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  • ’20-20 FORESIGHT’ Winner’s Package
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Price: $970.00
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Multi-Media Course

Spend just four hours, at your convenience, in the comfort of your favorite recliner. And discover how you can turn the power of ancient Japanese Candlesticks into a non-stop, perpetual income for you and your family.

Part 1: Unveils the 300-year-old mystery of how and why Candlesticks have proven to be the greatest wealth-building tool known to man… and explains in complete detail the Doji, the Hammer, the Hanging Man, and the Bullish & Bearish Engulfing signals introduced today.

Part 2: Brings the remaining 7 Candlestick signals to life… including the ultimate call-to-action signal. This one signal is so powerful you don’t have to worry about the trend or stochastics, or anything else. When you get the ultimate call-to-action, there’s just one thing for you to do… Act fast!

Part 3: Enhance profitability when you integrate high-probability chart patterns with powerful Candlestick signals… For example, the profits we’ve been getting off the Frying Pan Bottom are sizzling!

Part 4: Now let’s take it to the next level. Learn a surefire\ way to tell a pull-back from a reversal… how you can cash in on the T-Line crunch… and how options sellers can recognize the optimum trading range for the greatest profits week after week.

How to Apply Japanese Candlesticks for Profit DVD course and 250-page online manual is comprehensive… yet fun and entertaining. You’ll be nodding your head one minute, shaking your head the next, and all the while grinning ear to ear. That’s a promise.

But most important… by the end of four hours you will have gained a solid foundation on which to build your own “20-20 Foresight” fortune…

With a little “help from your friends” in the Live Trading Room!

Welcome to
Live Trade Room

As one of our favorite customers once said said, once you’ve gone through the 4-hour DVD course “it’s just a matter of building up your self-confidence. And that’s where the Live Trade Room comes in.

The Members Only Live Trade Room opens each day 15 minutes before the market opens. And it remains open until after market close.

Judging from all the excited praise you’ve heard today, you already know you’re going to love the Live Trade Room.

Now let me tell you about some of the other privileges you’ll enjoy as a Candlestick Trading Forum member.

Twice a day… at around 10:45 am and again around 3:45 pm, Eastern Time… I’m going to email you a synopsis of everything that’s happened. So you can rest assured that even if you can’t attend yourself, you’ll never miss a single trade suggestion or important market update.

Every Monday night at 7pm Central Time we hold a private Member’s Only Live Webinar/Chat Session that focuses on the major indexes and prominent sectors. So you have a good idea of what to expect in the week ahead. A recording of the session is also posted on the website for your convenience.

And every evening you’ll receive a video explanation of 2 or 3 current trade opportunities. This is a particularly popular benefit because of the educational value of seeing the analysis process behind the trades.

Other benefits – too numerous to list – leave no doubt that membership in the Candlestick Trading Forum is essential for anyone interested in seeking their fortune with the advantage of “20-20 Foresight”.

Say “Yes” To

Under the terms of this special introductory offer, there are three ways you can put the magic of “20-20 Foresight” to work for you.

’20-20 FORESIGHT’ Winner’s Package – $970  
  • If you say “Yes” to the 20-20 Foresight’ Winner’s Package you’ll get 13 months of Candlestick Trading Forum membership for the price of 10. PLUS you’ll receive How to Apply Japanese Candlesticks for Profit for FREE! And at the end of 13 months, $97 a month will be conveniently charged to your credit card every month until you say stop..

Do the math… 13 months x $97= $1,261, you save $291

Multi-media Course $495+ $12 shipping, you save $507

Total value $1,768. That’s an incredible savings of $798!

But that’s not all….

In the very beginning I promised to give you proof and a 100% guarantee.

Well, you’ve seen proof… Now here’s your 100% guarantee.

100% Risk-Free
Money-Back Guarantee

When you say “Yes” to ‘20-20 Foresight’ Winner’s Package you have an entire month to decide if a Candlestick Trading Forum membership is right for you. If you decide to cancel, simply return How to Apply Japanese Candlesticks for Profit within 30 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you paid us.

After 30 days, you may cancel your membership to the Candlestick Trading Forum at any time… return your How to Apply Japanese Candlesticks for Profit multi-media course… and receive a prorated refund.

But, at the end of ten months, How to Apply Japanese Candlesticks for Profit multimedia course is yours to keep forever, even if you cancel your Forum membership.

Receive Free
Candlestick Trading

Flash Cards

If you want the fastest and easiest way to master “20-20 Foresight”, Candlestick flash cards are exactly what you need.

According to a recent article published by Purdue University, flash cards are one of the most effective memory-aid tools ever devised for students of every age.

And that includes you!

To begin with, flash cards are compact and readily transportable… making frequent repetition a breeze.

But, even more beneficial than the convenience is the composition itself… signal on one side and specific rules on the other.

Since each card focuses on a single element, the image and relevant facts are immediately burned into long-term memory, becoming so familiar it’s akin to intuition.

Candlestick Trading Forum flash cards are a popular item which sells for $39.95. But, I’ve reserved 500 decks to give away for FREE if you say “Yes” to the’20-20 FORESIGHT’!

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