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“Ultra-Safe Money Strategies” Is Like Nothing
You’ve Ever Seen Before On How to Pull Steady Profits
With Low Risk From Today’s Stock Market.

My approach to putting on a trade, manag-ing that trade, and then exiting that trade is different and simpler than anything you’ve ever seen, read, or heard before – and what’s more, I am absolutely convinced that anybody can do what I do, once they understand it.

Ultra-Safe Money Strategies is your complete “tour guide” to discovering how to place low-risk, high return options trades that are documented to win 95.3% of the time.

It’s all laid out for you in precise, step-by-step detail.

Here’s what you get with your own Ultra-Safe Money Strategies course:

The Ultra-Safe Money Strategies Manual – 74-page, type-set, 8.5”x11” manual full of power-packed information that reveals my proven step-by-step strategies for making money in ANY market condition... including example trade entries, example exits, and the managing of those trades. I spend time teaching you only the things you need to know – and none of the stuff that will waste your time.

You Get 43-Pages of Copies of My Brokerage Account Trade Confirmations… showing you the $7.48 million in option premium income I collected using my Ultra-Safe Money Strategies over the last 5 years.

If you’re the engineering type, you’ll love going over each transaction with a fine- tooth comb. You’ll see the actual options I sold and the amount of cash that was credited to my brokerage account for each option sale. You can learn a lot from doing that.

But, let me tell you the biggest reason I wanted to include this real-world trading track record:

I want to build your confidence in the income strategy I teach you. If there’s one thing that will STOP you from enjoying the benefits of these Ultra-Safe Money Strategies it is this: FEAR. And fear comes from lack of confidence in the strategy. Hopefully, seeing every trade in detail like this will push you past your fear – and get you taking action in your own best interest.

The Ultra-Safe Money Strategies Video. I include this for the “visual learners” who would rather watch than read. It’s the same information you’ll get from the manual – just in “live action” on video. It’s all here…

A Copy of My Award-Winning, Options Essentials Guidebook: “A Practical Guide to Understanding Options” (re-printed as part of the “Ultra-Safe Money Strategies” Manual). I include this as a “refresher” course for options veterans… and as essential training for you if you’re new to options trading.

A mere 30-pages long, this guidebook is nice and succinct – teaching you only what you need to know about options – and none of the garbage you don’t need. It gives you the practical, real-world knowledge required in order to successfully trade options.

You don’t need to know complicated math like you’ve probably been led to believe. You just need to know the simple mechanics of buying and selling options. And this manual breaks options trading down to the bare essentials you need. It even includes quizzes to make sure you understand each topic.

But that’s not where I’m going to stop. I really want you to succeed – and to help with that, I want you to continue your “Ultra-Safe Money Strategies” learning. And that’s why:

You Also Get a Weekly “Hughes Optioneering Weekly Workshop” Newsletter Which Will Walk You Through & Review Trades I’ve Taken That Week to Help You See These Strategies “In Action”. Each trade will be broken down so you can see and understand exactly WHY each option was chosen and when. The whole purpose of this weekly newsletter is to “solidify” your education and build your confidence in the “Ultra-Safe Money Strategies”.

The “Ultra-Safe Money Strategy” Start-Me-Up Guide

This brand-new “Start-Me-Up” guide came as a result of talking with students and listening to what they really want. And here it is: it’s a killer booklet divided into 3 sections. Basically it answers this question: “Chuck, what would you do if you had $X to trade?”

Check this out… you’ll want to go to the section that’s most pertinent to you:

  • “What Ultra-Safe Money Strategies I Would Do If I Had $5,000 or Less to Work With”
  • “What Ultra-Safe Money Strategies I Would Do If I Had $10,000 or Less to Work With”
  • “What Ultra-Safe Money Strategies I Would Do If I Had More than $20,000 to Work With”

In each section, I reveal EXACTLY what I would do if I were in your situation. This is just incredible because it gives you a workable “action plan” that is more specific to your particular situation – without me having to give you personal investment advice. In other words, think of it this way:

Most older traders are looking to generate income... so I spend a few minutes talking about how to do that in relation to the “Ultra-Safe Money Strategies” – and depending on the money you have to work with.

Younger traders are usually looking to compound their money and grow their wealth as fast as possible – they want to beat the market... so I spend some time talking about how to do that in relation to the “Ultra-Safe Money Strategies”. It just makes sense. And I know you’ll love it!

As you can see… we’ve thought of everything! And you’ll get everything you need to finally experience consistent success with your investing and trading.

All in all, I have sold this course “as is” in the past for $997. It’s worth every penny and a whole lot more. But I really want to stack the deck in your favor.

So I’m going to do something my staff is calling “crazy”… and it’s this…

On top of everything I’ve already promised…

How Would You Like to Get My Actual Real-World Trading Decisions
Handed to You Every Time I Make an Ultra-Safe Money Strategy Move
in the Market?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

As a subscriber to my “Wealth Creation Alliance Advisory”, any time I make a move in the market you’ll get a special update directly in your email in-box! It will tell you what stock I’m trading, which options, which strike prices, and why I’m trading it.

And as I adjust or roll positions from week to week, I’ll update you on all those moves and adjustments, as well. Bottom line: if I make a move in the market… you’ll know about it before I pull the trigger.

In the past, the ONLY way to get access to my actual trades was to be a part of my Advisory service… which used to cost $997 for a 6-month subscription. And worth every penny. After all…

You Get the Entire
“Ultra-Safe Money Strategies” Training Program +
One Full Year of “Ultra-Safe Money Advisory Service”
Trade Recommendations … for Just $997

But openings at this price are very limited. I plan on increasing the cost of this once this year’s openings are snatched-up.

Only you can know if this is right for you, or not.

But if you’re still unsure, consider this:

I’ll Take ALL the Risk for a Full One-Year Period… and I’ll Guarantee a
Minimum of $100,000 In Profits Over That
Same Year

This way, you have one whole year to prove to yourself that what I’ve promised is “for real”. A year is not only more than enough time for you to see the results, it’s actually enough time to potentially multiply your money many, many times over.

Here’s how this guarantee works:

Over the course of the next 12 months, my team and I will document every single one of our trades – just like we’ve always done.

Then, at the end of the last month, the overall “Ultra-Safe Money Advisory Service” MUST have generated at least $100,000 in profits across all trades – or you are entitled to a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Remember, this $100,000-figure is well below that $241,300 figure from my worst year ever. And with current open trade profits of $746,358.69… I feel very confident in offering you this seemingly bold guarantee.

PLUS, even in the unlikely event we fail to perform – you’ll be able to keep ALL the training products… as well as whatever gains you experienced as a member. So basically – when you boil it all down – this opportunity is…


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