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Price: $39.00
Initial Fees: $39.00
Recurring payments
$39/Month after 60 Days
Billing period: $39.00 every month
Product ID : K27154
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Actual Cash Payouts
From Assets You Don't Even Own!

My name’s Chuck Hughes and over the past three years the Leasehold Rewards Program has funneled a total of $1,968,020.41 directly into my pocket . . . no strings attached!

This obscure vehicle for instant cash payouts works in just about any IRA, 401(k), or regular brokerage account . . .

It has nothing to do with dividends, covered calls, or credit-spreads . . .

And it is without a doubt one of the fastest, safest, and easiest ways to fund the retirement of your dreams . . .

Starting immediately . . . not sometime in the distant future.

My Leasehold Rewards Program
Exploits an Obscure Option-Pricing
Quirk Hardly Anyone Knows About

The Leasehold Rewards Program capitalizes on an obscure pricing quirk that most professional traders don’t even know about.

Yet it’s so head-slapping obvious once you know where to look, you’ll never see options in the same light again!

And if you’re new to options . . .Congratulations, you’ve got a clean slate!

If you’ve never traded options before, you’ll have no shocking revelations that require you to re-think what you thought you knew about the way options are priced.

And you’ll be surprised by how little time it takes to participate in the Leasehold Rewards Program.

Right now, all around America, folks have started making more money than they ever dreamed possible. And they’re doing it week after week . . . month after month . . . year after year.

I’m talking about regular hard-working individuals like you. People who were once in your shoes . . .

Concerned about their retirement . . . worried about running out of money . . . regretful over opportunities missed in the past . . .

And determined to jump on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn things around.

I Wrote This Manual For YOU And
I’d Like To Send It To You For FREE

If you’re serious about securing your financial future with a nearly endless stream of cash payout opportunities . . .

The same way thousands of men & women coast-to-coast are already doing . . .

I want to help you every way I can.

So I’m going to do something special for you now . . .

I’m going to make this tell-all Leasehold Rewards manual available to you absolutely free . . .

All I ask is that you say “Yes” to a risk-free trial subscription to my exclusive Leasehold Rewards Program, which I’ll tell you about in just a minute.

I offer a less focused course for $499. But, this priceless manual cannot be purchased anywhere for any amount of money . . .

And it contains everything you need to know if you want to potentially say goodbye to your money worries forever . . . And live the ‘good life’ starting right now!

  • Learn how and where you can lease equities for pennies-on-the-dollar and collect substantial cash payouts the same as you would if you owned them.
  • Discover an obscure option-pricing quirk hardly anyone knows about that automatically gives you built-in profit potential.
  • Check out my actual brokerage statements and see for yourself how fast your low-risk Leasehold cash payouts can add up to Millions of dollars . . . $9,948,623 in 10 years to be exact!*
  • And much, much more

Starting with option trading basics and moving on to reveal every detail of possibly the greatest income producing secret on the planet . . . Nothing is left out and nothing is left to the imagination.

And it’s yours for free when you say “Yes” to a risk-free trial subscription to YOUR exclusive Leasehold Rewards Program.

Introducing YOUR Exclusive
Leasehold Rewards Program
Get 60 Days FREE

Your Leasehold Rewards Program gives you two of my most popular services for the price of one . . . And I’m even going to give you the first 60 days for free!!!

Leasehold Rewards Weekly Newsletter

Every week you’ll eagerly await the arrival of your Leasehold Rewards Advisory Newsletter revealing several exciting new profit opportunities.

Each Leasehold recommendation includes . . .

  • Insightful market overview and detailed analysis
  • A screen shot of the Optioneering profit calculator showing exactly how much potential income you stand to make
  • And current profit opportunities.

Everything is already done for you. So even if you’ve never placed a trade before, as long as you can check your email . . .

In about 6 minutes a week you can enter each Leasehold Cash Rewards opportunity and collect a potentially big stack of cash from assets you don’t even own!

Leasehold Rewards Weekly Workshop

Every week you will climb into my head . . . see the market as I see it . . . and enter the latest cash-producing Leasehold opportunity.

  • Walk through the entire thought process with me, in less than 10 minutes.
  • Following my proprietary Optioneering® selection process we’ll identify a rock-solid equity poised for explosive gains . . .
  • Using readily available price charts, set up to Optioneering® specs, we’ll pinpoint a low-risk, high-probability, entry-point.
  • Then we’ll plug everything into the Optioneering® Profit Calculator to eliminate all guesswork
  • And finish off with profit opportunities you can act on immediately

This earn-while-you-learn “think-talk” coaching format can not only potentially speed you into the winner’s circle on your very first day . . .

Over time you’ll become independently proficient and confident . . . easily capable of finding your own Leasehold profit opportunities in a matter of minutes . . .

That’s when you’ll truly become ‘master of your own fate’. And you should never have to worry about money again!

And We’re Here To Help You
Every Step of the Way!

You’ll have a fulltime support team of Optioneering® professionals . . . myself included . . . ready to answer your questions and help you become wildly successful starting the very first day!

So, What’s It Worth . . . And What’s It Cost?

My advisory services cost $5,000 or more per year and my courses go for as much as $2,999 . . .

And because they’ve led to literally $Millions of dollars in reliable non-stop cash payouts, most folks feel they’re getting the bargain of a lifetime. And I’ll bet you would too once you saw the money rolling in.

But I realize $5,000 advisory services and $2,999 seminars are out of reach for a lot of people.

And it’s important to me that everyone who wants to improve their financial outlook . . . and is willing to make the effort . . . has an opportunity to do so.

So, I created the tremendously popular do-it-yourself weekly Optioneering Newsletter . . . and priced it at just $39 a month.

People love it . . .

And requests for more ‘hands-on’ instruction started flooding in.

That led to the Weekly Optioneering Workshop . . . priced at just $29 a month. It costs less than the Newsletter because, although you get a great education, you only get one actionable trade per week.

Of course they love the workshop too. And even though the workshop and newsletter are sold separately, a lot of people subscribe to both.

When Newsletter & Workshop subscribers see their account balances skyrocket, they often use some of their profits to upgrade to a premium service where there’s nothing for them to do but spend the money.

And there’s a good chance you will too. That’s why my business partners agreed to invest a considerable fortune into sending you this incredible one-time offer . . .

Once you’ve said “Yes” to the Leasehold Rewards Program . . .

And I’ve shared with you the Optioneering® secret to earning instant cash payouts from assets you don’t even own . . .

You’ll know how to find all the Leasehold Rewards opportunities you want . . . because there are abundant opportunities once you know where to look.

Still, if you’re like most people, you’ll enjoy the way your Optioneering® Newsletter & Workshop save you time . . . keep you motivated . . . bolster your confidence . . . and feed you a steady stream of potentially winning trades.

And, you’ll want to remain a member of our Optioneering® family long after your initial trial period.

So, when your 60-day term expires, your subscription for both the $39 Newsletter and the $29 Workshop will be extended for one low price of just $39 conveniently charged to your credit card every month for as long as you wish.

And, when you’re ready to quit, just give us a call or drop us an email and you’ll receive an immediate refund for the current month. It’s just that simple.

This super convenient pay-as-you-go . . . stop-when-you-want . . . Leasehold Rewards Program . . .

Which includes the Weekly Newsletter & Workshop . . . loads of exciting profit opportunities and unlimited support . . . saves you 43% off the normal subscription price and is available only right here and right now.

You will not find this offer anywhere else.

And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

100% Money-Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to make up your mind about whether the Leasehold Rewards Program is really right for you.

If you feel you’d rather cancel, simply return the Leasehold Rewards Program manual and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you paid for your trial subscription.

After the first 60 days, you may cancel your Optioneering Newsletter & Workshop subscriptions at any time and receive a full refund for the current month.

But you will return nothing. In addition to the priceless wealth-creating education you will have received, your Leasehold Rewards Program manual will be yours to keep and profit from forever!

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