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Price: $97.00
Initial Fees: $97.00
Recurring payments
Billing period: $97.00 every 3 months
Product ID : K04025
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“I Can Almost GUARANTEE Within 5 Days Your Profits Will
Go Bananas!”
And you’ll ask yourself…

“How can something so simple
be so powerful and so secret?”

The MaxFractal qualifier you’ll learn about on this webpage could easily double or even triple your percentage of winning trades… immediately, on your very next trade!

Yet it requires no special tools, subscriptions, or knowledge beyond what you’ll learn shortly.

Introducing the One-and-Only
MaxFractal Qualifier

First and foremost… your MaxFractal must occur in a timeframe at least 5 times greater than the timeframe you’re using to trade.

So, if you’re using daily charts to enter your trades, you need to find an exhaustion bar on a weekly or monthly chart… that’s your MaxFractal.

A MaxFractal exhaustion bar is usually pretty obvious to the naked eye; because it’s longer than the other bars and it closes at or near the low.

But, if you want to scan by computer… and surely you do… you’ll need a quantifiable definition. So here it is…

Any bar that has a price range at least 25% greater than the 14-bar average & closes in the bottom 25% for that day.

Traders claim you can hardly go wrong buying anything that’s been MaxFractal Qualified… It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! Signup for Gettess Weekly Watchlist of MaxFractal Qualified stocks & ETFs and watch your profits go bananas!

The Powerful
‘Big Picture’ Secret

As I said earlier, the market is fractal in nature…

Consequently, greater clarity resides in the ‘big picture’ timeframe.

Think back to when you were first learning to drive…

Didn’t they warn you not to watch the road directly in front of the vehicle as that would lead to erratic and potentially dangerous over-steering?

Instead you learned to look way down the road…

As a result your driving became much smoother and a whole lot safer too.

Well, it’s the same way for trading!

So, if you’re going to trade using daily charts… Your first step should always be to scan for a Weekly or Monthly exhaustion bar… that’s the MaxFractal view.

Take a close look at each profit example in this report and you’ll notice every trade starts with a MaxFractal exhaustion bar on a weekly chart.

Then, Precision Market Timing using daily charts gets us in and out of each trade for the greatest possible profits.

How Much Money You Start With
Is Not What’s Most Important

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have in your account… even if you have no account at all, you can paper trade while you get your act together.

The most important thing is to put your doubts aside and agree to take a closer look NOW.

Because once you see how easy this is and you experience for yourself how fast the profits roll in…

192%, 203%, 219%, 233% in 7 days or less…

You’ll be having so much fun that trading will likely become your new favorite hobby…

And to prove it to you, here’s what I’m going to do…

If you’ll agree to ‘test drive’ Gettess Weekly Watchlist for 90 days, I’ll send you my $149 Precision Market Timing manual absolutely free!

Get Your Exclusive FREE Gift Now
Precision Market Timing

You can’t judge this book by its cover…

The publisher’s design team came up with the techy “engineering look”. And I’ll admit, I think it’s pretty cool.

But believe me, the content is not the least bit complicated.

In fact, although the PMT system breaks through the heartbeat of the market… and learning it will make you feel positively unbeatable… this book is a very easy read.

It’s written in plain, simple English… with short sentences and lots of pictures. Just the way you like it!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn how to do…

  • Build a powerful profit-seeking platform using charts available free on the internet, (I’ll tell you exactly where to go and what to do).
  • Interpret price-driving market psychology at a single glance.
  • Turn probability into predictability in 3 easy steps… to win approximately 8-out-of-10 trades.
  • Precision time each trade for max gains using common indicators in a most uncommon was
  • Automatically boost your profit factor from 1.87 to 6.58 while limiting risk with options.
  • And much, much more.

Mind you… this is NOT an ebook. It’s an actual hardcopy manual…

You’ll enjoy sitting back, putting your feet up, and thumbing through the pages… highlighting key points and maybe you’ll even dog-ear a page or two.

Then you can leave your new ‘best friend’ close at hand for easy reference while you master the fine art of trading for higher profits… which won’t take long, I promise!

But wait… there’s more!

Realize You Have Never
Seen An Offer Like This Before!

I’m about to do something now I’ve never done before… in fact, nobody has… and I doubt I’ll ever do it again…

I am basically giving away the farm to the first 500 people who agree to test drive Gettess’ Weekly Watchlist for 90 days, absolutely risk free.

For obvious reasons, details of my proprietary MaxFractal scan have remained under lock-and-key for decades.

No amount of coaxing or bribery has ever convinced me to reveal my confidential formula for converting daily price data into a flawless MaxFractal Qualified watchlist.

And my business partners say I’m crazy for doing it now…

Maybe they’re right… That’s why I’m only sending this potentially life-changing free gift to 500 people.

I do hope you’ll qualify. Because every detail of my powerful MaxFractal scan is completely divulged… nothing is left out and nothing is left to the imagination.

All You Have To Do Is…
Say “Yes” To A
90-Days Risk-Free
Test Drive

If you’re sitting there trying to figure out whether or not Gettess Weekly Watchlist really will solve your money worries forever…

Don’t waste your time!

There’s only one way to tell how much Gettess Weekly Watchlist will influence your financial future…

And that’s to take it for a 90-day risk-free ‘test drive’… via text or email.

Every Sunday, in addition to receiving a power-packed list of MaxFractal Qualified stocks & ETFs poised for explosive gains…

You’ll also find a convenient link to my weekly “Market Sense” overview… traders say this 3-minute video is as entertaining as it is insightful so I think it’s something you’re going to enjoy.

PLUS, the minute you say “Yes” we’ll rush this priceless welcome package to your door, for free!

Precision Market Timing manual teaches you everything you need to know if you want to turn MaxFractal Qualified stocks and ETFs into tremendous profits on approximately 8-out-of-10 trades… normally sells for $149.

MaxFractal Scan shows you step-by-step how to create your own scan for MaxFractal Qualified stocks & ETFs you can run as often as you like… making you totally self-sufficient and on your way to becoming fabulously wealthy for life… first 500 only.

Now here’s the crazy deal and lifetime guarantee I’m offering you today…

You are protected by our...
100% Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee!

Say “Yes” to Gettess Weekly Watchlist today and try it out for 90 days… Follow the step-by-step instructions in your Precision Market Timing manual to enter MaxFractal Qualified trades in a simulated account… and see for yourself how rewarding and how much fun trading really can be.

I am so sure you’ll be a huge success that I’m happy to give you this no-risk, money-back, triple-guarantee…

Guarantee #1 You’re protected 100% for a full 90 days. Should you be dissatisfied for any reason, just return your Precision Market Timing manual and you’ll receive a full, 100% refund of every penny you paid us. No quibbles, no delays, no questions asked… I guarantee it!

Guarantee #2 For double protection, should you cancel any time after the first 90 days, you’ll receive a full refund on the unfulfilled portion of your renewed subscription. But you will return nothing… the Precision Market Timing manual (which sells for $149) is your to keep and profit from forever.

Guarantee #3 In either case, if you’re one of the first 500 to say “Yes” and you cancel for a full refund at any time… the secret MaxFractal scan criteria… you can run any time and get a powerful watchlist loaded with profit potential… is yours for life!

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