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The Top Trader's Toolbox is designed to provide weekly video instruction to our subscribers. Like the Inside Trading newsletter, it is free and it included in your Inside Trading newsletter subscription. The following are the past four issues we have aired. Enjoy!


Creating a Trading Plan

By Bubba Horwitz

In this video, Bubba Horwitz explains the importance of creating a trading plan. What are things that you should consider when doing so? Todd takes you step-by-step on how plan for trading success.


ETF Trend Indicator Strategy

By Chuck Hughes

In this video the Team will focus on the third criteria they use which is determining an ETF’s price trend. The Team uses a simple Trend Indicator to identify ETFs for weekly covered call trading. In the video you will learn how to easily download the Trend Indicator from the internet.


Selling Puts Doesn’t Have To Be Dangerous

By Kerry Given (Dr. Duke)

Selling naked puts has a notorious reputation, especially among stock brokers that don’t understand options. When following three simple rules, selling naked puts can be appropriate for conservative investors. Come listen to Dr. Duke separate the truth from the hype.


Weekly Covered Call Strategy

By Chuck Hughes

In this video, the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their ETF Weekly Covered Call Strategy which generates weekly cash income from selling call options.

The Team will explore their three step process for selecting ETFs with the best profit potential for trading weekly covered calls.

Three criteria for selecting ETFs for weekly covered calls:

1) The ETF trades weekly options
2) The ETF’s option premium gives you at least a 1 to 2% weekly cash payout
3) The price of the ETF is trending up




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