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$16,000 per month – or MORE!

Imagine pulling in $16,000 each month – or more – just by tapping a few keys on your laptop! Around twenty minutes – then you can shut down and get on with REAL life! While not typical, such results are possible using these techniques.

Having fun. Enjoying life. Remember that?

I can honestly say this because Joe Duffy’s already done it. Using the very same secrets he’s ready to share with you now!

You don’t have to work for a small salary. You don’t have to watch your life slip away day-by-day struggling to make a living.

Imagine having the freedom to live your life how you want and having the money to enjoy it!

Be Able to Potentially
Pinpoint Profitable

The amazing truth is that Joe Duffy will do everything he can to help you succeed. The Ultimate Trading Robot lets you take advantage of the natural entry points for almost any market. There are huge potential profits within the rhythm of the market. As you’ll see!

The Ultimate Trading Robot helps you find systems that work, and it lets you track and automate them in REAL-TIME. It literally transforms your computer into an “intelligent trading assistant” that pinpoints potentially profitable buy/sell opportunities automatically.

By using the Ultimate Trading Robot, you’ll be able to react more quickly to sudden market movements while avoiding making emotional trading decisions…often a trader’s biggest downfall.

This amazingly powerful tool is also very easy to use, even if you’re new to systems and trading. If you can load a chart onto your computer, this course will show you step-by-step how to dramatically increase your trading power – and possibly your trading results!

You’ll Get The Exclusive
“Million Dollar Strategy”

The Million Dollar Trading system is so named because it surpassed the one million dollar mark in historical testing using only 1 sp contract. It is a remarkably simple, completely mechanical system that can be written entirely on a post it note! Yet it’s profited consistently in hypothetical trading year-after-year to pile up a huge fortune in potential profits.

Even more important than the system itself and the million dollar profit potential is what it teaches – that there are many tools to be used and uncovered and you do not need to be a math whiz to find them; the Million Dollar system uses nothing more than the four basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and I have not taken a math course since high school!

What – a ONE MILLION DOLLAR PROFIT is not enough for you?

Introducing TRIMAC –
What Some Have Called Simple,
Effective, Flexible, Highly Accurate

TRIMAC has been called a highly accurate hybrid trading program that hits market turns with amazing accuracy. Joe’s uncovered a systematic approach that seems to identify market turns and swing moves in every market tested. All fully illustrated and in our opinion easy to apply with just 7 simple rules.

We think it is a very efficient and powerful technique for highlighting an impending swing move. TRIMAC also can be applied visually and can be used in conjunction with other strategies.

It’s clear. It’s so easy no computer is needed. It’s been highly accurate in past simulated studies. And it could potentially be highly profitable.

Introducing Scoupe® –
OVER TWO Million Dollars Profit
in historical testing
And 92.1% Accuracy in 25 Markets!!

The Scoupe Indicator is a proprietary indicator that requires only one input parameter and is presented in just 3 short pages of your trading course.

Yet, its historical results are nothing short of amazing! Past testing shows $2,120,131 in hypothetical profit (trading just one contract per trade) and 92.1% accuracy over a period of more than 10 years! Out of 25 markets, the worst was Wheat with 87.2% wins and $68,517 profit. Corn was 100% accurate with 205 Wins and 0 Losses, the NASDAQ 96.4% accurate with 134 Wins and only 5 Losses, etc.

Joe Duffy even includes some simple rules so the Scoupe concept can be yours automatically and easily!

Absolutely Automatic
And Easy-To-Use

You are never left wondering when to open or close a position. The Ultimate Trading Robot telegraphs coming potential changes in direction so you automatically take your trades. These methods are thoroughly and conclusively proven with documented case histories, and the sound logical reasons why they have worked so well.

You don’t have to be a professional trader or chartist to use these strategies. Anyone who can do simple math can potentially profit. With little time or effort, you can “work” the system just as Joe Duffy did.

A few of the Ultimate Trading Robot strategies are not 100% automatic when you first receive them – more like 95% automatic. You can use your personal judgment to make the final decision. Or simply plug in specific rules to make all decisions 100% mechanical and automatic.

Of course, your trading is only 100% automatic if you want it to be. Otherwise, the final “pull of the trigger” is up to you. It can be much easier to trade and to be successful trading when you have a proven strategy to support you.

Trading System Highlights

The systems Joe reveals to you are unique from almost any other system you have purchased or created before:

  1. Optimized based on sound principles NOT curve fit to past data.
  2. Can be used to trade individual stocks … stock index futures… or nearly any other market you care to follow.
  3. A real time, real money, verifiable and very profitable track record.
  4. Works in any type of market environment… trading range or trend.

You’ll Also Get Joe Duffy’s Up-To-The-Minute Trade Information

Joe will also send you his KeyPoint Trading letter for 6 full months. This electronic hot-letter will be sent to you at least once a week – and when things are hot you’ll get a letter each day!

In it, Joe will review trades, discuss market setups, reveal any new developments, and help you understand strategies.

Yours Free for 6 Full Months!

Act Now And You Will Also Receive -

You’ll Also Get The Amazing Real-Money-Proven DNA Market Timing Method

In historical testing, this method uncovered $1,978,465 in profits with an uncanny 81.23% accuracy! When I first saw the numbers, I simply didn’t believe them…

77.97% winners and $332,185 profit in T-Bonds
82.50% winners and $943,475 profit in S& P
80.94% winners and $680,275 profit in NASDAQ

Overall, better than 88% winning days, 100% winning months (68 of 68) and $1,978,465 in Back- Tested Profits!

But MORE Important – DNA produced High Accuracy and Huge Profits in ACTUAL TRADING

Learn Everything With No Risk!

This powerful course is perhaps the best investment you could make in yourself and in your investment success. To prove this, I invite you to discover all Joe’s secrets completely at my risk. If you ever in the next 6 months decide it’s not for you, simply send me a note that you’re disappointed and would like your money back. I’ll refund your entire payment, no questions asked.

Ultimate Trading Robot (Includes Book + Bonus Items)
Order Item #K06016...........................$49.50

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Reviewed by rajput.jps
05/30/2016 - 06:00:42 AM
Ultimate Trading Robot
A must have for all technical Traders.Dispels a lot of myths from the mind.gives a step by step approach to build a robust technical trading System

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