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This extraordinary training program could teach you . . .


With a Mere $1,000!

Exchange Traded Funds . . .

ETFs for short, are diversified like a mutual fund. Yet they trade throughout the day just like stocks, and they’re today’s most popular exchange traded product as liquidity is drained from individual stocks . . . And sucked into the 4,874 ETFs that hold them . . . Company-specific information is becoming less and less important.

This Is Definitely Not Your Daddy’s Stock Market Anymore!

12 Cunning Secrets of the Toughest ETF Trading Pros reveals how you can exploit today’s ETF dominated market for the greatest gains. Whatever else you do today, be sure you stay to the end and get your copy of this eye-opening special report.

Ok now, because I’m covering so much material, I need to go fast. But don’t worry about absorbing everything right now. Just concentrate on the profit potential.

Because, if you want, I’ll send you potential winning trades you can review and read word-for-word to your broker or enter online. So you can start potentially earning right away and then build up your understanding and confidence through experience . . .

Let’s Start With This Actual Trade Signal

GLD is the symbol for an exchange traded fund that holds actual bars of gold rather than shares of stock. We also trade the iShares Gold Trust, symbol IAU, SLV, which holds physical silver. Plus the top two gold mining company ETFs — GDX and GDXJ.

Since the beginning of time, gold and silver have been the most universally accepted permanent forms of wealth on the planet. Hence global demand is soaring. Particularly in the form of convenient gold-backed ETFs.

Of the 13 most actively traded ETFs
roughly 40% are gold related!

Between the 5 ETFs we’ll be trading 107 million, 576 thousand, 309 shares change hands daily!

Consequently, options on those gold ETFs have huge open interest, a Bid-Ask spread of only a penny or two, strike prices every 50¢ to a dollar, lower volatility, hence reduced risk. And they trade an extra 15 minutes later in the day to boot.

Because That’s What MERIT GOLD Is All About

MERIT stands for: My Early Retirement Income Trading

Gold describes the fantastic lifestyle you’re potentially about to enjoy . . . And the extraordinary vehicle that’ll get you there.

This program was developed at the Kirkland Trading Academy located just down the road from the mountain top home I’ve loved for more than 30 years.

The income producing secrets I’m sharing with you in this letter not only saved our family home from the financial disaster I told you about earlier. I was able to buy the entire mountain top . . . All 100 acres of it.

Feeling hugely blessed and grateful to have my financial worries behind me my daughter, Leslie, me and my son, Patrick established the Kirkland Trading Academy dedicated to helping ordinary men and women, through education and guidance . . . potentially become financially well-off in the least possible time.

This Seems Too Good To Be True — What’s The Catch?

I’m glad this gets asked. Because skepticism is not only healthy . . . It’s also the mark of a smart investor.

You should always investigate . . . And then base your decision on facts rather than emotions. So, here we go . . .

Fact #1: MERIT GOLD has a 3-year track record. So everything you’ve seen today is absolutely possible.

Fact #2: The average daily trading volume for the 5 Gold ETFs we trade is 107 million, 576 thousand, 309 shares making the options on our 5 Gold ETFs among the most widely traded and most liquid. So you know that following my foot steps as I enter and exit trades will make it easy to see the potential profits.

Fact #3: Several subscribers are enjoying greater success than they ever dreamed possible. If they can do it . . . Why not you?

Many of these folks had no prior trading experience whatsoever . . . But they do all have one thing in common — they all recognized their need for a reliable source of income they can count on no matter what. So they put their doubts aside and made it happen!

So how about you? Your doubts are emotional . . . The facts support action . . . And getting started is easy. All you have to do is put your doubts aside for just a moment . . . and I’ll take care of the rest.

My Merit Gold Methodology Has
Changed The Lives Of Literally Thousands Of
Ordinary People From All Walks Of Life . . .
And I promise it can change your life too!

Actually, MERIT GOLD membership is currently closed, But, since you are receiving this letter, I’m making an exception just for you and the few receiving this invitation . . . Please won’t you join us?

Membership Is Strictly Limited . . .

I want to make sure as a new member you get all the personal hand-holding you may need . . . So I refuse to overload our support team at the Kirkland Trading Academy and that’s why, as soon as we hit our limit of new members, this offer will shut down.

So I’d encourage you to call now and secure your spot while you can. With detailed buy and sell recommendations at your fingertips, you’ll have a jump start on your trading education in order to earn a steady potential income when you say “Yes” to MERIT GOLD.

But, as the profits potentially mount, so will your excitement and you’ll want to know everything. So I’m going to send you this exclusive volume of members only Trade Secrets. Which reveals everything you need to know if you’d like to find your own potential winning profit opportunities . . .

On your own or in the company of all the friends you’ll make in the online chatroom I call the P3 Trading Group.

We Are All In This Together.
And Together We’ll Support You To
Achieve The Greatest Possible Success.

Subscribers to my advisory services generally pay $5,000-$6,000 a year.

The MERIT GOLD Trade Secrets are a members only exclusive, which can’t be purchased at any price, but I normally sell similar courses for around $997.

Membership in the P3 Trading Group, which, is invaluable, can’t be found anywhere else. And you’ll get unlimited support from all of us at the Kirkland Tading Academy, which is priceless.

So you can see that the Annual membership price of $1,997 is already a bargain. But...

I’m going to do something extra special for you today . . .

I’m Going To Pay For Your
2nd Year’s Membership!

So, for just 1 payment of $1,997 you’ll enjoy all the potential income-producing benefits of membership for 2 FULL YEARS!

That’s just $2.74 a day . . . Less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee . . . And just look at all the after commission profits you could be earning!

But, there is one catch . . .

Exclusivity is essential for this type of potential non-stop income . . . And, of course, new members get a lot of extra hand-holding . . . So when we hit our limit for new members, this offer will shut down. I’m sure you understand.

I can think of only one reason why you stuck with me this far . . . You desperately want the kind of potentially reliable income that could possibly end your money worries forever . . . Am I right? So you’d be crazy to pass up this chance!

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m proud to say . . . In a recent survey, an astounding 94% of my students responded positively about the education they received.

And now, I’m going the extra mile to give you an unprecedented money-back guarantee . . .Imagine if colleges did that!

Of course, you’ll be placing your own trades . . . in your own time . . . some on paper, others with real money. So, I can’t guarantee your results.

But, I can guarantee MERIT GOLD system results!

I guarantee profit opportunities identified by the MERIT GOLD system will make it possible for you to increase your trading account in the next 90 days . . . or your money back. If profit opportunities fail to potentially increase your trading account in the next 12 months, you’ll be entitled to a pro rata refund.

Sounds crazy I know. But that’s how confident I am.

I promise to set you on a course for potential trading success . . . and I guarantee my proprietary trading system will work, or your money back.

And you’ll get my special report 12 Cunning Secrets of the Toughest ETF Trading Pros . . . Absolutely free . . . No strings attached . . . Learn how you can exploit today’s ETF dominated market for the greatest gains.

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