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How to Trade the Flashpoint Way to Earn Explosive Profits!

My brand-new, super-simple ODDS Flashpoint trading service uses options straddles. With a straddle trade, you normally make money on one option, and lose money on the other. The goal is to make more on one than you lose on the other.

For instance, let’s say you buy a call for 1 and a put for 1. Your total cost— your net debit— is 2. The way you make money is when the stock makes a big move – the kind of big moves that happen with economic and global “Flashpoints.”

Let’s say the stock falls pretty hard. The call falls in price, dropping to zero. But the put goes to plus 4! In this instance, even though you’ve lost money on the call side, the gain in the put more than makes up for the loss. In fact, the total return is a 100% gain: you invest $200 to make $400.... or $2,000 to make $4,000.

Now, what if the stock goes the opposite direction? It doesn’t matter! If the stock rises, the call gains value while the put loses. If the stock rises enough, gains in the call more than offset any losses in the put, generating a profit for the entire position. Simple! You make money no matter which direction the stock moves in.

Now the obvious question to ask is:

How Do You Identify These Volatile “Flashpoint” Situations?

Well, the first thing to understand is that picking options and picking stocks are totally different activities.

With stocks, you are pretty much guessing which direction the stock price will go, which means that you usually need to analyze the company’s business fundamentals to make that prediction.

With options straddles, that’s not the case. In fact, you don’t even need to know what business the company is in.

All you’re focusing in on is the stock’s current volatility compared to its historical volatility.

In other words, we look for historically volatile stocks that have temporarily entered a quiet period of low volatility.

I Launched My ODDS Flashpoint Service to Help You Make HUGE Profits
Whether a Stock Goes
Up OR Down!

So, to help you capture the incredible profits that my ODDS valuation approach to high-profit potential “Flashpoint” options can offer you, I launched a very specialized VIP trading service: ODDS Flashpoint.

So far as I know, this is one of the few exclusive, VIP services specifically designed to help beginning and intermediate traders make money consistently with straddles – as you could have done following Flashpoints trade ideas all this year.

One thing for sure: ODDS Flashpoint takes the uncertainty out of options trading.

It tells you precisely what to do and when to do it. There is no second-guessing, no doubt about what you should do.

The ODDS Flashpoint Service Makes Trading Straddles as Easy as Pie... and as Profitable as Possible!

The ODDS Flashpoint trade reports are unlike any other trading reports you’ve ever seen. That’s because we’ve color-coded everything to make it as simple as possible.

Now we get to the good part: THE LIGHTS!

The lights are super-simple, easy-to-understand, color-coded graphical displays of the various factor ratings that determine whether or not we should take a trade. They work just like traffic signals.

Just like for a traffic signal, Red means stop, Yellow means caution, Green means go.

Unlike Most Options Services, ODDS Flashpoint
is Super Easy for the Beginner to Use!

You simply make the “green light” trades that appear on the Flashpoint alert. If you only have $2,000 to speculate with, then you make the first five trades on the list that each trade for under $400.

When do you get out?

That’s the beauty of this approach. If you want to do it the super-simple way, you simply hold all the trades until expiration, or you use a stop of 50%. That is, you wait until they expire or lose 50% of their value. No fuss, no muss. If you do that, you will typically see an average gain of around 63% per trade.

But if you want to be fancier and “optimize” your exits, as we say, the results can be staggering: Cumulative Potential Profits totaling more than 45,000%.

Now, no one is going to get out at the optimal exit every time. But that number shows you just how powerful this approach can be. And even half that total is a huge fortune!

And as I said, you can easily start small. As your confidence grows, and you see how these things work and how you’re making money consistently, you can dedicate more of your speculative portfolio to option trading and grow into it.

When it’s Time to Buy I Need to Reach You Right Away

The moment you subscribe, you get immediate access to these ODDS Flashpoint subscriber-only trading reports – where I reveal my plain-English, bare-bones approach to trading straddles.

If you want fluff, you’ve come to the wrong spot. I give you what you need. I don’t waste your time with unnecessary junk. Our reports give you the stock, the option straddle trade and the entry price, everything you need to potentially earn thousands of dollars – even if you’ve never traded a single option in your life.

These instructions are easy to use with online brokers. Or, if you’re old school, you can read them to your broker on the phone. Your choice.

Then, the BIG money-making benefits begin:

The moment you agree to accept a strictly provisional test drive of our ODDS Flashpoint service, you get...

  • Access to my “Quick Start” Videos: These easy-to-follow videos and “getting started” guides walk you, step by step, through each stage of the ODDS Flashpoint straddle trading strategy. They tell you precisely what to do... how to do it... and when to do it.
  • A Comprehensive Online Trading Guide: These written resources help you understand anything you have questions about from the videos. With clear, easy-to-follow language that is free of jargon, I walk you through the whole process of using our trading reports and entering straddle trades.
  • A Comprehensive Straddle Trade List: Unlike other services, we tell you precisely what to do. There is no guesswork, no wondering what I meant.
  • ODDS Flashpoint Encrypted Website: This comprehensive resource is available 24/7 and is reserved exclusively for ODDS Flashpoint members. This will be your home base for making more income than you ever thought possible.
  • Direct Access to Me and My Staff. The instructions in every trade report are clear and precise. You can simply read them, word for word, to your broker -- or enter the symbols into your favorite discount online broker. Nevertheless, I know that you may have questions. With this service, you can ask your questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Lock In the Highly Discounted
“Charter Membership”
Rate Today

The ODDS Flashpoint service is a heavily discounted options trading service specifically designed to profit from big movements in stocks that are stuck in a period of low volatility.

The regular price for ODDS Flashpoint is normally $2,188 a year.

However, because I am convinced that my trade ideas for options straddles are one of the very best ways to generate large profits in all market conditions, I have made a special arrangement, solely for new charter subscribers, to slash a whopping 72% off the regular price.

Try out ODDS Flashpoint without taking big risks, you can get started with a single low payment.

With this option, you pay just $99 a month for as long as you wish to continue.

That’s right: you can get started making money trading options with a single monthly payment of only $99. I really can’t think of a better no-brainer offer:

For only $99 to start, you take advantage of my powerful straddle trading strategy with an accuracy rate as high as 80%... and that gives you the potential of earning up to $8,679 per week in extra income.

Test Drive My ODDS Flashpoint Service
100% Risk-Free for the

Next 30 Days

Plus, I decided to create a unique guarantee that, to me, is also a no-brainer.

When you call one of our customer service representatives today, or mail back the order form found at the back of this report... you’ll be able to test drive my ODDS Flashpoint service risk-free.

In the unlikely event that you decide ODDS Flashpoint is not for you, just give us a call within 30 days, and we’ll refund your entire subscription fee – 100% of it – no questions asked.

We’ll give you your money back even if you don’t follow ANY of my trading recommendations.

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