Lifetime Income System

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Over $1,090 Profits Per Minute!
($10,905 in 10 Minutes!)

That’s five minutes to enter the trade, five minutes to exit. Ten total minutes to complete the Costco trade that will earn a minimum of 1,090.5% — maybe more.

Best of all, this was NOT a one-time event. That same week, it happened again. This time our little group had the opportunity to make $28,546.00 — a staggering $2,854 per minute!

That same week, it happened again. And on this day, this small group again had the opportunity to make more than $1,319 per minute.

To put this into perspective . . .

Had you been among this small group of ordinary individuals, and assuming you invested just $5,000 on each of these three dates . . . following my exact instructions . . .

You would’ve pocketed $59,500 . . . $60,700 . . . $50,550 . . . for a grand total of $170,750 in just 30 days.

That’s an astonishing income of $5,691 PER MINUTE — and using this secret loophole, there are literally trades just like this available almost every month . . .

IF you qualify for this opportunity.

In fact, this phenomenon repeated itself 25 times over in 4 months . . . helping me personally generate $555,112 in real money profits during that time.

This Loophole Is So Powerful,
It Almost Feels Like Cheating!

And after trading this and some related strategies for the past 5 years — and making $4,327,238 in real money profits — my son and I decided to introduce this to everyone else.

Four months later, our small group had the opportunity to multiply their original investment with a 382.9% average gain per trade.

Pretty impressive, right?

Well, our profit run didn’t stop there. In fact, it’s only now just beginning . . .

And although you’ve probably never heard of or invested in this super-safe yet lucrative options trading strategy before, don’t worry . . .

It’s simple and easy to invest in through a regular broker – even using most retirement accounts – and has the ability to pay you an absolute fortune over the next few years, maybe longer . . .

If . . . we can keep it quiet!

Right now, this options strategy is relatively undiscovered, but . . . some sophisticated investors are starting to take notice.

I call this loophole the “Market Neutral Strategy” —

Even a First-Time
Trader Could Do It!

The most amazing thing is that this lucrative “market neutral” loophole I discovered is only ONE of THREE POWERFUL strategies my son and I discovered and used to explode my retirement account . . . while also helping our test group do the same.

The second one is called the “Become Your Own Bank” strategy — and it’s every bit as powerful!

We’ve also discovered and perfected something called the “Stress Less Investing” Strategy — which has done just as well!

Lifetime Income System (LIS)

Incorporates the three powerful strategies we’ve mentioned above, as well as two others we haven’t even had time to review with you.

What our initial testers love most about the Lifetime Income System (LIS) is the minimal amount of time, effort, and knowledge needed to put these strategies to work.

In fact, you’re probably not going to believe me when I tell you exactly what’s required of you to see these kind of returns, but . . .

Our service for trading these specific options is structured in three (3) parts:

Step 1: Each week, simply check your email and review the recommendation I send you (note: I only send you recos if they fit into one of these lucrative strategies!)

Step 2: Decide how much you’d like to invest. Strategies like the “Market Neutral” one can be done in a trading account as small as $5,000 with as little as $350 or so per trade. Then if you choose, place the trade online or by phone in less than 10 minutes.

Step 3: Then, let your profits ride! Assuming the trade is a winner — which 96.7% of my personal trades in LIS have been — you just have to let your profits ride while waiting for my exit signal.

It couldn’t be any easier . . .

We Do ALL the Work.
You Collect ALL the Profits!

It’s that simple. Of course, I encourage you to learn as much as you can. And in a moment, I’m going to invite you to send for a FREE manual that further details these strategies and how they work — just in case you ever want to trade them on your own.

But that’s only if you have time. If you’re like most people, you can just wait for my signals and jump online to place the trade.

To my knowledge, wealth accumulation at this SPEED does not happen in any other market. And YOU could also enjoy gains like these.

But please, don’t think of this as one of those “get-rich-quick” operations. I hate those things, and they never work.

And although you may disagree with me, from your own past experiences . . . “Big gains” are NOT synonymous with “Big risks.”

And Guarantee a
Minimum of $100,000 In
Profits One Year's Time!

You’ll have an entire YEAR to prove to yourself that this is the REAL deal.

And remember, that is not only enough time to test this out . . . it’s enough time to potentially multiply your money many times over.

Here’s how it works:

Over the course of the next year, we’ll document every single one of our trades — just as we have been.

Then, at the end of the 12-month period, the overall Lifetime Income System (LIS) Advisory Service MUST have generated AT LEAST $100,000 in profits across all trades — or you are entitled to a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Remember, this is well below what our test group saw, and below our average for each of the individual strategies — so I feel very confident in making this seemingly bold guarantee to you.

In other words, the Lifetime Income System (LIS) must give you the opportunity to earn more than 25-to-1 on the cost of membership — or you pay nothing!

PLUS, in the highly unlikely event that happens, you’ll be able to keep ALL the special reports, training manuals . . . and whatever gains you experienced as a NEW member.

Consider this our gift to you for having the courage to at least experience this for yourself.

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