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The Top Trader's Toolbox is designed to provide weekly video instruction to our subscribers. Like the Inside Trading newsletter, it is free and it included in your Inside Trading newsletter subscription. The following are the past four issues we have aired. Enjoy!


Trade the Whether

By Chris Verhaegh

From the "Money From Nothing DVD", Chris Verhaegh discusses what he terms "trading the whether". This trading strategy focuses on watching certain ETFs with liquid options behind them. Specifically, Chris suggests you watch FAS, TZA, SDS, FAZ, VXX, and SSO.


Directional Trades versus Spread Trades

By Chuck Hughes

In this video the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore the advantages of directional trades versus spread trades.

Option spread trades can profit if the underlying stock is up, down or flat at option expiration. Most of our option debit spreads can produce a 30 to 40% return if the underlying stock is flat at option expiration. This provides a much better risk/reward ratio and gives option traders a much better chance at success. Learn how stock and option spread trading can produce steady profits during the current volatile, non-trending type markets.


Put The Probabilities On Your Side

By Kerry Given (Dr. Duke)

In this video, Kerry Given (Dr. Duke) looks at how you can put the law of probabilities on your side to maximize profits. Are options always priced correctly? If not, how can we determine price inaccuracy for trading success? Given then explains a trading strategy which allows you to trade profitably while limiting risk.


The Optioneering Dividend Strategy

By Chuck Hughes

In this video the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their stock dividend strategy. Low volatility dividend stocks can produce returns that far exceed the returns of most growth stocks and market sectors with less risk.

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