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Price: $97.00
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Billing period: $97.00 every 3 months
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Rob’s Bellwether Profit Secret
Revealed For the Very First Time

At the heart of my Bellwether Profit Secret we find volatility... both historical and implied.

Historical volatility measures past trading ranges of the underlying stock or index.

Implied volatility gauges the anticipated magnitude of future price changes… as implied by the equity’s option price.

If market participants are willing to pay a higher price for options, that implies they are expecting significant movements in the equity’s price… and vice versa.

Implied volatility is the one true LEADING indicator… based entirely on sentiment… making it a genuine Bellwether.

My Bellwether Profit Secret is a proprietary comparison of implied volatility vs. historical volatility…

And I include this Bellwether comparison in each individual Foolproof Options scan.

The combined criteria are so stringent the original universe of nearly 4,000 qualified equities gets winnowed down to a handful of candidates for some strategies… and none for others.

Believe me, this works… it works for me. It works for my subscribers. And it can work for you too!

Now Let’s
Set YOU Up To Win!
Rob’s Bellwether
Weekly Newsletter and
Market Overview Video

Just Say “YES”
To a 90-Day
Risk-Free Trial

Every weekend high-powered computers run multiple Bellwether scans to identify high probability profit opportunities following a variety of Foolproof Options strategies.

Depending on market conditions, one strategy may produce multiple profit opportunities… while other strategies have none.

The combined result… presented every Sunday in a fast-paced video blog… will give you a clear picture of hidden market conditions that would be impossible for trend-lines, lagging indicators, and other forms of analysis to reveal.

But the real moneymaker is Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter… detailing specific profit opportunities ideally suited for upcoming market conditions.

Rob’s Bellwether
Changes Everything!

If you’re new to trading... or have dabbled a bit; but have yet to achieve any real degree of success…

You’ll want to follow the step-by-step instructions in Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter to the letter… and experience the thrill of winning for perhaps the very first time!

And if you’re already a successful options trader, insight from Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter and video blog will enlighten you as to which of your strategies are most likely to succeed at the moment.

Not to mention, enjoying the convenience of being spoon-fed winning Bellwether profit opportunities that could very likely outperform your old standbys.

So traders of every level… newbie to seasoned pro… can finally enjoy being set up to win!

Try Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter
90 Days Risk-Free
And Receive $255.94 in Free Gifts

Yes, you read right!

Because I am totally convinced that you are being set up to fail… which rankles me to the very core…

And I believe my Bellwether Profit Secret is the one thing that can set you up to win…

I’m willing to share my secret with you for free!

Simply say “Yes” to a risk-free 90-day trial subscription to Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter and you’ll receive…

Rob’s Bellwether Profit Secret
Absolutely FREE
No Strings Attached!

Available for instant download, this eye-opening ‘big reveal’ explains Rob’s Bellwether Profit Secret inside and out…

What you’ll get is the digital version of my tell-all book ($79 value) that explains in exacting detail how YOU can gain the power to actually forecast market conditions.

And it’s yours to own and profit from forever… regardless of anything else.

Even if you cancel your subscription to Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter and receive a full refund, Rob’s Bellwether Profit Secret is yours!

With the power to determine not only what market conditions are today… but what they will likely be in the immediate future… you will never be set up to fail again!

This is the missing piece you’ve been looking for since you placed your very first trade… and now it’s yours, for FREE!

But that’s not all…

Foolproof Options Will Give You The
Wealth-Building Power You Deserve…
For Free!

Keep this treasure trove of trading secrets close at hand for easy reference as you exploit every Bellwether profit opportunity for max returns.

If you’ve accumulated a library of books on trading… Clear the shelf, you won’t need them anymore!

Because Foolproof Options contains all the best wealth-building strategies of the past century… each with a special profit enhancing twist you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll learn how to set up Sweet Spot Strangle trades with twice the profit potential as other strangle trades… whether the market goes up or down.

You’ll learn a proprietary strategy for selling options that yields instant income… and produces ultimate profits TEN TIMES greater than traditional income strategies.

And you’ll learn how to give your stock portfolio ironclad protection without paying a single penny out of pocket for insurance.

The Foolproof Options strategy for dynamic hedging originated with Warren Buffett… then I dummied it down so it’s super simple, it takes no more than a few minutes a month to do, and it safeguards your portfolio like nothing else can.

Honestly, if you want to make money in the stock market… this is the ONE book you want to own.

And, although it sells for $149 (plus $12.95 shipping), I’m going to send it to you for free… I’ll even pay for the shipping!

Then, last but not least… to make sure you have a rock solid options trading foundation; so there’s nothing to hold you back…

Your Fast Track To Trading Options
Will Take You From
Newbie To Pro
In a Single Afternoon!

If you’re new to options, download Your Fast Track To Trading Options ($14.99 value)…

And see for yourself how quick, easy, and fun advancing from beginner to expert can be.

No big words, no confusing terminology, and no long boring sentences. Just 44 power-packed pages containing everything you’ll wantto know about buying and selling options.

Your Fast Track To Trading Options is the perfect primer to Foolproof Options and Rob’s Bellwether Profit Secret.

And you get all three for FREE when you say “Yes” to a 90-day trial subscription to Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter.

Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter
Will Set You Up To Win
Or Your Money Back

You have a full three months to decide if Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter really can set you up to win.

If you feel you’d rather cancel, simply return your Foolproof Options guide book within 90 days and you’ll receive an immediate refund of your initial $97 payment.

At the end of 90 days, (assuming you haven’t cancelled) your subscription will automatically renew for the next 3 months… and $97 will be conveniently charged to your credit card.

Following which, you may cancel your subscription to Rob’s Bellwether Newsletter at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for all remaining issues… But YOU RETURN NOTHING.

After 90 days, Foolproof Options and Rob’s Bellwether Profit Secret will be yours to keep and profit from forever…

That way you can live your life exactly as you please.

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