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The Top Trader's Toolbox is designed to provide weekly video instruction to our subscribers. Like the Inside Trading newsletter, it is free and it included in your Inside Trading newsletter subscription. The following are the past four issues we have aired. Enjoy!


The Trading Plan

By Bubba Horwitz

Investors and traders alike make the same mistakes that prevent them from finding the success they had hoped to find in the investing world. The lack of planning and preparation are the common theme to all forms of trading, whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor.

This webinar will prepare you for all types of trading while also sharing with you ideas on how to use multiple plans for each style that you trade. If you invest and trade, you need 2 plans. Preparation and planning equals more profits.



Weekly Covered Call Trade Management

By Chuck Hughes

The weekly covered call strategy is working well in the current volatile market conditions with rich option premiums.

In this video the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their trade management techniques for trading weekly covered calls. We use a trade management technique that allows us to keep our stock/ETF shares in our account so we can collect a weekly cash payout from selling call option premium. Learn how this technique can also help you save on commission costs and bid/ask spread costs.


Fool Proof Options

By Rob Roy

In this video, Rob Roy looks at the current state of the market. What should we expect for 2018? When should we expect to see a market correction? Last, when the market correction occurs, what is the best way to profit off the change in direction?

Collecting a 207% Cash Payout

By Chuck Hughes

In this video the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their low risk ETF income strategy for generating up to a 207% annual cash payout.

Learn how this income strategy delivered substantial returns with low risk over the last several years during various market conditions.


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