Lloyd's Legacy System - 18 Month

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Lloyd’s Legacy
This revolutionary system features his HEDGE G
ML Timing Signals PLUS his
Legacy Method, which trades options on ETFs . . . and it’s designed to fast track
the building of your financial legacy, retirement and freedom

This will be Dr. Lloyd’s farewell gift to the trading world that has given him so much.

It’s the best of what he discovered over a 5-decade career; the pinnacle of his considerable trading experience and wisdom.

Most importantly, his legacy is meant to help you create YOUR legacy.
Together, we’ve streamlined the entire process of finding winning trades that fit one of these two lucrative strategies.

When either of our proven parameters gets triggered, we issue an alert. And you either execute an options trade based on the original HEDGE GML timing method, which has won 82% of its trades at 49% profit per trade in past testing . . .

OR . . . we execute an options-on-ETF trade using his legacy approach, which has won 76.1% of all trades at 76.9% PROFIT PER TRADE in past testing.

Either way, you continue your march toward legacy wealth. And best of all . . .

The Entire Process Takes
Less than 1 Hour Each Week!

Assuming you already have a brokerage account that trades options — it literally takes 10-15 minutes to receive your GML or Legacy alert and place your trade each week.

And since we’re ONLY selecting the BEST opportunities we see, there aren't that many trades to place each week. The typical number will be 1 or 2 at most, which easily puts you under an hour of time required each week.

Best of all, you’ll be potentially building up your income AND wealth simultaneously.

Each and every week, you may be one step closer to creating the lasting legacy that is your destiny.

This is unlike any other trading system or way to earn money.

Simple Weekly Instructions That Could
Produce a 6-Figure Income and 7-Figure Legacy

If you feel you have what it takes to succeed in this business, then I'd love for you to begin receiving my simple Lloyd’s Legacy alerts right away.

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection or a smart phone.\

I'm a stickler for details. Don't worry, nothing will be left out . . . you'll get the exact series of steps we use to uncover trades with this system.

Oh . . . don't think you'll have to stare at your mailbox and wait for huge binders, or a gazillion compact discs.

You'll receive the information you need to get started immediately online.

We keep it simple for you - everything you need is presented simply and completely so you can digest the instructions . . . take action . . . and succeed.

Get Two Bonus Guides to Master
These Legacy-Building Systems

How much would you expect to pay for exclusive wealth-building information like this? It's hard to put a price on freedom and happiness isn't it?

I can tell you from experience - that's exactly what this aims to give you. You'll potentially be able to better support yourself and loved ones and have the time to enjoy being with them . . . do the things YOU want to do . . . and finally move out of the dark tunnel of wage-slavery and into the light . . .

Especially because I’m not only going to give you the trade alerts — I’m going to give you TWO complete guides:

Lloyd’s HEDGE GML Manual, which breaks down the original timing breakthrough
Dr. Lloyd discovered for credit spreads . . . the same approach that won over 82% of
all trades over a 5-year period, producing 49% profit per trade and 2160% in
cumulative returns.

And . . .

Lloyd’s Legacy Manual, which outlines the EXACT science behind Dr. Lloyd’s
breakthrough approach for trading options on ETFs . . . winning 76.1% of the time
at 76.9% profit per trade . . .

These step-by-step guides will give you the highest possible confidence in executing the trading signals sent to you each week.

They can ultimately help you turn your profits into a lasting financial legacy.

Each of these manuals would sell for $300 on their own. But you get BOTH, a $600 value, just for test-driving the Lloyd’s Legacy System.

See for Yourself at My Risk!
Performance-Based Money-Back Guarantee

Now, I know this system works . . . so do others. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions on your phone or screen at home.

I've taken immense time and trouble to provide you with both the signals AND the technical training you need to profit.

That’s why Lloyd’s Legacy System is fully and performance-guaranteed for the duration of the membership term you choose today - without exception.

In the unlikely event that by the end of the membership term (6 months or 18 months), the winning trades do not exceed the losers — then you are eligible for a prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

The only “catch” is you must wait until the end of your membership term, so we have sufficient time to prove this is profitable. (And of course, we absolutely expect you to see steady profits along the way.)

We are 100% confident that this system WILL continue to perform profitably — and so we’re giving you a 100% money-back guarantee on the price of this course.

There's NO ONE with this kind of track record, offering such a powerful service, at such a reasonable price.

Sounds good, so far? It should; it's the proposition of a lifetime.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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