Hughes Optioneering Weekly Stock & Option Alert - 1 Year

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  • Hughes Optioneering Weekly Stock & Option Alert - 1 Year
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Hughes Optioneering®

Hughes Optioneering® Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter is your springboard to Optioneering® success.        

Concise, specific & actionable… It gives you everything you need to start trading with confidence right away…

  • You’ll get action-ready analysis on 4 specific trades each week.
  • Optioneering® profit calculators will tell you to-the-penny the profit/loss potential on each option trade depending on price movement of the underlying stock… i.e. if price increases 10%, you make 100% profit or $542 per contract…  if price increases 12.5% you make 127% profit or $686 per contract.
  • You’ll gain valuable insight into overall market conditions… like trend strength, market breadth, economic growth, and the yield curve… giving you the assurance you need to ignore daily ‘noise’ and trade with steadfast confidence.
  • Specific Optioneering® instructions on what to do once you’re in the trade will empower you to optimize your profit potential while minimizing risk.
  • And if you’re in a hurry, you can skip all the analysis, go straight to the “Executive Summary” and… using your smart-phone… enter your trades in less than 5 minutes!

In my opinion, Hughes Optioneering® Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter truly is ideal for traders of every level...
Think of all the fun you’ll have… and the money you can potentially make when you play “follow the leader” with the possiblility of results like this… 

 Stock Market Miracle
When You Say “Yes” Today

Under the terms of this special introductory offer, there are two risk-free ways you can start today…

And whichever unbelievable bargain you choose, you’ll receive immediate access to your Stock Market Miracle eBook absolutely FREE!

Your Stock Market Miracle eBook is comprehensive, yet easy to read… And it’s so thoroughly captivating you won’t want to put it down!

Get 12 Months for the Price of 1
48 Wealth-Creating Issues FREE!

My Optioneering® Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter is a wealth-creating bargain at it’s normal price of $49 a month... 

So getting an entire year… 52 weekly editions containing 208 exciting trades… for just $49 is ridiculously cheap

Just think, for only pennies a day I’m going to send you actionable trade suggestions that could potentially earn you…

Now, here’s the thing…

As spectacular as my first year was, my second year was 5.7 times greater!

So, to make sure you experience Optioneering’s full potential, I’d like you to make a 2 year commitment too… and I’m willing to bribe you to make it happen!

Take a 90-Day Test Drive
100% Risk-Free

After everything you’ve seen, I can’t imagine why you’d be on the fence over spending as little as $49 for an exciting opportunity as this…

But, if you are… No worries.

To get a 93% discount on weekly trade analysis, your free Stock Market Miracle eBook, also for free…

You need to act today.

But, you can spend the next 90 days deciding if it it’s right for you.

  • Read your Stock Market Miracle eBook
  • Place a few trades… either for real or just on paper

In other words, give Hughes Optioneering® Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter a try… See for yourself how much better Optioneering® can potentially be compared to every other trading program out there… Then you can decide.

Your subscription to Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter is completely risk-free. 

If you decide not to continue my Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter for any reason, simply notify us any time within the next 90 days and you’ll receive a full refund of every penny you paid us.

And you can still continue to profit from everything you’ve received up to that point… including your  Stock Market Miracle ebook.

But believe me when I tell you… Not many people quit!

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