My Early Retirement Income Trading (MERIT QQQ)-18 Month

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Turn $600 Into $75,000... $100,000... Even More
With THE Best Trading Vehicle for
Income and Accelerated Retirement!

What I discovered in is that the QQQs have a combination of special elements that make it both lucrative and steadier than most other forms of options trading.

Of all the strategies and systems I have traded, QQQs are the most consistent and reliable. In fact, the first month I officially began trading them, I made... 223%, 99%, 133%, 158%, 440%, 112%, -47%, 5%, 60% and 280%.

What Makes Trading QQQs So Lucrative?

The QQQs are sometimes called the Cubes or Qubes.

And the main difference between indexes and an ETF is that Indexes don’t actually own stock. Whereas, the QQQs ETF owns and is comprised of 100 different non-financial companies in the NASDAQ.

More Profitable AND
More Secure

In most respects, the QQQ are and act like every other single equity or security. You don’t need to learn any special chart indicators to interpret the QQQs.

Any stock broker will gladly handle a trade on a QQQs position via the phone or online. Yes, you can easily learn how to place QQQ trades yourself with just a few clicks of your mouse, or some taps on your smart phone or tablet.

Often, it takes just minutes to execute a trade that can nearly double your money... turning $600 into $1,174... $1,000 into $1,957... $2,000 into $3,914... you get the point!

The QQQs can even be traded until 4:15 PM ET, fifteen minutes longer than other equities. That’s very important and creates hidden profit opportunities.

On the QQQ’s option chain, you will find strikes at every dollar. You can also trade in penny increments.

Create a QQQ “Cash Account” And Begin Earning Income This Month!

With QQQ trading, you’ll open a “cash account” rather than a margin account.

From a cash account, you can make as many round-trip trades as you have funds to cover. Remember, funds from today’s position sale will be available tomorrow, the next trading day.

Ideally, you start with around $3,000-$5,000. That means, you could potentially replicate the results here, while risking only around 10-20% of your account.

As you get better and your account grows, you could start to increase each trade to $2,000 and begin experiencing some truly amazing returns.

Using the MERIT System,
You Could Potentially Collect Monthly Checks of $4,772… $6,730…
Even $10,250 or Much, Much More

Because of the returns that are possible, and because you need INCOME to accelerate your retirement, I’ve decided to call this system...


Which stands for My Early Retirement Income Trading...

And it’s the only trading system focused on the QQQs that hands you performance like this, while speeding you on the path toward luxurious retirement.

It’s designed to help you profit from this current stock market environment whichever way the market turns.

Because only QQQs can make those kinds of gains consistently possible — all in a regular cash brokerage account!

Let The MERIT System Help You Turn
$600 Per Trade Into $8,298... $10,250...
Even as Much as $78,126 Per Month–Starting Now!

MERIT is my complete, step-by-step system—including my own proprietary trade alerts—for using QQQs to grow your income and give you the lifestyle you deserve, now and in retirement.

If history proves anything, it’s that the ONLY way to build wealth consistently over the long haul is to avoid excessive risk like the plague. Doing everything I can to limit any losses is the only way to compound your profits over time and to turn a molehill of money into a Mount Everest of money.

That’s why My Early Retirement Income Trading aims to protect your money and your profits in five crucial ways:

  1. No Margin: I never, NEVER, recommend using margin accounts or borrowed money. So you’re never exposed to the high risk of shorting or speculating in any leveraged futures.
  2. You’ll Never Have All Your Eggs in One Basket: Because I use the QQQ exchange traded fund, your investment is always spread out over a basket of stocks.
  3. You’ll Never Get Locked into a Buy-and-Hold Strategy: My Early Retirement Income Trading is always flexible and nimble — ready to get you into a position or to take your money off the table quickly. We rarely hold a position longer than a week or so. That’s a critical risk-protection feature in today’s volatile market.
  4. I Use Every Possible Tool to Keep You Where The Most Profitable Action Is: I use every cutting-edge fundamental and technical tool available to enter when potential profits are highest— and to get you to the sidelines when the time is right.
  5. I Designed My Early Retirement Income Trading to Cut Any Losses Short while Letting Your Profits RUN: Because your money is only exposed for short bursts of time, there’s little risk that you’ll be in a losing investment for more than a few days.

Plus, I Designed My
Early Retirement Income Trading (MERIT)
To Give You FIVE MORE Huge Advantages ...

I believe the MERIT System is the BEST way you can truly retire early with enough income to do so.

And even beyond the remarkable profit potential it gives you — the very real potential to multiply your money many times over — I’ve designed My Early Retirement Income Trading to give you six more strategic advantages:

  1. You can start with limited capital: Because the average entry I recommend for the QQQs is as little as $600 per contract, you don’t need to already be rich to go for gains that could make you rich.That means it’s ideal for investors with as little as $5,000 to invest and also for investors with $100,000 or more!
  2. There’s nothing to learn: Just follow the plain-English trading signals 5 to 10 times a month.
  3. No new accounts to open: You just follow my trading instructions in your regular cash brokerage account!
  4. It couldn’t be any more convenient: Just check your e-mail each weekday for instructions. When you get a signal, just make the trade.
  5. It’s easy to follow: In each trading alert, I tell you what to buy ... when to buy it ... what you should pay ... and I even give you my profit target for each trade.

And I do the same when it’s time to sell. You can execute each trade online or simply by reading the trade instructions to your broker.

Your Complimentary QQQ Quick Start Guide
Will Have You Going for Huge Gains in No Time

Your My Early Retirement Income Trading Service comes with my QQQ Quick Start Guide, valued at $297, which tells you virtually everything you’d ever want to know about trading the QQQs profitably ... how to maximize your returns while minimizing your risk, including:

  • 2 factors that significantly stack the odds of success in your favor…
  • The 10 most powerful assessment tools that can help double or triple your potential profits…
  • The single most effective strategy I’ve ever discovered for minimizing losses…
  • How to set up your “cash” brokerage account, and whether to take money out or not once you begin generating profits…
  • The 4 main types of QQQ trades, and when to use each one for maximum ROI…
  • The secret reason why most investors and traders ignore QQQs—and miss out on the best ever trading instrument for high-returns, without excessive risk…

And much, MUCH more.

This guide is everything you need to master QQQ trading—it’s everything I know and do to produce such stunning returns. And I’m sending it to you FREE when you agree try out the My Early Retirement Income Trading (MERIT) service today.

Remember, while the report is extremely valuable—you don’t totally need it to make money.

Because with my trade alerts--where I SEND YOU the exact trades I’ve outlined in this report--you’ll be able to simply place the trade and profit without any learning or experience at all!

The membership rate of $997 for six months or $1997 for eighteen months is a bargain when you consider the fact that you have opportunities to make many times that much on a single trade.

Our “100% Minimum Return” Guarantee Means
You’ll At Least Double Your Money…
Or You Pay Absolutely Nothing!

Now, despite winning over 90% of all trades I recommended last year, I can’t guarantee every trade will be a winner. Losses are always possible.

But what I will say is that in all the years I’ve offered recommendations via advisory services—I’ve never failed to make money for myself and clients.

So my guarantee to you is this:

The QQQ trades posted for My Early Retirement Income Trading (MERIT) service MUST generate at least 100% or MORE in pure profits across all trades (including winners and losers)—within 12 full months of your purchase date—or I will refund every penny you paid for the MERIT service.

No questions asked, no fine print. This service must generate that level of performance by the end of the year, or you can request and receive an immediate refund.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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