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The Top Trader's Toolbox is designed to provide weekly video instruction to our subscribers. Like the Inside Trading newsletter, it is free and it included in your Inside Trading newsletter subscription. The following are the past four issues we have aired. Enjoy!


Options Spreads for Beginners

By Joe Duffy

In this video, Joe Duffy will teach how traders can use option spread strategies to improve probability. The largest source of losses in option trading is the erosion of time value. Option spreads allow traders to mitigate much of this disadvantage while giving up only a disproportionate amount of potential reward.


Trading Plan

By Todd "Bubba" Horwitz

There is a lot of uncertainty in the markets and the world as a whole right now. Take some control back during times of change and make yourself a plan! Broaden your trading education and learn how to build, maintain, and protect your money with Bubba as he shares his 36 years of trading experience.



Profiting in Down Markets

By Chuck Hughes

In this video the Optioneering Team will explore a bearish option strategy they utilized successfully during the last two bear markets. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to convert down markets into profit opportunities.


Hedging: Save yourself, Save your Portfolio

By Bubba Horwitz

One of the big takeaways from this webinar is to save your from yourself. Don't panic while growing your portfolio. Learn not only to stay in the market but to buy when the markets are going lower. Let the math of the market work for you. This is your time, see the results from our 100,000 portfolio.






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