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The Top Trader's Toolbox is designed to provide weekly video instruction to our subscribers. Like the Inside Trading newsletter, it is free and it included in your Inside Trading newsletter subscription. The following are the past four issues we have aired. Enjoy!


Broadening Your Options Investing

By Wendy Kirkland

In this video, Wendy Kirkland discusses a few trading guidelines she has learned over the years. First, she looks at when the best time is to trade. Then, Wendy covers how to select from the best candidates. Last, Kirkland shares her "three trading essentials": overbought/oversold, bottom/top and trend reversal and confirmed entry.



Protecting Profitable Trades

By Chuck Hughes

As option traders we face a dilemma whenever we have a profit in our option trade. Do you hold a winning option trade for further upside profit potential or do you take profits in case the underlying stock declines in price with the possibility of a profitable trade turning into a loss?

In this video learn how the Hughes Optioneering Team solves this dilemma with their technique for protecting their option profits and at the same time participating in any further upside profit potential if the underlying stock continues to rally.


Market Uncertainty, The Correction is Near

By Bubba Horwitz

Everyone wants to know when the next market correction will come, many have missed this entire rally and have been stuck in cash on the sidelines.

In this video we share many of the tips and tricks that allow you to always stay in the market, not worry about the rotation many advisers try to convince is the best way to trade our portfolios.

Wouldn’t it be easier to Never sell stock ever again, create wealth and compound your portfolio? This video is a must watch for everyone who wants to protect their assets and actually smile quietly when markets sell off knowing that they are actually getting an opportunity to create wealth.



Directional Option Trading

By Chuck Hughes

In this video the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their trade selection system for selecting directional option trades with high accuracy.

Our trade selection system is used to take both bullish and bearish trades. When the system is on a ‘buy’ signal we buy call options and when the system is on a ‘sell’ signal we buy bearish ETFs and put options. This allows us to profit in both bull and bear markets.


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