The Turtle Secret Supercharged on Stock Options

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I don't know about you...

But when I started out, the most frustrating thing was trying to find a good trade idea.

I'd sometimes 'fluff' the numbers a bit just so I can say "Oh, this is a good trade opportunity" just so I could stop looking.

I mean there are over 5,000 stocks just in the US...

Do you have the time to sift and sort through all 5,000 of them every single week?

Man, I'd go cross-eyed doing that!

Plus, to do that successfully, I hope you have deep pockets for trading terminals and screening software.

We're talking $20,000+ per year for this type of stuff.

Luckily, I have that all covered for you.

Hi, this is Russell Sands ... one of the original "Turtles."

Richard Dennis ... the man who had turned a measly $400 into $200 million dollars (and that's 80's money, mind you) ... hand-picked me to prove he could "grow traders just like they grow turtles in Singapore."

He took a chance on me and all the original 14 "Turtles". And it paid off in spades.

From 1984 - 1989, despite the '87 crash, these nobody 'home traders' banked over $175 million in profits for Dennis and pocketed $35 million for themselves!

In case you consider this 'old news' and think that a strategy from over 30 years ago doesn't work anymore...

Eight of the original Turtles are still registered C.T.A.s managing public money...and together have made billions in profits.

The book Supercharged Options Profits hands you on a silver platter how we Turtles approach the market.

However, it doesn't go into the nitty gritty of HOW we spot which stocks to trade.

The method behind how we build our Weekly Turtle Watchlist.

That's a much different...much hairier animal.

I'm talking:

...what we look for in a trade before entering...

...the exact stocks we've found to make the most money (after four decades)...

...the bulletproof signal to exit a trade to not leave anymore money on the table.

These 'paint by number' steps are too much to include in an inexpensive book, you got to admit that.

They've generated literally Billions - with a "B" - in profits.

That's why, for years, nobody knew this ... but there were 37 pages missing from the original book you just bought.

Literally ripped out.

The exact details that could have you trading like a Turtle by tomorrow. They've been hiding away all this time.


Because you took action today...

I'm finally releasing those 37 pages...

I call them the "lost chapters"

And they're worth $10,000 easily. Because if you're able to profit 226% in a couple weeks on trades like we Turtles do...

You could easily turn a few hundred bucks into $10,000's over and over again.

The proof is in the pudding...

Starting in February 2019...

Through April 2020 (after the big crash)...

You could've turned a mere $2,960 into $60,553.

You can claim these missing 37 pages inside an exclusive, never-before-seen second resource, The Turtle Secret: Supercharged on Options Profits.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • How you can (safely) show up late to a rally and still win
  • Deeper insights on spotting a trend and how to identify if it's real or fake
  • The #1 pattern I look for to see when to enter a trade (page 32)
  • The 28 stocks we Turtles follow religiously
  • When (to the exact day) you should enter a trade with confidence
  • How to trade the Turtle Method with the same amount of money every time
  • The #1 indicator to get out of a emotion or guessing
  • Plus, 4 exit rules followed by all Turtle traders to keep losses WAY down
  • Our Turtle secret to turn a 100% winner into a 200% winner
  • The dangerous options we don't touch with a 10-foot pole
  • Revealing examples of when our alerts DID NOT work and how little you lose by following the Turtle strategy
  • BONUS: 41 more stocks to follow and trade consistently ($100 value alone)

All this and more is packed into the "lost chapters" provided inside The Turtle Secret: Supercharged on Options Profits.

For the first time ever, claim a spot on our Weekly Turtle Watchlist for free.

BONUS #1: Weekly Turtle Watchlist: Every week, you'll receive at least five stocks we're watching like a hawk. You'll want to watch them too. After reading The Turtle Secret, you'll have more confidence on knowing if you should make the trade or not. Get the watchlist stocks, check the rules inside The Turtle Secret, decide if you should fire off a trade or not.

You get this watchlist for long as we keep running it.

This is the first time it's being released to the public and you're in first.

You'll see what stocks could skyrocket in the next couple weeks...and you're there on the ground floor.

"But what if stocks start going down again, Russell?"

My team has gotten that question more times than we can count recently...

That's why, as an add-on to your Watchlist...

BONUS #2: Included in the Watchlist are stocks that could tumble soon ... and it might be a good idea for you to trade options when stocks crater.

Stocks typically accelerate faster when they go down versus when they go up.


There's potentially EVEN MORE money to be made when stocks crash again.

We saw it happen...and won big...when the crashing started in 2020.

If over the next 12 months you aren't 100% satisfied, I'm willing to give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

After today, if you're not happy with our proven strategies that have worked for four decades, simply call up my team and ask for a refund of every penny.

That's a full year to go through my information and 52 weeks of our Watchlist.

All yours, 100% risk free.

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