Secrets Of The Giants

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Double Your Total Returns Using Just 10% of Your Equity!

It's simple and easy when you learn and apply the million-dollar methods of the investment "Giants" revealed in this insightful book:

  • Richard Dennis (He grew $1,600 into $200 million!)
  • George Soros (So rich his trades affect nations!)
  • Larry Williams (Turned $10,000 into $1.1 million in just one year!)


Written by author and former Futures magazine editor-in-chief Darrell Jobman, this tell-all book will quickly become a modern investment classic.

Why? Because it reveals the best-kept secrets of the true "Giants" of the investment world the multi-millionaires who have spent years refining techniques for multiplying their money while lowering their risk!

Even if you have as little as $1,000 or $2,000 invested - in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or some combination - the information in this book will help you make more money.

How? By helping you understand and implement the exact same winning strategies that the "Giants" of the investment world use to rake in millions every year.


This remarkable new book details not only the methods the "Giants" use, but also how they think about the markets.

You see, the "Giants" view the markets differently than most investors. They don't focus on just one sector, or even on one type of instrument (stocks, bonds, futures, options, etc.). Instead, they adopt a WHOLISTIC approach, searching for the best way to make money given the existing market environment. It may involve stocks...commodity futures...stock options... options on futures...or a combination of all of them.

The point is, the "Giants" DON'T CARE what instruments they use. What they care about is making money...without exposing themselves to huge risks... which opens up a far broader field of opportunities.

Much of what you read in Secrets Of The Giants will no doubt surprise you. Perhaps it will even delight you in its simplicity. After just a few quick-reading chapters, you'll begin to realize that anyone - including YOU! - can use these "Giant" strategies and methods to build a fortune.


Richard Dennis, one of the "Giants" mentioned in this book, took about 20 people right off the street and trained them in his trading methods. (The same methods detailed in this book!) His "Turtles" went on to become some of the world's most successful traders. Many are still active in the markets. Some are even teaching the "Turtle" methods to others. More than anything else, the Richard Dennis "Turtle" program proved that normal, everyday people just like you and me can be taught these million-dollar methods and use them to make huge amounts of money!


  • Fully Explained: How 10% of your portfolio can DOUBLE overall returns
  • How to multiply profits in up markets...protect yourself in down markets...and create profit opportunities in sideways markets
  • 3 investment rules the "Giants" never break
  • A low-cost, low-risk way to trade the DJIA and S&P 500 Indexes without owning stock
  • How to tell which has the greatest potential:
  • Owning a stock outright
  • Owning a stock mutual fund
  • Investing in stock options
  • Trading the stock's sector
  • Other high-profit alternatives
  • 10 reasons to change your investment strategy
  • How to bulletproof your portfolio against risk


Former "Turtles" and others charge hundreds... even thousands... of dollars to teach you these methods. But you can get them in this easy-reading book for a small fraction of that price: Just $17.95 if you act now!!

Secrets of the Giants Order Item #18001............$17.95

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