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Striving to Make Carefree Prosperity YOUR “New Normal”

History has always been a progression of “New Normals” . . .
SMART Paycheck makes it possible for you to control your destiny
and make carefree prosperity YOUR “New Normal” come what may!

An Exclusive Peek Into What Makes
SMART Paycheck So Darn Smart!

SPY Master Accelerated Retirement Track is a unique 1-Equity; 1-Strategy; 1-Day approach to trading that I honestly believe will make extraordinary trade results possible for you; regardless of market conditions. Here’s how . . .

ONE Equity — SMART Paycheck trades options on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY). SPY managers align their stock holdings with the S&P 500 Index, providing diversity in a wide range of large U.S. companies. Consequently, the price action for SPY is less erratic and more predictable than that of individual stocks; resulting in a higher percentage of winning trades. And since SPY options are the most popular, bar none . . . daily volume is nearly triple the volume of the next closest competitors, (currently EEM and QQQ).  As a result, the bid-ask spread is often no more than a penny.  And even if you trade hundreds of contracts your order is generally filled in an instant.

ONE Strategy — The proprietary SMART signal, (demonstrated on page 13) has zeroed in on winning profit opportunities with an astounding 90% accuracy . . . to produce an exciting 14.4-to-1 profit-to-loss ratio . . . why do anything else?

ONE Day — Take your profits and go . . . one day in, the next day out. If the market turns, you won’t get caught holding the bag . . . If momentum continues, you’ll get another signal to re-enter so you won’t miss any significant gains.

You’ll find One Equity, One Signal, One Day trading is a lot less complicated . . . less complicated is easier . . . easier leads to more consistency and that makes greater success possible, everyone knows that!

SMART Paycheck Trade Alerts

With your permission, every time I get a signal indicating SPY is about to make a move, I’m going to send you a detailed Trade Alert telling you exactly what to buy and how much to pay . . . and when it’s time to get out, I’ll send you a detailed text or email then, too.

SMART Paycheck Trade Alerts are so cut-and-paste simple, they’ll make it possible for you to enjoy the excitement of instant success . . . even if you’ve never traded stocks, or options, or anything else before.

And if you’re already an experienced options trader, all the better!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the time-saving convenience of being spoon-fed word-forword trades you can enter in a matter of minutes . . . right from your smart phone . . . without even looking at a chart.

But, more important is the confidence and peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing you are finally trading with complete discipline . . . responding to every signal with optimum execution, which everyone knows leads to the greatest success possible . . .

Especially with a trading system that has produced 90% winning trades . . . an average return of 58% in and single day . . . and a profit-to-loss ratio of 14.4-to-1.

SMART Paycheck
Online Training
Training Video and Manual

Get ready to look at the market a whole new way!

SMART Paycheck Training Video is a perfect introduction to your “New Normal” of carefree prosperity.

You’ll be amazed when you see with your own eyes how the SMART entry signal winds up and then pulls the trigger for explosive gains . . . over and over again!

And nearly as important, you’ll also learn how to choose the best option for lower-risk & greaterprofit potential.

SMART Paycheck Manual in a digital easy-to-search format . . . is much more than just a very handy guide. Your SMART manual contains wealth building secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

Written in plain English and simple terms, your SMART Manual is loaded with pictures . . . and each illustration is clarified with circles, arrows, and a few enlightening words of explanation.

Everything you need to begin finding profit opportunities on your own . . . in any market and any timeframe . . . is contained in this tell-all trading manual. Nothing is left out and nothing is left to the imagination.

1 Full Year FREE But, If You Don’t Act Fast, You Won’t Get In

If you reply today, instead of paying $6,000 a year, as you would with one of my other trading services . . .

You’ll pay just $1,997 and you’ll get your SECOND YEAR FREE!!!

That’s like receiving an 83.36% discount!!! But, only 1-in-100 people receiving this invitation will get in and it’s on a 1st come basis . . . so you need to act fast!

I wish I could let everyone in . . . but I can’t. With the level of support we provide, I think you can understand why we need to limit the numbers.

This Is My Personal Guarantee to You

I’m going to send you word-for-word trade alerts that I fully expect to make a lifetime of carefree prosperity possible for you.

Because, in all the years I’ve offered trade recommendations, I have never failed to make money for myself and my trading strategy service clients. And the coming year should be no exception.

However, if by some unimaginable twist of fate SMART Paycheck trade alerts fail to produce an overall profit in the next 12 months, I’ll refund every penny you paid to join. That’s my personal guarantee to you.

I’m giving you cut-and-paste trade alerts . . . proprietary trade secrets . . . hand-holding-guidance . . . and a money-back guarantee. And I’m giving you EVERYTHING at the lowest price I have EVER given anyone.

So, it seems to me your greatest risk is the risk of missing out.

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