Extreme Profits in Your Pocket: The Power FX Trading Course

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Here’s what you get with my Power FX currency trading
home-study course …
Extreme Profits In Your Pocket (EPIP)
The Power FX Trading Course

#1 FREE bonus book (list price: $19.95).

For a broader introduction to the currency markets and how they work, we’re also giving you a FREE bonus book, Kathy Lien’s Day Trading the Currency Market. It covers a broad range of technical and fundamental strategies that can help you profit from currency market swings. In its pages, you’ll learn:

  • Why bond spreads are a leading indicator for the Forex market – page 152.
  • Using option volatilities to time market movements – page 152.
  • Minimizing risk with stop-loss orders on currency trades – page 92.
  • How currencies move in relationship to gold and oil – page 147.
  • 4 things every currency trader should know about the Euro – page 183.
  • Factors that move the currency market in the long term – page 35.
  • The secret to successfully trading currency on an intraday basis – page 97.
  • The leveraged carry trade strategy and how to use it – page 135.

This 240-page book normally sells for $19.95. But a copy is yours FREE when you order The Power FX Course.

#2 FREE Bonus Report: Dollars and Democrats (value: $39).

In this report, we highlight trading opportunities the mid-term elections will trigger in both the stock market and the Forex, particularly the U.S. Dollar.

There is a special situation, a trading opportunity being triggered by the mid-term elections – large numbers of senators and congressmen running for re-election during the mid-point of Obama’s first term.

I believe that it will trigger some amazing trade opportunities in the next six months!

#3 FREE Bonus Report: Predicting Currency Turns (value: $39).

In this special report, you learn to master the 3 simple signals that can help you predict a turn in the currencies.

We illustrate the 3 signals you can use to pinpoint a turn in currency prices. These include value areas … bars with wide trading ranges … and bars that close in the upper or lower third of the trading range.

#4 BONUS REPORT: The Beginner’s Guide to Success In Today’s Amazing FX Currency Markets (Value $29).

In your FREE copy of this hot-off-the-press report, you’ll learn all the basics of Forex – including examples. You’ll learn the 100 to 1 advantage for profits … The Trade costs of Forex … The 3 Key Factors That Move the Market… The 8 Forex Markets to trade… the 2 Best Tools to Pinpoint Swings… Your Battle Plan to Approach the Market… The Secret of Stop and Limit Order Placement … and much more!

#5 BONUS REPORT: Secret Forex Trading Techniques (Value $49)

In this privately printed special report, Secret Forex Trading Techniques, you’ll discover certain otherwise unpublished trading techniques to trade foreign currencies. In just a few short hours, you can discover one of the most powerful trading secrets of all – a way to minimize your risk of trading while maximizing your potential profits. Plus, how to get started trading with very little money… Why you don’t need to know anything about charting, stochastics, trend lines or other arcane techniques to be a successful currency trader … What you need to know about options … The right way and the wrong way to work with a broker … Everything you need to know about margin … and much, much MORE!

#6 Special Bonus – “Definitive Guide to Higher Profits in the Forex Market” manual (list price: $99)

An introduction to Striker FX, Rob Abels’ currency trading system that generated average annual returns of 62.5% over 7 years, with one year producing a staggering 180% annual return, nearly tripling the money in Rob’s trading account.

In the Striker FX System for Fast FOREX Profits, you’ll discover:

  • 6 ways to trade Forex with your broker– page 15.
  • How to trade the Euro trending against the U.S. Dollar – page 45.
  • Trading currencies intraday with the Symmetrical Triangle signal – page 93.
  • Simple trick ensures that you plot moving averages accurately – page 38.
  • Using the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to determine whether the market is overbought – page 103.
  • How to calculate the value of your Forex trades – page 13.
  • 9 rules for trading currency pairs using daily charts – page 90.
  • How Bollinger Bands can help you gauge short-term support – page 65.
  • Using the Stochastic to spot strong upwardand downward trends – page 42.
  • Finding trade entry points with the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) – page 40.
  • And so much more…

This Can MAKE You Money

When you receive your Power FX Trading course, you’ll be holding in your itchy little fingers the powerful, step-by-step blueprint for how you can potentially start your personal income stream … using the same computer and internet connection you now use to simply send e-mails, check Facebook and surf the web.

This Power FX program alone has a value of over $6000, and you’ll get 6 bonuses worth $275. Yet don’t think of it as costing money … your investment in this course is designed to help you make money.

And all we ask is $95 for sharing this program that could very well change your life. All totally guaranteed for 2 full years!

Extreme Profits in Your Pocket: The Power FX Trading Course (Includes Book + Bonus Items)
Order Item #K62001...........................$95.00

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