Cybernetic Trading Strategies

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Simulated Test Trading Results Are Astonishing --

Amazing Book Reveals Powerful "Insider" Methods Worth Over $2.2 Million!

Renowned Analyst Murray Ruggiero Stuns Investment World By Releasing Details On Dozens Of Tested Methods Anyone Can Use To Strive For 5- And 6-Figure Trading Profits Every Year:

  • Intermarket divergence method makes $513,325 in S&P futures!
  • Seasonal corn futures strategy yields 200% annual profits!
  • Correlation method makes $88,200 in T-Bonds!
  • Plus dozens more!


I read and review hundreds of books as part of my job. Only a dozen or so are good enough to make it to my personal library. I just added one more: "Cybernetic Trading Strategies" by Murray Ruggiero.

Forget the scary title; this book is about how you can use the newest, latest technical analysis and money management techniques designed to rocket your profits to new, all-time highs. I'm not kidding; if you use the methods in this book, you could make a lot of money trading.


First, understand that Murray Ruggiero is so good at technical analysis, he has become the "expert of choice" among industry leaders like super trader/author Larry Williams. Dozens of other traders, fund managers and system developers pay Murray tens of thousands of dollars for his brilliant insights and advice.

I figured a super-smart guy like Murray would write a book that's so far above the average trader's head, no one except a fellow mathematician would be able to understand it. Boy, was I wrong!

Murray has taken great pains to keep this book simple and straightforward, and it shows on every page. There's no "insiders-only" jargon, no convoluted formulas. Instead, Murray gives you a clear, concise explanation of each analysis method (many of which are revealed here for the very first time!), then follows with precise instructions on how to apply each method in real-market trading.


On page 30, Murray details an Intermarket Divergence model for the S&P 500 and T-Bonds that made $348,175 in net profits and that's only one of dozens of examples!

Most of Murray's methods work best in futures, but there are many for stocks, too.

This is powerful, useful information that can help any trader make money regardless of which markets you trade. Armed with this information, you could:

  • Spot market turns with laser accuracy
  • Enter markets faster, with confidence
  • Exit markets closer to the top or bottom
  • Cut your risk-per-trade, and...
  • Rocket your profits to incredible heights

Big claims? You bet! But I guarantee this book lives up to every single one, or it's yours FREE! And I'm not alone in my opinion . . .

Includes Dozens Of Money-Making "Insider" Methods - Many Of Which DO NOT Require A Computer!!


  • A simple seasonal Corn futures strategy that can produce 200% annual profits! (p. 57)
  • A day-of-the-month timing method that lets you make $140,850 in S&P futures! (p. 51)
  • How intermarket analysis can multiply bottom-line profits for candlestick chart traders (p. 205)
  • The Ruggiero/Barna Seasonal Index method that made $57,593.75 trading T-Bond futures! (p. 55)
  • Powerful Intermarket Divergence systems that rack up huge profits in manymarkets:
  • S&P vs. T-Bonds = $348,175!!! (p. 30-31)
  • T-Bonds vs. XAU Gold = $101, 250! (p. 33-34)
  • Gold vs. XAU, D-Mark = $60,360! (p. 35-36)
  • Crude Oil vs. Dollar Index = $46,171! (p. 36-37)
  • A UTY Correlation method for T-Bonds that made a net profit of $108,037.50! (p. 120-121)
  • How to precisely determine the best exit point before you enter a trade! (p. 57, 130-133)
  • How to tell when the "big boys" are buying or selling, so you can do the same (p. 86-91)
  • How to combine cycle and intermarket analysis to capture S&P profits of $326,775! (p. 115-117)
  • Plus over $1 million in other methods! All proven in simulated test trading


"Murray's work is based on the critical relationships that make markets move. If you do not know and understand these relationships, you are trading in the dark. Open this book...come into the light."

Larry Williams
Trader And Author

"This book has something for traders of all levels. It is filled with trading ideas, actual TradeStation code, and lots of hard-headed advice. Well worth the ticket."

Robert Pardo, President
Pardo Capital Ltd.

"This work, reflecting the changing nature of technical analysis, cuts right to the chase and shares a wealth of research with terrific insight."

Linda Bradford Raschke
President, LBR Group Trading


If you order now, I'll send you two bonuses worth over $50! The first is a copy of the booklet, "Trading Strategies For the 21st Century." In it, Murray reveals new trading methods discovered since the publication of his breakthrough new book!

Your second bonus is a 90-minute audio tape with Murray's concise, detailed explanation of intermarket relationships and the predictive nature of some markets over others. Professionally recorded at an international conference, this is the first time this information has ever been released to the public and it's yours FREE!


This book belongs is a "must" for every serious trader's library. But supplies are strictly limited, so we must limit each order to no more than two copies. To avoid disappointment, order today!

Cybernetic Trading Strategies (Includes Book + Bonus Strategies)
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