Flash Cash Options - 6 Month

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Initial Fees: $497.00
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Renews at 6 Months for $37/Month
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Promoted by the CBOE & Preferred by Institutional Traders,
These Unique Non-Equity Options Offer You

  • Simplicity
  • Liquidity
  • Safety
  • Greater Profit Potential 

Too Bad Most Retail Traders Are Oblivious!

It really is a shame that most retail traders know nothing about Flash-Cash Options; because even small account holders can earn thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes… without even evoking Day-Trade Rules! 

Pretty exciting, huh?

My name’s Chris Verhaegh and I’m guessing you’re no stranger to options…

So I expect you’re probably wondering…

If Flash-Cash Options are so incredible, why haven’t I heard of them?

Good Question!

Probably because non-equity FLASH-CASH OPTIONS came late to the game… after Stock & ETF Options were well established... and most people tend to stick with what they know. 

But, as my students will gladly tell you… Once you’ve discovered Flash-Cash Options, there’s no turning back!

#1 Benefit of
Is Greater Safety

FLASH-CASH Options have 3 powerful safety-enhancing benefits.  The first & foremost is…

Automatic Cash Payouts will keep you from getting caught with your pants down. 

You can sell your Flash-Cash Options any time prior to expiration…Or, you can just let your options expire when the time comes with complete confidence any profit or loss will AUTOMATICALLY appear in your account upon expiration.

Tell me that’s not a safer, more relaxed way to trade!

Give You a Total of Three
Valuable Safety Benefits

And that’s not all.  In addition to Automatic Cash Payouts, Flash-Cash Options offers two more valuable safety benefits that can make a real difference in your percentage of winning trades.

  • Automatic Cash Payouts keep you from getting caught with your pants down.
  • Broad-Market Diversification helps smooth out volatility, saving you from surprise price swings typical of individual stocks.
  • No Pre-Mature Assignments. Unlike Stock & ETF Options, Flash-Cash Options cannot be assigned shares prior to expiration… which can be critical when trading spreads… and only Flash-Cash Options gives you this invaluable protection.

Next we’ll talk about three profit enhancing benefits unique to Flash-Cash Options.

Profit-Enhancing Benefits

  • More Favorable Tax Treatment… whereby 60% of your profits are taxed as long-term capital gains rather than ordinary income… tops our list of cost-lowering, profit-enhancing benefits you’re going to love.   If you trade funds outside your IRA or 401k, this could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.
  • You can also pay 1/10th the commission for a comparable size trade with Flash-Cash Options.  Even though commission rates have been drastically reduced in recent years, they can still add up fast.
  • And let’s not forget how higher volume, greater liquidity, and narrow bid/ask spreads enhance every aspect of trade execution & profitability.

As if enhanced safety & greater profitability weren’t enough, Flash-Cash Options also have…

  • Extended trading hours
  • Simplified choices
  • Day-trade rule avoidance
  • And you can use any regular stock & options trading account!

Imagine What You Could Do
With NINE Powerful
FLASH-CASH Profit Boosters

You’ll find everything you need to know in this power-packed digital course… easily worth at least $1,995.  Not only is it comprehensive… it’s presented in a most entertaining way you’re sure to enjoy, understand & retain.

In the interest of FULL disclosure I want you to know…

Flash-Cash Options is a NEW program only a very few long-time students were invited to participate in… until now

I tell stories to make the material more interesting and to help you to retain what you’re learning.

I lay everything out in the simplest, easy-to-follow terms.

And I strive to make instant success a foregone conclusion.

This Valuable FREE Gift
Will Help You Achieve
Overwhelming Success

With the overwhelming success of my Beta Testers, I can’t wait for you to join us.

And to make sure you have EVERY advantage to succeed they had, when you say “Yes” to Flash-Cash Options, you’ll also receive a digital copy of my popular Daily Options Paycheck Seminar….

Where you’ll discover how easy it is to reverse the polarity of an option trade…

And thereby slash your risk to ZERO…

While boosting your potential profits as much as 280%!.

This Game-changing Seminar normally sells for $149…

But I’m going to give it to you Absolutely FREE!

Say “Yes” and Gain instant access to…

Flash-Cash Options Course:  I think you’ll find this to be the most eye-opening course on wealth creation you have ever encountered.  And it’s presented in such a way that even beginning traders will be up and running in no time.

Flash-Cash Options Weekly Newsletter: This is the same power-packed weekly newsletter that brought immediate success to Christopher, Jamie, Ben & Randy.

Flash-Cash Option Live Training Session:  This is where I put on my Mentor’s hat.  We discuss the safest way to profit in the current market.  I share exciting success stories from fellow students. And I answer any & all questions you may have. Start with a recording of my most recent Live Training Session to hold you over until the next live monthly event.

Unlimited Priority Support: Ask your questions, and share your triumphs… my team and I are always here to lend a hand and cheer you on!

Daily Options Paycheck Seminar:  You’ll also gain instant access to the extraordinary Daily Options Paycheck Seminar where you’ll discover an amazingly simple way to slash your risk to ZERO while boosting your profit potential as much as 280%... I promise, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  This game-changing seminar normally sells for $149; but you’re going to receive it absolutely FREE… and believe me, you want this information.

Say “YES” Now
Enjoy Your Risk-Free Trial

So, go ahead and say “yes” today.

If you change your mind for any reason in the next 60 days, just call us up…  or drop us an email… and you’ll receive a prompt refund of every penny you paid today.

So go ahead… click the button below and enjoy your 100% risk-free trial.

At least then you won’t  be clueless anymore.

And who knows, you could suddenly find yourself flush with cash!

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