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Here’s How To Make Huge Profits with Low Stress
– Even In Today’s Crazy Markets!!

Here are some recent examples from the Hotline using real-time signals:

1387% gain in 7 Days
757% gain in 7 Days
413% gain in 4 Days
418% gain in 4 Days
375% gain in 8 Days
1651% gain in 10 Days

350% gain in 4 Days

364% gain in 6 Days
342% gain in 8 Days

That’s 9 Money Quadruplers in 4 months that devastated most traders and investors.

The largest of the 9 trades was in the market just 10 days …and produced a staggering 1651% profit.

Yes, you read that right….a $10,000 investment in that little Abercrombie & Fitch trade returned $165,100 in just 10 days!

And now, for the first time ever, you can discover these secrets yourself. The brand new book “Options Made Easy – Inside Secrets of High Profit, Low-Stress Options Trades” reveals a proven, systematic method of trading options with the potential for enormous gains.

Here’s the secret…

If you’re looking for financial independence, this is finally the opportunity that could potentially deliver it to you!

Because when done right and under favorable market conditions, it is a low-risk, automatic income generator. You’ve probably heard of and maybe invested in mutual funds or the stock market. But there’s another way to build your money.

In fact, it’s the safest, fastest and EASIEST WAY TO POTENTIALLY GET RICH that I’ve ever seen!

What I’m talking about is options. Now, it doesn’t make a bit of difference if you know what options are or if you’ve ever invested in them before. I’ve simplified it so that you have the potential to make big money with no experience!

This system for investing is intended to be perfect for beginners! I have reduced it to a simple system that you can do, literally, in 1 hour a week. And, if you can add and subtract, you have all the skills necessary right now to calculate the trading signals!

You can trade “on paper only” at first so you don’t risk a dime. When you see for yourself how easily you are making big money – you can start risking real money and having a chance for putting real money in your bank account!

Five Simple Steps to Pinpoint Profits And Minimize Risk

My “Options Made Easy” system revolves around five simple steps. Every step is designed to be easy and automatic once you learn how.

  1. Identify the Long Term Trend …using a simple formula, so you always trade with an eye on the big picture.
  2. Determine the Major Price Pattern … with a unique and proprietary analysis of the short-term trend in relation to the seasonal price pattern that controls each market.
  3. Determine Entry Point…where the odds are heavily on your side.
  4. Select the Appropriate Option Position and Strike Price…using a simple table based on steps 1 and 2. All scientific and straightforward, so even a beginner can pick the perfect strategy and option. This is where you limit risk!
  5. Place your Protective Stop…but NOT based on the option price. Most traders select the wrong stop…but you’ll know the easier and more effective alternative. Possibly the most important yet overlooked step in trading!

Once you’ve read this unique manual you can expect to cover all 5 steps in just an hour or two each week.

And you can make money even when the market is crazy

Unlike stock investors, you don’t need a bull market to make money in options. And you don’t need to worry about market volatility. You can profit whether the market moves up or moves down.

In fact, the more volatile the market is, the sweeter your profits can be!

That’s because even a small move in a stock price dramatically affects the value of your option. When the market swings wildly and moves favorably for the position you have established, your profits just get bigger and bigger. While your limited risk stays exactly the same.

Your FREE Bonus – Worth $195!

I recently spoke at an exclusive $495 seminar – for serious traders only! My entire revealing presentation has been caught on DVD … and is a huge bargain at $195. “Upside Trading Strategies: Using Options for High Profits with Low Risk” is yours FREE as a special thank you.

Learn Everything With No Risk!

This powerful course is perhaps the best investment you could make in yourself and in your investment success. To prove this, I invite you to discover all my secrets completely at my risk. If you ever in the next 5 years decide it’s not for you, simply send me a note that you’re disappointed and would like your money back. I’ll refund your entire payment, no questions asked.

There’s no risk—you must be thrilled with every eye-opening discovery or you get to keep it FREE!

In fact, if you don’t find trades that double your money at least 5 times in the first 90 days … then I want to refund your money.

That’s how confident I am in your success. I guarantee this will be one of the wisest decisions you’ve made in a long time – or you get your money back.

Options Made Easy (Includes Book + Bonus DVD)
Order Item #K48001...........................$49.00

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