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The Long Awaited Breakthrough that Could Potentially
Empower ANYBODY Who Can Spare
5 minutes a Day To Seek…

214% Profit
In the Next 12 Months
1,928% Return
Compounded Over 3 Years
$360,000 Income
Every Year, Year-After-Year
Possibly FOREVER

My name’s Duane Davis and I’ve spent the past 25 years programming, testing, and fine-tuning trading systems to peak performance. Sophisticated algorithms developed by my firm, Investment Software Systems, are behind several of what I feel are the most successful systems on the market today. In other words, I believe I’m somewhat of an authority on what works and what doesn’t.

Comparing a Wide Variety of Trading Systems
I Discovered 26 Conditions that Apparently NEVER Change

After decades of running complex simulations on a variety of trading systems I came to realize there are certain market “behaviors” that supersede even the most sophisticated technical analysis.

In a monumental undertaking that picks up where other research leaves off, I compared patterns of convergence between every system with which I’d ever been involved.

Analyzing each factor with meticulous care, I uncovered 26 consistent ‘coincidences’ that seem to cross all system boundaries to reoccur time and time again.

FREE Gift #1

“Definitive Guide to Higher Profits in the Forex Market”

By Duane Davis

List price: $99 YOURS FREE

No matter what your experience level, I think you’ll find the Definitive Guide, (now in its second printing) invaluable.

Designed to be a comprehensive, easy-to-follow roadmap to success, I start from the beginning and lay out everything you need to know about seeking your fortune in the currency market… including how to recognize and profit from chart patterns.

But that’s just the beginning. I also pack in a treasure trove of strategies and insightful tips sure to amaze even a seasoned pro. Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn…

  • Which currencies offer the greatest profit potential and why
  • 6 types of orders you can place with a broker or online and how to use each
  • Turn your computer into a professional profitseeking machine
  • Identify ClearView’s market-moving chart-patterns with your mind’s eye
  • How to exploit the unique personalities of 15 different currency pairs
  • Step-by-Step action plan for stress-free trading
  • Nine things to keep in mind when using daily charts
  • The secret to day-trading for higher profits using hourly charts
  • Five rules you should NEVER break
  • And much, much more

FREE Gift #2

“Day Trading the Currency Market”

By Kathy Lien

Amazon price: $63.99 YOURS FREE!!!

For a broader look at the currency markets and how they work, you’ll also receive Kathy Lien’s book on day trading. Kathy is a respected analyst, author, speaker, and institutional trader. Her experience trading interest rate derivatives, bonds, equities, futures and Forex for JP Morgan gives her a far-reaching perspective you’ll surely enjoy. For example you’ll discover…

  • Why bond spreads are a leading indicator for the Forex market
  • Using option volatilities to time market movements
  • How currencies move in relationship to gold and oil
  • 4 things every currency trader should know about the Euro
  • Factors that move the currency market in the long term
  • The secret to successfully trading currency on an intraday basis
  • The leveraged carry trade strategy and how to use it
  • And much, much more…

FREE Gift #3

Bonus Report: Dollars and Democrats (value: $39).

In this report, we highlight trading opportunities the mid-term elections will trigger in both the stock market and the Forex, particularly the U.S. Dollar.

There is a special situation, a trading opportunity being triggered by the mid-term elections – large numbers of senators and congressmen running for re-election during the mid-point of Obama’s first term.

I believe that it will trigger some amazing trade opportunities in the next six months!

FREE Gift #4

FREE Bonus Report: Predicting Currency Turns (value: $39).

In this special report, you learn to master the 3 simple signals that can help you predict a turn in the currencies.

We illustrate the 3 signals you can use to pinpoint a turn in currency prices. These include value areas … bars with wide trading ranges … and bars that close in the upper or lower third of the trading range.

As you can see, “Definitive Guide to Higher Profits In the Forex Market” and “Day Trading the Currency Market” are not your typical ‘bonus reports’… far from it. These books contain hundreds of pages revealing what I believe are some of the greatest currency trading tactics you’ll find anywhere. And thousands of copies have sold in book stores and otherwise for considerable money.

DIY Do-It-Yourself Deal: Success Package only for $99

If you hunger for the wealth-building potential you’ve seen demonstrated today…Then my Do-It- Yourself Deal could be perfect for you.

Pay just $99 by check, money-order, or credit card and profit from what I consider to be the most insightful Success Package on Forex available anywhere for any price... Valued at $162.99, you’ll receive: “Definitive Guide to Higher Profits In the Forex Market” and “Day Trading the Currency Market”… backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee (if returned in original, pristine condition).

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