Kirkland's 5-Star Trading Academy

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Get The Help You Need . . .
And Enjoy The Success You Deserve!

The following quote by legendary trader, Richard Dennis, is famous because truer
words were never spoken . . .

“You could publish [my system] rules in a
newspaper and no one would follow them.”

And, that’s precisely why you need Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy, with weekly
webinars and exciting real-time trading chatroom.

Instant Profits Make
Day-Trading Exciting . . . But
Swing-Trades Are Just as Popular

Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy ‘hits it out of the park’ using 3/5/10/15-minute charts to day-trade stocks-on-the-move.

Scan the list of trades to your left and see for yourself how . . .

  • The vast majority of all trades have been winners
  • Every single day has been profitable for more than 4 months!
  • We’re trading weekly options . . . often with only one day until expiration . . . so options are super cheap and you can start trading with very little money.
  • $5,000 grew to $20,191 in the two weeks shown here . . . by the end of 4 months your potential profits totaled $42,760!

You’ll be training on very short-term charts so you can experience the entire process . . . entry to exit . . . within an hour or two, (or even within a few minutes,

But you’ll also practice the same process in other timeframes . . . 15 minute and less for day-trades . . . 30min, 60min, and daily for swing trades . . . day, week, and month for longer term.

Kirkland 5-Star
Trading Academy
Strategy Guide

Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy strategy guide is comprehensive, yet fun and easy to read.

If you’re new to trading we’ll have you up to speed in no time . . . cutting right through all the technical jargon and teaching you everything you need to know to make instant profits possible.

And traders of every level will appreciate the way we will set up your charts step-by-step together. And then discover the secret to identifying stocks on the verge of an explosive move . . . picking the right option for max profit potential . . . adjusting trade size . . . and knowing when to take profits.

You’ll thrill at the growing sense of empowerment you’ll feel with each page you turn.

Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy
Classroom Support

The Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy school bell rings every Monday evening, 8pm eastern time.

And if you can’t make it, you can always watch the replay.

Each training session is about an hour long . . . sometimes more, depending on how many stocks we have to look at that week.

Using a digital ‘marker’ I’ll illustrate every chart so you can clearly see the pattern progress through each phase. It’s never rote. Every class is a little different depending on market conditions. And over time, you’ll come to instinctively ‘know’ what the market is likely to do next.

Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy
Chatroom Synergy

The synergistic power you’ll feel every time you log into the Kirkland 5-Star Chatroom is hard to describe.

Of course, being spoon-fed potential profit opportunities is an obvious advantage.

“With so many eyes watching, we don’t miss much. And when the time comes, we call it out so even people who are new can see it & jump in.”

But as you’ll soon discover, it’s really much more than that.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are coordinating knowledge & effort toward a common goal . . . i.e. making money . . .

Gives you tremendous self-confidence and it evokes the mastermind power to achieve greater success for everyone . . . newbies and accomplished alumni alike.

Even if you only have time to pop in for a few minutes here and there, you’ll be immediately welcomed . . .

You’ll be brought up to speed as you scroll through the chat history . . .

And you’ll feel a warm sense of camaraderie & confidence unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy
2-Year Training Program

Strategy + Support + Synergy leads to Self-confidence and the potential for tremendous Success . . .

I know this to be true because my students are living proof.

But, I also believe steadfast, unwavering confidence requires sufficient time to experience all sorts of market conditions in a well-supported environment.

For that reason, the training program at Kirkland 5-Star Trading Academy spans a period of 2-years . . . plenty of time for you to gain all the wealth-building practice you need to make a lifetime of prosperity possible for you and your family. You’ll be up and running within 24 hours — and receive full support for 24 months to be sure you achieve success.

Money-Back Performance Guarantee

I’m proud to say . . . In a recent survey, an astounding 94% of my students responded positively about the education they received.

And now, I’m going the extra mile to give you an unprecedented money-back guarantee . . . Imagine if colleges did that!

Of course, you’ll be placing your own trades . . . in your own time . . . some on paper, others with real money. So, I can’t guarantee your results.

But, I can guarantee Kirkland 5-Star system results!

I guarantee profit opportunities identified by the Kirkland 5-Star Day-Trade system will make it possible for you to more than double your trading account in the next 12 months . . . or your money back.

Sounds crazy I know. But that’s how confident I am.

I promise to set you on a course for trading success . . . and I guarantee my proprietary trading system will work, or your money back.

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