potentially control $109,937 of Microsoft stock for as little as $375. Even if the market collapses and the $109,937 of Microsoft stock is worth zero, you only lose $375 and not one penny more.
  3. Your potential profit is unlimited. Average annual profit of $5.3 million for one trader, another with over $500,00 profit on one day.
  4. You can trade with confidence, as you'll know scientifically and automatically what the market is expected to do. (98.81% of the time)
  5. Works in all business cycles. Unlike stocks and mutual funds, options traders make money in bull markets and bear markets.
  6. You can learn it all and try it out without actually investing a penny. Once you've proven to yourself that it works, only then will you put up even the smallest investment.


Anyone responding in the next 72 hours will also receive absolutely FREE, Chuck's bestselling "Guaranteed Real Income Program." The secrets contained within its covers have made Chuck over $11,000,000 in actual gross income since its release!It's yours FREE as a special thank you, if you order in the next 72 hours.

"Guaranteed Real Income" Book Makes Readers Fortunes:

  • Charles, a 74-year old engineer has made $92,999 in 7 months...with 0 losses!
  • Duane D., a N.C. programmer, has made $23,376 in 3 months...with 0 losses!
  • Kate S., a PR Rep, has made $66,524 in 3 months...with 0 losses!
  • Dan H., a real estate broker, has made $203,944 in 6 months...with 0 losses!
  • Hans W., a retired Zurich banker, has made 120,265 profit in 2 months...with 0 losses!


You will also receive, absolutely FREE, Chuck’s special report, The GRIP Monthly Cash Machine Strategy. This valuable report reveals, in full step-by-step detail, an amazing strategy with extremely high accuracy even in the current unpredictable markets. In fact, it’s made $899,953.82 gross income in the past three months. And your report includes the brokerage statements to prove it!


Learn Everything With No Risk!

If you ever decide it's not everything I've stated, simply send me a note that you're disappointed and would like your money back. I'll refund your entire payment, no questions asked. There's no risk - you must be thrilled or you keep it FREE! ORDER NOW CALL 1-888-233-1431.

Guaranteed Real Income Program DVD Seminar (Includes Book + DVD + Special Bonus)

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