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No More Holding Back!

Today I’m going to show you how it’s possible to turn a hidden market anomaly into $47,200 per Month Income . . .

Now, when you need it most!

Hi, my name’s Chuck Hughes. And I’m proud to say, it’s not uncommon for my subscribers to double, triple, or even quadruple their money in a very short time.

For more than two decades . . . despite three major melt-downs and numerous market corrections . . . trade recommendations from my trading services have averaged 151.9% return for all closed out trades without a single losing year.

And now, I have one more trick up my sleeve that could potentially boost your returns to the moon!

Just When You Thought
It Couldn’t Get Any Better. . . Here’s
How You Can Potentially Boost Your Returns As Much As 558%!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better . . .

Now let me show you a simple trick I discovered that can potentially boost your returns 558% . . . or even more!

Hughes Perpetual Bankroll is a spread strategy with two legs . . . one leg is buying an option and the other leg is selling an option.

We enter both legs at once in a single order . . . thereby reducing risk and creating built-in profit potential from day one.

But, if you didn’t enter the “sell leg” right away . . . and instead, you waited until you already had a sizeable gain in your “buy leg” . . .

You could reduce your cost substantially . . . or even have a negative cost . . . without any reduction to your cash payouts!

Chuck Hughes
PRO Trading Service
We Do ALL the Work,
You Collect ALL the Potential Profits!

Platinum Reserve Options, (PRO for short) incorporates 4 powerful strategies to fulfill your wealth-building needs with a single membership.

All you need is a cell phone or an internet connection and you’re in business!

When it’s time to enter a trade, I’ll send you an alert telling you exactly what to do . . . and you can do it in a matter of minutes!

And when it’s time to either roll or exit a trade, I’ll send you an alert telling you what to do then too.

There is nothing for you to think about or figure out for yourself . . . except how many contracts to buy. And that usually depends on your account size.

Everyone starts with Hughes Perpetual Bankroll and PowerTrend Options . . .

And so will you; because that’s what you need most right now.

Hughes Perpetual Bankroll: Proven High-Probability, Low-Risk Income spreads with built-in profit potential & periodic cash payouts . . . 96% accuracy; 327.7-to-1 Profit/Loss ratio; Average cost $870

PowerTrend Options: High-Profit Potential , Low-Risk Option trades . . . Proven 97% accuracy; 1129-to-1 Profit/Loss ratio . . . winners often “leg into” a Perpetual Bankroll spread . . . thereby reducing, (and sometimes eliminating) the cost and risk of the Perpetual Bankroll!

But, think about it . . . If you’re able to double your IRA in 6 months . . .

And then double it again in another 3 months . . .

Welcome To Hughes PowerTrend Academy

When you say “Yes” to my PRO Trading Service you’ll gain immediate access to Hughes PowerTrend Academy . . . which is ideally suited for traders of every level

PowerTrend Quick Start: If you’ve never traded before, the PowerTrend Quick Start training series will get you up and running fast . . . A total of twenty-two 5-10minute video modules will walk you through selecting a broker, setting up your charts, identifying stocks & ETFs with high profit potential, option-trading basics, how to place trades on the most popular trading platforms, and much, much more.

Optioneering® Strategies: An extensive library of training videos reveal Optioneering® secrets that have produced documented profits in the MILLIONS. Even seasoned traders gasp in amazement when they discover the clever techniques that have empowered me to win 10 highly competitive trading championships. Follow me step-by-step through trade after trade and very soon you should become an Optioneering® Master yourself.

66% Cheaper And Your 2nd Year Is FREE

If you reply today, instead of paying $6,000 a year, as you would with one of my other trading services . . .

You’ll pay just $1,997 and you’ll get your SECOND YEAR FREE!

So, for just 1 payment of $1,997 you’ll enjoy all the wealth-creating benefits of PRO Trading Service membership for 2 FULL YEARS!

This is absolutely the lowest price I have ever charged for detailed, cut-and-paste trade alerts . . .

And Hughes PowerTrend Trading Academy gives you access to literally tens-ofthousands-of-dollars worth of Optioneering® training.

You Have My Personal $100,000 Double Guarantee

First, I guarantee the entire Hughes Support Team, myself included, will always be on hand to answer your questions, provide support, and do everything we can to help make the incredible success you’ve heard about today possible for you.

And second, I personally guarantee the trade alerts posted on the member’s website will produce at least $100,000 in profits in the next 12 months . . . or you’ll be entitled to a full refund of every penny you paid to join Chuck Hughes PRO Trading Service.

With a double guarantee like that, how can you go wrong?

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