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Get ready, for a tidal wave of cash that could soon be headed your way . . .

Because, in the same way tides are controlled by the moon . . .

And ocean currents are driven by the sun and the earth’s rotation . . .

The OMICRON Undertow, fueled by well-established business & financial cycles, influences the ebb & flow of the stock market in a very predictable way.

Hi, I’m Lee Gettess and I believe what I’m about to share with you has the power to bolster your confidence . . . improve your accuracy . . . and enhance your returns several times over . . . no matter what trading system you use!

It’s called the OMICRON Undertow . . . O-Force for short. And while it may not be the “Holy Grail”, I think you’ll soon agree it comes pretty darn close.

OMICRON Undertow is a
Form of Seasonality that Influences
ALL Market Movement

The OMICRON Undertow is a form of seasonality that comes & goes in a matter of days . . .

It influences all market movement.

It’s fueled by well-established business and financial cycles . . .

And it’s extraordinarily reliable.

Yet it’s so simple, when I first discovered it, I found it hard to believe myself.

O-Force Trading System Is Extraordinary in Many Ways!

To begin with, knowing ahead of time when the market is likely to change direction is the biggest advantage any trader could possibly have.

And then there’s the way the O-Force Trading System empowers you to buy Call options when price bottoms out . . .

Which just happens to be when Call options tend to be cheaper . . .

And, let’s face it, buying near the lowest low and selling near the high is every traders’ dream . . . but most people don’t have the foresight to pull it off like you could following the one-andonly O-Force Trading System.

Then, when the OMICRON Undertow is exerting downward pressure, you can do the same thing in reverse buying puts . . . for even more profit opportunities!

And, since the OMICRON Undertow drives the market as a whole, the O-Force trading system is only concerned with the 4 biggest broad-market ETFs . . . DIA, SPY, QQQ & IWM.

Doesn’t watching just 4 ETFs sound easier than trying to keep track of every stock on the board!

And Now It’s YOUR Turn!!

Everyone seems to love my trading system . . . even the famous Larry Williams. So now, how about you?

O-Force Trade Alerts: With your permission, the next time I get an O-Force signal, I’ll send you a text or email telling you all about it.

And I’ll tell you where I’m placing the profit target and stop-loss too. So, you can just set-it-and-forget it.

Then, if neither target is hit before it’s time to take profits, I’ll send you an alert telling you just what to do.

So simple it will seem like you could make a fortune without knowing the first thing about trading!

O-Force Manual: But you’ll probably want to know every detail of this amazing system that some traders say is the greatest breakthrough of this century. So when you say “Yes” to O-Force Trade Alerts, you’ll also receive this priceless O-Force manual . . . which is not available anywhere else.

The O-Force Manual fills you in on all the surprising details surrounding the OMICRON Undertow and will teach you how to calculate the O-Force reversal days on your own . . . The secret formula is easy to learn and it gives you an almost cosmic power to anticipate market bias.

You’ll also learn how to buy near the lowest low and sell near the high as you’ve seen demonstrated time and time again. This is a skill every trader wants and you’ll be one of very few who actually has the insight to pull if off. And, in case you’re new to options . . . worry to not. Because you’ll also find a section devoted to option basics that will get you up and running fast.

Support via Email ready to answer your questions and lend support.

It’s Hard To Put a Value On All You’ll Be Getting

Some of my advisory services are $5,000 or more a year.

My trading systems have sold for as much as $675,000.

And personal support usually comes with a consulting fee.

So I thought long and hard before I agreed to make O-Force Trade Alerts available for just $1,997 a year . . . and now I’m going 1 step further . . .

If you say “Yes” Today You’ll Get Your 2nd Year’s Membership Absolutely FREE!!!

If you say yes today . . .

I’m going to pay for your 2nd year’s membership . . .

So you get It absolutely FREE!!!

In other words, you’ll make just one payment of $1,997

And you’ll receive 2 full years of O-Force trade alerts

Plus you’ll learn secrets about the OMICRON Undertow that could keep you from getting blindsided and bolster you trade results for a lifetime . . . no matter what system you use!

“Not even a bad economy can keep a trader from making money!” — Richard S., Oregon

“Between bad weather and a bad back, my income as a house painter can be pretty hetchy-ketchy. But, not even a bad economy can keep a trader from making money!”

I think you’ll agree, Richard is 100% correct . . . with one BIG stipulation . . .

I believe your ability to always make money no matter what happens may actually hinge on your working knowledge of the OMICRON Undertow.

You saw with your own eyes how the O-Force Trading System has kept non-stop profits rolling in . . . despite monstrous corrections like the ones in 2018 & 2020.

So, you know O-Force really could make it possible for you to start with a very small account and be well on your way to a prosperous retirement in less than a year!

In fact, I have so much confidence in the profit potential inherent to the OMICRON Undertow . . .

I personally guarantee that . . . come what may . . . the O-Force Trade Alerts issued over the next 12 months will be profitable.

And, if for some unimaginable reason they aren’t, you’ll be entitled to a full refund of every penny you paid to join us.

And of course you will have gained a professional-grade trading education and priceless market insight you can profit from forever!

From where I sit, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

So, what are you waiting for?

Nothing good can come from waiting. Waiting can only cause you to miss out.

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