Secrets of the Market Wizards

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Secrets of the
Market Wizards –

Discover Dozens of Power Trading Techniques That Can Make You Wealthy…from 5 Great Market Wizards Who:

  • Earned 3X greater gains than Warren Buffett – even during a market meltdown. (Paul Tudor Jones earned a 62% return vs. 19.5% for Berkshire Hathaway in 1987.)
  • Made trading profits in just one year that exceeded the Gross Domestic Product of some small countries.
  • Raked in a 781% return in a single year of trading.
  • Turned a $400 grubstake into a $200 million profit windfall. Generated trading profits of over $100,000 a month for 70 consecutive months.
  • Traded up to $2 billion in face value T-bonds a day.

What Do These 5 Market Wizards Know About Making a Fortune
That You Might Not?

A colleague questioned me the other day about my obsession with the market wizards and their trading secrets.

“I don’t see why you study these guys – and their trades – so meticulously,” he told me. “After all, there are plenty of trading systems out there we can learn from.”

“Maybe so,” I replied. “But why should I follow them when I can learn from the best of the best?”

After all, there are a lot of golf instructors and club pros willing and happy to give you pointers… but there’s only one Tiger Woods.

There are racing schools where instructors can show you how to be a better driver … but none of them is Jeff Gordon.

Kids can go to basketball camp. No doubt most of these camps have fine counselors and basketball coaches … but there is only one Michael Jordan.

When you are going to master an important skill – whether golf, driving, basketball, or trading ….

Why wouldn’t you want to learn from the people out there who are the most successful and accomplished at it in the world?

Trading system authors may be good. Their systems might generate some profit. But a lot of those guys make their money selling lessons and instruction – not trading the markets.

Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone who made his money – and became wealthy – by trading his own accounts? A recent article in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance implores readers: “Learn from the world’s great investors.”

The problem is: the top traders are too busy making their millions to bother with giving seminars or teaching you their secrets.

But in Secrets of the Market Wizards, Jack Schwager – himself an accomplished trader and money manager – did something I didn’t think anyone would ever be able to do.

He got these 5 busy and wealthy traders to sit down with him, grilled them mercilessly, and pulled out of them 87 of their most powerful trading strategies and tips.

Learn trading from 5 of the greatest Market
Wizards of all time – less than $10 a lesson!

Can studying the Market Wizards make you a better trader? The Wall Street Journal seems to think it can. After interviewing Market Wizard Richard Dennis, a reporter for the Journal concluded: “Winning commodity traders may be made, not born.”

Dennis himself is living proof. A group of 14 traders he personally trained earned, over a period of 4½ years, an average annual compound rate of return of 80%. By comparison, 7 out of 10 non-professional commodity traders lose money on a yearly basis.

Now, in Secrets of the Market Wizards, you can get trading advice from some of the best in the business – Richard Dennis, Marty Schwartz, Paul Tudor Jones, Tom Baldwin, and Tony Saliba. The only question is: how much will it cost you?

Well, if you were to invest $100,000 in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards Fund at his 1% management fee, it would cost you $1,000 a year to profit from the lessons of these 5 Market Wizards he applies to his trading.

But Secrets of the Market Wizards won’t cost you $1,000 … or even $100. Order now and you get all 5 tutorials – Paul Tudor Jones, Marty Schwartz, Richard Dennis, Tony Saliba, and Tom Baldwin – for only $49 (a savings of $46 off the list price of $95).

That’s less than $10 per lesson … about what you’d pay to have lunch at a local diner or coffee shop today.

And that’s not all. Reply today and you also get a valuable ….

FREE Bonus Gift

Order Secrets of the Market Wizards and I’ll send you – as a bonus gift – a FREE copy of Jack Schwager’s DVD Winning Methods of The Market Wizards (value: $64.95).

In this video, Jack talks frankly about the Market Wizards – their trading strengths and weaknesses, their personality quirks, what makes them such successful traders, and the take-away lessons each can teach you.

With the $46 discount and the $64.95 free bonus gift, your total savings comes to over $110!

Use it Risk-Free for
3 Full Months

When Secrets of the Market Wizards arrives, absorb powerful trading strategies and techniques that collectively have generated literally billions of dollars in trading profits.

Then, you decide what these lessons are worth to you – and whether you want to make Secrets of the Market Wizards a part of your permanent trading library.

If you are not 100% satisfied with Secrets of the Market Wizards for any reason … or for no reason at all … just return the materials to us within 90 days for a full and prompt refund.

That way, you risk nothing. All the risk is on our shoulders, not yours … just as it should be.

Secrets of the Market Wizards
Order Item #K11008...........................$49.00

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