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Inside Secrets
of the

If you hated school and the word “study” invokes dreaded memories from your youth, FEAR NOT. Because Darrell and I have ‘jumped through hoops’ to make this home study course a surprisingly easy and fun way for you to get your ‘Wealth-Building Ph.D.’ And then seek your fortune as a trader.

Depending on your trading background, you may only need a quick review of some sections. Or you may want to concentrate more on one area than another. Periodic quizzes will help you determine how well you grasp the material.

Course Overview

Module 1… Module 2… Module 3 (pages 4 – 97)
Getting started… Why it’s a great time to be a trader… Basic trading concepts… The ins & outs of trading stocks, futures options, ETFs… And some things you probably didn’t know, (you may have to change a few of your ideas)…

Module 4… Module 5 (pages 98 – 212)
Becoming comfortable in your environment…Fundamentals of supply/demand, business cycles and seasonal tendencies…Technical tools and tactics to exploit changing price action...

Module 6 (pages 213 – 227)
The Turtle Trading System… responsible for $billions in documented trading profits… fully disclosed in easy-to-follow step-by-step detail.

Congratulations! At this point you’ll have a better wealth-building education than many trading professionals… and as the Turtles have proven, you could potentially trade your way into a vast fortune.

But, the REAL Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB are yet to come…

SECTION 2 (pages 228 – 236)
Target Zone Trading… sell resistance, buy support, integrate techniques and time-frames to achieve a higher percentage of winners.

SECTION 3 (pages 237- 282)
Advanced Fibonacci & Golden Ratio magic as you’ve never seen it used before…

SECTION 4 (pages 283 – 320)
Unlock the century-old mysteries of legendary trader W.D.Gann... Turn Gann’s numerology secrets into 21st century profits.

SECTION 5 (pages 322 – 359)
Automated trading strategies… Program your computer to execute Scoupe®, TRIMAC, the Million Dollar S&P System, and others.

As you can see, Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB contains all the trading wisdom, strategies, and techniques fit to print… and more!

Inside Secrets of the
Is the Last Book on Trading
You’ll Ever Need to Buy

Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB will allow you to break into the one field responsible for making more BILLIONAIRES than any other… and begin building your own mile-high fortune… with no prior training whatsoever.

Tens of thousands of men and women have invested huge sums of money for bits and pieces of the wealth-building education you’ll be getting.

What’s more, if at any time in the next twelve months you decide a trader’s path to a mile-high fortune is not for you, no problem.

Simply return Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB for a full refund of every penny you paid us. No hassles… no questions asked.

So, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB a try… and a possible fortune to gain. Talk about a no brainer!

Get 30 Days Expert Guidance
To Help Ensure Your Success

I’m going to send you the greatest wealth-building secrets known to man for a 5% refundable deposit. And, if you don’t make a profit of at least $100,000 over-and-above the price of the course in the first year, you will never pay another penny.

Obviously, I have a vested interest in your success!

So, periodically I’ll be inviting you to attend MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB webinars relevant to changing market conditions.

And, I’ve also put together an entire coaching team to help you start your mile-high
wealth-building adventure on the right foot.

For 30 days… commencing whenever you choose… you can call or email anytime. And get the help you need to master Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB in the shortest possible time.

Well versed on Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB, your trading coach is specially trained to inspire your thinking, enhance your understanding, and bolster your confidence.

And to motivate you even further, if you’re one of the first 250 to respond, you’ll also receive this valuable free gift.

Act Now and Receive
of the

How to Double Your Returns Using
Just 10% of Your Portfolio

Written by Darrell Jobman, Secrets of the Giants delves into the best-kept secrets of the true “Giants” in the world of speculative investments…

  • Richard Dennis (grew $400 to $200 million)
  • Paul Tudor Jones (10th highest paid hedge fund manager started out as a clerk)
  • George Soros (so rich his trades effect nations)
  • Larry Williams (publicly turned $10,000 into $1,147,607 in just one year!)

This book is the perfect companion to Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB. And the folks at Tradewins have authorized me to give Secrets of the Giants, which sells for $17.95, as a FREE gift to the first 250 people who say “Yes”.

Say “YES” today. And you’ll receive Secrets of the Giants absolutely FREE… no strings attached.

Even if you were to return Inside Secrets of the MILE-HIGH CASH CLUB for a full refund, Secrets of the Giants would be yours to keep and profit from forever.

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