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FAANG stocks deliver the biggest gains in history!

How to Land 1,000% Winners
From the Hottest Tech Stocks on
The Planet

Banked 3,333% in Amazon in 8 days (during the 2020 crash)
Landed 2,206% in Google in 7 days (during the 2020 crash)
In just 8 days, you could’ve gone from $10k to $286k with this strategy

The most popular tech stocks on the planet…

...I’m talking about the coveted FAANG stocks…

Are also the most lucrative money-making machines on the planet.


Because everyone wants to trade them.

They’re all the news talks about.


On many days...Apple trades as many shares as the entire QQQ ETF which tracks the Nasdaq.

When everyone wants to trade them...that means there’s a ton of money floating out there.

And I’ve recently discovered all that money floating out there…? …  Honestly, a lot of it is dumb money.

I’ve been banking on this FAANG strategy consistently for almost 5 years now

...and you’ll see the results of it in a minute.

1,000% gains is possible.

I just showed you it’s possible during a market crash.

But you can make 1,000%+ gains from FAANG stocks anytime.

I also recommended these huge gainers:

  1. 1,430% from Google in 7 days
  2. 1,056% from Netflix in 18 days

One play was in the run-up during 2019...another during a recovery from the corrections in 2018.

A second reason to dive into FAANGS right now is that the world we know it is about to shift.

Due to the quarantines…(and this effect will last long past the coronavirus)...companies and employees and families are relying on technology more than ever.

And this trend may last for awhile.

Fast Company claims that quarantine effects such as more employees working from home may “stick around” for the long haul.

Companies may realize they don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for offices each month…

Zoom --- the web conferencing tech company --- is seeing “usage rocketing” according to Marketwatch.

And it’s happening across tech.

Tech is a trend you can rely on for the long haul.

Thus, if tech is here to stay, it makes sense to invest in them.

The FAANGs are there outfront leading the charge.

And once you learn to trade them, you’ll be well on your way to amassing huge profits ...

I’m ready to show you everything...and train you on this every month.

That’s right…

Every single month I want to jump on a LIVE Zoom call with you and other FAANG traders and talk about what’s going on in the market.

We’ll discuss:

  1. How to sharpen your eye to dig up good FAANG trades
  2. My secrets to using three main indicators to land 75% win rates and 5:1 profits on the most traded tech stocks in the world
  3. Your concerns and questions about the current trading environment and even dive into some of your trades

It’s a monthly coaching program to make you a better FAANG trader.

Every single month you’ll have me personally training you. We’ll do this by going through past trading ideas, answering your questions, and hammering home our strategy.

I don’t offer this coaching with any other service I provide online.

This is only for you if you’re interested in becoming a FAANG trader right now.

The best part?

These coaching sessions are free.

All you need to do is join my new service, FAANG Trader right now.

FAANG Trader is the ONLY options trading service on the planet focusing on profiting from FAANG stocks...i.e. The most popular tech stocks trading right now.

With their liquidity, we can easily enter and exit positions without crossing our fingers our position will close. I love this. And I think you’ll like it too.

As a member of FAANG Trader, besides just getting monthly group coaching on Zoom, I’ll also be sending you 4-8 trading ideas per month.

*Special Bonus On This Page ONLY*
This bonus allows you to trade more often and land even more gains.

You will receive bonus trade ideas outside of the FAANG stocks!

As a premiere member of FAANG Trader, because you’re taking the plunge with me into trading these incredible stocks…

I’m going to give you bonus opportunities I’m watching on other amazing tech stocks.

I’m ready to show you everything about making money from FAANG stocks (and all tech stocks)

  1. Monthly Zoom Calls LIVE with me: It’s a group coaching call with all FAANG Traders including you and many others wanting to take advantage.
  2. 4-8X Options Trade Ideas  I’m watching: You’ll receive an idea from me where I show you the chart, my analysis, our indicators and more. You then have the freedom to decide if you want to trade the idea. I WILL NOT be providing entry and exit points nor which option to trade (as I leave that up to you).
  3. Monthly access to FAANG Trader: Our goal is to hit 1,000% when we trade a FAANG stock with a 75% win rate.
  4. *BONUS* Diversify your trading with tech stock ideas outside the FAANGs: When I can’t find an opportunity to trade one of the FAANGs, I’ll find another tech idea to send you. Again, you’ll get analysis, the chart, the indicators, everything for you to make a well-informed decision if you want to trade or not.

This is $5,000 of value you’re getting…

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