Bubba's Treasure Trove Trove of Insider Secrets & B.A.D. To The Bone

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  • Bubba's Treasure Trove Trove of Insider Secrets & B.A.D. To The Bone
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Bubba’s Aggressive Defense
Is B.A.D. to the Bone!

Bubba’s Aggressive Defense, B.A.D. for short, turns the tables on greedy market manipulators...

Empowering you to earn a steady income when the markets are quiet...

Exploit wild price swings for triple-digit gains when things heat up...

And most important: preserve, protect and grow your nest egg regardless of market conditions.

So, instead of worrying about ever running out of money... you can potentially spend money to your heart’s content and still leave $millions to your heirs.

Isn’t It Time
YOU Got B.A.D.?

Bubba’s Playbook
Insider’s Secret To
Earning 15% Weekly Income

Bubba’s Playbook reveals hidden market maker secrets most brokers and even most professional options traders don’t know about.

And with your B.A.D. Quick Start DVD giving you an instant springboard into the game, you can begin cashing in on day one!

Watch in amazement as I walk you through one BADass trade after another... explaining step-by-step how to exploit rare insider knowledge for an average profit per trade of 78% in less than a week.

Then, take your time paging through Bubba’s Playbook, marveling at each new revelation.

In plain simple English, I explain how the options market really works... I tell you how market makers think... and I show you a few simple tricks that make it surprisingly easy to earn an average weekly income of 15% on your account after commissions...

That’s a staggering $7,500 a week... $390,000 a year on a $50k account... and all it takes is a few minutes a week.

But that’s just the beginning...

Once you’ve got more money rolling in every week than you know what to do with, it’s time to move on to the ‘end game’... amassing vast wealth.

Bubba’s Fail-Safe Defense System
How To Eliminate Risk and
Grow Your Account
Regardless of Market Direction

As with Bubba’s Playbook, you’ll start by watching a fast-paced DVD introducing you to your exciting future of stress-free wealth-building.

Next, you’ll eagerly devour every word of your concise, tell-all guide.

And from that point on Bubba’s Fail-Safe Defense System will empower you to not only prosper beyond your wildest dreams...

You’ll Likely Outshine Even The Most Revered Money Managers

Even Warren Buffett, famous for saying: “Rule #1: Never Lose Money”... took a 42% hit in the crash of 2008 and lost nearly 20% in 2015...

But that should NEVER happen to you... Because Bubba’s Fail-Safe Defense System makes crippling losses IMPOSSIBLE.

Just think... You’ll be able to safely stay 100% invested in the stock market at all times... sucking every bit of gain from a raging bull... and profiting even more when the bubble bursts!

And the best part is... you can pay for the cost of this invaluable ‘insurance’ with other people’s money!

Insiders don’t want you to know the hedging formula outlined in Bubba’s Fail-Safe Defense System. So you won’t find this information published anywhere else... that I can promise you.

I’m sharing these insider secrets because I think you deserve to enjoy total peace of mind knowing there’s only one way for your equity to go... and that’s UP!!!!

Now here’s one last thing you’ll need if you want to really get B.A.D. to the Bone...

Bubba’s Guide To
Trading Options
Course & Fast Track DVD

If this is your first experience with options, Bubba’s Guide To Trading Options course and Bubba’s Fast-Track DVD will make it quick, easy, and fun for you to advance from beginner to expert in record time.

And if you’re an experienced trader, you’ll be amazed by the way this comprehensive insider’s course sheds new light on what you thought you already knew.

Start with Bubba’s Fast-Track DVD for your first eye-opening insider’s look at the market as you’ve never seen it before.

Then begin the actual course, written in simple English and comprised of 10 exciting segments... with a quiz to test your knowledge at the conclusion of each.

First, I’ll introduce beginners to the lingo, market cycles, and how to read price charts the right way... no lagging indicators allowed.

Then, know thy opponent... the market maker!

We’ll delve into options trading as seen from the inside... And, ignoring “The Greeks”, we’ll get right to the heart of what you really need to know about options pricing and controlling your odds of winning.

And finally, you’ll learn the best way to enter, manage, and exit your trades to earn the greatest possible profit.

Traders of every level will benefit greatly from the unique perspective and insider tricks revealed in Bubba’s Guide to Trading Options, course and Bubba’s Fast-Track DVD.

Bubba’s Aggressive Defense
Get B.A.D. To The Bone
Introductory Offer

There are two risk-free, money-back guaranteed ways for you to profit from Bubba’s Aggressive Defense. But I think you’d be crazy to pass up this chance to Get B.A.D. To The Bone... and receive my entire treasure-trove of insider’s secrets absolutely free... so I’m going to start with that.

Get B.A.D. to the Bone... $297

Say “Yes” to two years access to Bubba’s Monday Call & daily email updates for $297... And you’ll receive my entire treasure trove of insider’s secrets for FREE... we’ll even pay shipping! 

Bubba’s Treasure Trove of Insider’s Secrets...

If for some reason you’d rather not subscribe to Bubba’s Monday Call... for example, if you don’t have a credit card... You can still get Bubba’s Treasure Trove of Insider’s Secrets for a one-time payment of just $497. We’ll even pay the $24 shipping cost.

Risk-Free – Money Back
Lifetime Guarantee

You have 3 full months to decide if Bubba’s Aggressive Defense is right for you.

So don’t even try to make a decision today... You don’t have enough information yet.

If you’re smart, you’ll say “Yes” today... You’ll play along for a few weeks... Then you’ll decide.

Decide after you’ve watched the three eye-opening, tell-all DVDs…

Decide after you’ve discovered all the helpful, odds-tipping insider secrets revealed in...

  • Bubba’s Play Book
  • Bubba’s Fail-Safe Defense System
  • Bubba’s Guide to Trading Options

Decide after you’ve tuned into Bubba’s Monday Call... Placed a few trades... And taken profits according to your daily email updates...

Decide after you’ve given Bubba’s Aggressive Defense a chance to pay for itself many times over.

Start today... Make money... Have fun... And get the greatest wealth-building education on the planet.

Then decide whether or not you want to be a B.A.D. to the Bone trader.

Regardless of what you decide, you can be proud of your open-minded willingness to give something new a try.

You know that’s the most distinguishing characteristic common to all self-made millionaires, don’t you?

And, if you decide Bubba’s Aggressive Defense is not right for you, simply return my Treasure Trove of Insider Secrets within 90 days and you’ll receive an immediate refund of every penny you paid us... No hassles, no delays, no questions asked.

But Wait...
I said Lifetime Guarantee!!!

I said lifetime guarantee and I mean it.

After the first 90 days you may cancel your subscription at any time.

But you will RETURN NOTHING.

My entire Treasure Trove of Insider Secrets will be yours to keep and profit from forever!

PLUS...I’m going to freeze your subscription price!

I don’t want anyone’s frugal nature to stand in the way of their carefree retirement.

So I reduced the price of my Monday Call...

And I guarantee, you will continue to enjoy all the income-generating, wealth-building B.A.D. To The Bone benefits at this super-low price for life.

But, please understand... this is a one-time deal.

You cannot get this guaranteed bargain price for life or my Treasure Trove of Insider Secrets anywhere else but here... not even on my website

So if you’re the smart, open-minded wealth-builder I think you are, you’ll strike while this iron is hot!

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