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2022 Was a Very Bad Year For Stocks And Bonds. Unless You Used . . .

The One Ticker
Income Plan

A simple strategy to generate all the potential income you need
— in any market condition — using just a single ticker.

Hey it’s Wendy Kirkland here, and in this special presentation I’m going to show you how it’s possible to potentially generate most of the income you need using just a single ticker.

And to help you get started immediately, I’m even going to reveal the name and ticker symbol right during this presentation. FOR FREE.

So make sure you stick around until the end.

Now . . .

. . . 2022 was one of the worst years on record for investors.

Stocks were down big . . .

Even bonds — which are traditionally held for safety — suffered a 15% loss. That’s the worst year EVER for bond holders.

Real estate took a beating too.

And crypto was a bloodbath.

Heck, even if you parked your money under the mattress during 2022, you’d have still suffered a 7.1% loss of purchasing power due to runaway inflation!

So it’s easy to see why most investors took it on the chin last year. The longest running bull market of all time fi nally died, and the easy returns disappeared.

Buy and hold investors found out the hard way that buy and hold doesn’t work when everything goes down.

Practically everyone lost money in 2022 . . .

. . . except for people that knew about my “One Ticker Income Plan.”

I just ran the numbers and in 2022 — the worst year on record for stock and bond investors — historical testing using my One Ticker Income Plan generated a potential . . .

750% Return!

The Ticker Behind
The One Ticker Income Plan

People are often surprised that I’m willing to publicly reveal the name of the ticker symbol responsible for these kinds of gains.

They’re shocked that I’m not trying to keep this under wraps.

But as you’re about to see, there’s a very simple reason why I can freely reveal the name of the ticker that drives my One Ticker Income Plan.

So, without further ado, the ticker symbol used in all these trades is . . .

iShares Russell 2000 ETF
(Symbol: IWM)

Now don’t waste your time running off to Google that ticker. I’ll be the fi rst to tell you there’s nothing special about this particular ticker.

What’s special is that I’ve developed a trading method that can predict when this particular ticker is about to make a major move.

The One Ticker Income Plan Blueprint.
Yours FREE.

In this guide, I’ll give you everything you need to know to start going after income using just one ticker.

I’ll teach you everything . . .

. . . including exactly which ticker to use (IWM), how to pinpoint when this ticker is primed to make a major move, how to use “smart leverage” to go after maximum potential profi ts in minimum time, and how to know when it’s time to get out.

My Team Is Willing To Do The Hard Work For You!

I’m offering to use our years of trading experience and our proprietary trading tools to help you fi nd the top “One Ticker Income” opportunities . . .

. . . and then send you a simple email with step-by-step recommendations for you to consider every time we spot a trading opportunity.

This way you could sidestep all the hard research and just review the trade alerts with your broker or enter them directly into your trading account.

That’s what you’ll get when you join my brand new . . .

One Ticker Income Plan Trading Club

If accepted into the club, you’ll get an email alert every time we fi nd a new trading opportunity generated by the One Ticker Income strategy.

Remember the average trade lasted just 4 days during our historical testing. And the average monthly potential income generated during historical testing was between $1,350 and $13,000 PER MONTH depending on the size of the trading account used.

On average you can expect approximately 4 trading opportunities per month, depending on market conditions. This gives you plenty of opportunities for potential
profi t, but not so many that you end up feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s Get Down To Brass Tacks —
How Much Is It?

As I said, my associates believe this service should be priced at $5,000 a year.

But I want to do everything in my power to make it easy for you to get started today. That’s why I’m offering you a $4,000 instant savings discount.

So you can join The One Ticker Income Club today for just one payment of $997.

That’s like putting $4,000 right back in your pocket. Money that you could use on my next One Ticker Income trade idea, if you like.

And I’m going to sweeten the deal EVEN MORE . . .

Because when you join The One Ticker Income Club today, I’m going to give you . . .

My 30 Day “Show Me The Profits” Money-Back Guarantee

Here it is:

I want you to hold my feet to the fi re for the fi rst 30 days.

You don’t have to invest real money in any of my trade ideas. You can simply “paper trade” my recommendations. But either way I want you to measure the profi t potential of my One Ticker Income Club with your own two eyes.

Simply put — if in the fi rst 30 days I don’t deliver MULTIPLE winning trade ideas that you think have the potential to help you generate income, then you can cancel your subscription for a full refund.

Canceling is easy. Just call us or send an email — our contact information is near the end of this letter. You’ll also fi nd our contact info on every One Ticker Income Club alert email you receive from us.

Get Started Now

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