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Original “Turtle” Has Taken the Most Amazing
Trading Secrets in History… To the Greatest
Wealth-Building Frontier on the Planet…
And Profits Are Soaring Off The Charts!

“Options on Exchange Traded Funds are the fastest growing… and the most powerful… wealth-building instrument of the 21st Century. And the Original Turtle Trading Secrets, adapted for options, is the easiest and safest way for traders of every level to cash in, big time!” – Russell Sands, Original Turtle

After more than 30 years of unparalleled success in the hands of top ranking fund managers and billion-dollar investors… who earned audited profits totaling $1,433,210,341 (that’s billion) in the past 5 years alone…The original Turtle Trading System has undergone a fundamental change you deserve to know about…

  • Risk as little as $200
  • Trade the same as stocks
  • Use to grow your IRA account
  • Expect 311% average annual return
  • Learn how to do in less than an hour
  • Spend just a few minutes each week
  • Get trade recommendations by email

Who Else Is Ready To Have
Lots of Fun and Make
Loads of Money?

Turtle-Ops Profit Power is a finely tuned set of trading rules grounded in the profit secrets of the most revered trading system on the planet…

I’ve even included the original Turtle Trading Secrets… in its entirety… in the Turtle-Ops Profit Power guide book.

And, the book also gives you a list of ETFs that exhibit the strongest trends… the greatest momentum… and the least correlation to one another.

Which means at least one of these handpicked ETFs is always on the move!

If you want to trade plain ETFs, rather than options on ETFs…

My carefully selected list of ETFs, combined with the original Turtle Secrets… proven to be the greatest trend following system of all times… is definitely for you.

And you’ll find everything you need to enjoy greater trading success than you ever imagined possible… explained in plain English with lots of pictures…. within the Turtle-Ops Profit Power guide book.

But, please don’t stop there.

Because, your guide book also includes a simple, easy to follow introduction to options trading…

And it reveals the Turtle-Ops exit strategy that we spent 5½ months fine-tuning to option-trading perfection.

In fact, the Turtle-Ops exit strategy is so uniquely effective…

If you already trade options, you could probably boost your returns by simply incorporating the Turtle-Ops exit strategy into your current methodology!

Still, I doubt you’ll find anything to compare with the complete Turtle-Ops Profit Power System…

Where strong trends… intense momentum… and profit-boosting leverage… work together to make you rich!

I’ll Even Hold Your Hand
For as Long As You Like!

Unlike Richard Dennis, who left us Turtles on our own… each of us responsible for managing $1,000,000… after just two weeks…

I’m prepared to hold your hand indefinitely!

Every night, for as long as you like, I’ll send you a list of ETFs you should take a look at in the morning.

And, if the “Money Train” has left the station…place your order and enjoy the ride!

Honestly, Turtle-Ops Profit Power is so simple you could easily trade on your own within two weeks, just as we Turtles did 30 years ago.

But, I think you’ll enjoy the way your Turtle-Ops Daily Forecast saves you time… keeps you motivated… and bolsters your confidence.

So, you’ll be happy to know I’ll continue sending you Turtle-Ops Daily Forecasts for as long as you like!

Turtle-Ops Profit Power
Grand Coup
Get Your Guide Book & Daily Forecast
Cheaper than Either One Individually!

I’m not sure who came up with this crazy offer… But there are three ways for you to enjoy Turtle-Ops Profit Power.

And the preferred way… where you get the Turtle-Ops Guide Book for FREE… is definitely one heck of a Grand Coup!

Turtle-Ops Grand Coup:

Subscribe to the Turtle-Ops Daily Forecast delivered nightly by email for $97 a quarter, conveniently charged to your credit card every three months (saving 17% off the monthly rate). AND you’ll also get the Turtle-Ops Guide Book for FREE.

Daily Forecast Only:

Subscribe to the Turtle-Ops Daily Forecast, delivered nightly by email for $39 a month, conveniently charged to your credit card.

Book Only:

Buy the Turtle-Ops Profit Power Guide Book for $147 and we’ll include free shipping ($12 value).

That’s right… you can actually get the Turtle-Ops Profit Power Guide Book and the Turtle-Ops Daily Forecast together for cheaper than either one individually!
And it’s all backed by an iron-clad risk-free, lifetime guarantee.

100% Risk-Free
Lifetime Guarantee

When you say “Yes” to Turtle-Ops Grand Coup you have three full months to make up your mind aboutwhether Turtle-Ops Profit Power is right for you.

If you feel you’d rather cancel, simply return the Turtle-Ops Profit Power guide book within 90 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid us… no questions asked.

After the first 90 days, you may cancel your Turtle-Ops Daily Forecast subscription at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for all remaining issues. But YOU RETURN NOTHING.

The Turtle-Ops Profit Power guide book will be yours to keep and profit from forever!

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