Six-Figure Slide System

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The Six-Figure “Slide Pattern”
So how does it work?

Well, one of the things I love most is that it leverages the activity of those on Wall Street who DON’T want to share with the little guy.

I’m talking about big banks and fund managers who use advanced supercomputers, entire tech teams — even high speed fiber optic lines — to flood money into specific trades where they have an unfair advantage.

Instead of trying to predict the future — which is nearly impossible — we instead follow the money . . .

This solves the problem with the typical “patterns” — namely that they are too infrequent to ever count on them consistently.

Because fund managers and big banks will always have capital they need to deploy, this pattern appears with far greater frequency than anything else.

Once you unlock the power of this pattern, it’s some of the
easiest money you’ll ever make as a trader.
That pattern equals money.

It’s that simple.

Remember, no system or method — no matter how selectively back-tested — will help you trade “perfectly” in the real world.

But the reality is, if you can win roughly 4 out of every 5 trades AND you’re making $14.00 for every $1 you lose on average . . .

Well, you’re absolutely crushing it.

That’s why I’m creating a NEW service to help YOU capture every single dollar of profit from this pattern, week after week. It’s called . . .

The Six-Figure Slide System . . .

And I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you today.

Because the simple fact is, the more I continue to extensively research other systems in the financial publishing arena, the more I conclude that my signals produce results beyond ANYTHING that exists.

And the nature of these options (and their massive trading volume) means I don’t need to worry about our members moving the market . . .

Let Me Send You These
Slide Pattern Setups Each Month —
and Put You on the Path to Six-Figures

For the first time ever, my revolutionary trading and education program — created around this highly profitable “slide” pattern — will be open to those outside our initial circle.

And if you’ll give me just 10 minutes every week — it CAN work for you . . . no matter where you’re at right now. Because:

  • You don’t have to be an expert investor or seasoned trading expert — no experience required . . .
  • You don’t need to be a millionaire — you can get started with a small account, and invest as little as $200 - $300 per trade . . .
  • You don’t have to know which stocks will sink or soar — we’re trading highly reputable options using ONLY this proven pattern . . .
  • You won’t need any kind of special account; your current brokerage or online trading account is just fine . . .
  • And you won’t EVER be asked to accept a single risk that makes you uncomfortable — unlike highly leveraged forms of trading, you can never lose more than you have invested in the current position.

The Six-Figure Slide System
Puts These Huge Monthly Income
Opportunities at Your Fingertips . . .

Here’s how it works:

Each day, my computer system (and research team) relentlessly scans 300 of the top stocks in the market for setups that will lead to the PATTERN . . .

As you learned earlier, this is a CYCLICAL trading system around the most predictably profitable pattern I’ve ever discovered.

You’ll just need to take the setup, and then decide how much you’re going to allocate — as well as when to pull the trigger.

But I teach you all that in my . . .

Six-Figure Slide System
Quickstart Guide

Right off the bat, I’m going to RUSH YOU a free guide where I spell out the specifics of this pattern for you, from A to Z.

I WILL teach you everything I know about this pattern — and transform you into a world-class trader (more on that in a moment) . . .

You’ll quickly learn whether the slide is going up or down, when it’s about to shift course — but most importantly — how to spot the pattern and pull the trigger.

I’ll also cover how to add the trend line “slide” to the pattern to compound your profits — and open up a totally new avenue of moneymaking opportunities.

In a single day, you can master the simple technical aspects of this pattern and be ready to use the setups I send you.

Beyond understanding the pattern . . . you’ll understand how to set up and prepare your account, how to enter and exit the trades, how much to allocate and what to look for — from the outset — so you know you’re on the right track.

Again, this entire Quick-Start Training Guide comes FREE with your membership in the Six-Figure Slide System.

But it gets even better, because . . .

Join Today and Save a Whopping
50% OFF the Future Price

Because this is a NEW service and I want to open it up to a broader group of retail investors and traders who’ve likely been burned in the past . . . I’m not going to charge $10,000 . . . or $5,000 . . . or even $4,000 like I probably should.

Not yet, at least.

In the future, The Six-Figure Slide System — with monthly setups included — will likely sell for $997. And I think you’ll agree that, considering its performance, it’s a steal even at that price.

But when you join us today as part of this charter membership launch — you can get full membership access for only $97 per quarter.

Or, given the consistency of our numbers, you may feel safe seeking an even better value.

If that’s you, then you can join The Six-Figure Slide System for an entire year — and pay only $297. That’s about 70% off what will almost certainly be the future price!

Heck, my Six-Figure Slide System Quick-Start Guide alone — which I’ve never shared with anyone publicly, could easily be considered a $300 value.

That along with the 5-10 setups we send you per month make this, quite frankly, the deal of the century.

You could literally recoup your membership fee from the profits on YOUR VERY FIRST TRADE.

As you do so, know that you’re FULLY protected.


$97 Billed Quarterly

$297 Billed Annually


My Iron-Clad,
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Means If We’re Not Profitable Over the Next
12 Months, The Six-Figure Slide System Is FREE!

You see, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

In other words, given my performance — I’m willing to guarantee that the service must be profitable over the next 12 months, or you pay nothing.

We make that assessment by factoring winners against losers — for 12 full months — from the day you begin membership.

In the highly unlikely event we don’t perform, then at the end of 12 months you are free to request a prompt, no-questions asked refund. Actually, we INSIST you do!

On the other hand, if The Six-Figure Slide System continues its incredible run . . . and repays your membership fee many, MANY times over — my hope is that you renew and continue using my trading signals as long as you need to generate profits.

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