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10-Time Trading Champion and Retired Airline Pilot Does It Again:

His QUICKPAY Trading Formula Turns $4,600 into $103,000 in JUST 15 Months!

QUICKPAY Trading Leverages My 10 Trading
Championships and 20-Year Track Record of Success

Right out of the gate, this strategy protects you against the rigged game that destroys so many retail trading accounts.

Because let’s face it, we are NOT on a level playing field:

✔ Institutional traders rig the game with high-speed trading and inside information

✔ Talking heads or online gurus make TV recommendations with no consequence or track record to defend

✔ Trading services use model portfolios and cherry-picked/ back-tested performance to dupe you

✔ According to reports: 70% of day traders lose money1 , 76.3% of Forex traders lose money and Elliot Wave International believes 90% of US stock market traders lose money3 . . .

✔ We often hear new stories of everyday traders losing their life savings — or being squeezed out of new opportunities . . .

It’s not a level playing field. Yet trying to “do it yourself” often takes many years or even decades of failure and losses that you don’t have time for.

My QUICKPAY strategy changes that by giving you the opportunity to build a six-figure account. That is a critical step in you no longer settling for crumbs or hoping for luck.

The QUICKPAY Strategy Can Return Up to 2,139% in Either Bull or Bear Markets

Was starting with $4,600 trading account and earning $460,164 my first two years trading a fluke?

On the 35th Anniversary of opening my first trading account, I decided to put this strategy to the test again . . .

I started with just $4,600 in my account, and AGAIN (in under a year) took that account to over $67,268 in actual trading — in less than one year . . .

Starting with just $4,600 . . .

Q-1 My account grew 127%, to $10,458 as the S&P chopped up 8%.

Q-2 S&P plunged 30% and my account grew another 25.8%.

Q-3 S&P staged a comeback & my account leaped 77.5% to $23,246.

Q-4 My account soared 188% to $67,268 while the S&P went nowhere. Total growth in a single year: 1,362%

Then, Just 15 Months into My $4,600 Rematch —
My Account Had Skyrocketed 2,139% . . .

That’s $4,600 to $103,000 in only 15 months . . .

Here’s the most shocking part:

Much of this growth happened as many were panicking during the market crash.

This was yet another point of proof that the QUICKPAY strategy I’d been using and honing for years could work to help anyone — yes, ANYONE — create meaningful trading income during any market conditions.

Again, this is NOT cherry-picking or luck. I’ve done this time and time again.

Exclusive VIP Access to The QUICKPAY Trading Service and Website:

TRADE ALERTS (normally valued at $5000-6000 a year) including website access to a complete list of every QUICKPAY trade I’ve recommended . . . along with the results of every closed-out trade.

QUICKPAY Trading Guide: this guide will walk you through the process of how I “optioneer” QUICKPAY trades — and how you can too, beyond the signals you receive . . .

QUICKPAY Toolbox: These powerful options calculators are only available to members of my Trading Services. They help you save time . . . reduce or eliminate errors . . . and determine your profit potential in advance.

QUICKPAY Strategy Videos: to further your learning and turn you into a master QUICKPAY trader sooner, I will give you access to my training video vault — and periodically release new training videos with fresh insights . . .

UNLIMITED SUPPORT: I’ve assembled a world-class support team to ensure your questions get answered and no stone is left unturned in your journey toward financial freedom . . .

✚ All of these tools and training are designed to give you confidence in the alerts I send you — so that you consistently act on them and realize the profit potential outlined in this report.

I’m also including:

The QUICKPAY Trading Service Online Training Academy

In this comprehensive online training series—which you can stream instantly from any internet-connected device — we give you EVERYTHING you need to take full advantage of our trading signals.

And to find your own QUICKPAY trades and potentially profit even more!

We give you an introduction to the science of trends, my timing indicators and overall approach to trading . . . the details on my investment selection methodology . . . how to place your trades with your broker by telephone or online . . . how I manage risk . . . how to make sure you don’t miss a trade . . . how you get VIP service from us . . . and lots more.

This is the ultimate crash course in the QUICKPAY Trading Service strategies and the foundation of my QUICKPAY methodology.

If the QUICKPAY Trading Signals
Don’t Generate At Least $100,000 in Net Profits,
Your Entire Membership Is FREE

No one can guarantee profits or protect against losses, but in order to show you how serious I am about delivering the kind of performance you’ve seen here today — I’m going out on a limb and guaranteeing profitable performance . . .

FOR ONE FULL YEAR. That means — the net profit of my signals winners and losers MUST be at least $100,000 over the entire 12 months of your membership . . . or you pay nothing! When was the last time someone guaranteed their service would produce profitable trades, or your money back? I’m betting the answer is NEVER.

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