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30 Days from Today
Your Money Worries
Could Be Over Forever!!!

“The First Time You Earn $50,697 in 30 Days
It Feels Like a Miracle…
Next Thing You Know, Steady Profits Become
A Wonderful Way of Life!”

Before I go on, let me introduce myself. My name is Jea Yu, and when I first started trading it was the “Wild West” compared with today. The year was 1997, “dot-com’s” were creating new millionaires every day, and I was determined to become one of them!

In 1998 I founded Since then, I’ve just about done it all. And I can tell you with absolute authority that the market is a much different place today than it was a decade ago.

These days, if you want to win you need to anticipate ahead of time what’s about to happen, before it becomes too transparent. Because, once everybody else sees the move, it’s too late.

The good news is… I have perfected a way to do exactly that!

The unique UndergroundTrader System essentially foreshadows the market and makes an upcoming price move apparent minutes, hours, maybe even a full day before it gets underway. And with insight like that, winning is easy!

Trading Full Circle
The Complete
UndergroundTrader System

There’s no such thing as a “level playing field” in any financial market. Computerized trading, dark pools, and sub-pennying are just a few of the tricks that tip the scales in favor of large institutions.

Even very experienced traders don’t know about most of these tricks – much less how to beat them.

I started UndergroundTrader to even the odds. And we’ve done such a stellar job that we received the Forbes’ “Best of the Web” award four years in a row!

Over the past decade, through the Pacific Rim crisis… dot-com and real estate bubbles… volume droughts… recession panic… Wall Street scandal… manic optimism…UndergroundTrader’s proprietary system has dynamically evolved, staying on top of each market mutation to deliver non-stop profits.

Now, with the release of Trading Full Circle, profit secrets that were once the exclusive providence of an elite few can be yours.

And with this knowledge you’ll suddenly be in a position to ride the Underground-gravy-train, to non-stop-profits like neverbefore.

Set Up Your Own
Profit Center

Your first step is to simply download your Quick Start eGuide and spend a few minutes building your own incredibly accurate profit center. Easy-to follow step-by-step instructions make set-up a snap.

Step #2:
Delve Into UndergroundTrader’s
Closely Guarded Secrets

Step 2 is where you learn to read your “Road Map”, “Put your foot on the gas”, and head for the“Winner’s Circle”!

Scoring one winner after another will be easier than you ever dreamed possible when you use the powerful profit secrets revealed in Trading Full Circle to zero in on the most fertile ground.

Step #3:
Do What Successfull People Do

Step #3 is where it all comes together and you actually start to trade.

Welcome to the TradingPit! The TradingPit is a chatroom where members of meet to share ideas, shed light on current market activity, and simply have a good time.

Just Look At All the Things
You’ll Receive to Help You
Achieve the Income You Desire

Trading Full Circle - The Complete UndergroundTrader System

Discover trade secrets that will empower you to….

  • Detect the most fertile trading environments and harvest incredibly consistent profits
  • Target big plays, which yield the greatest gains
  • Identify vital time and price points for the highest returns
  • Incorporate fundamental analysis into a technical framework that leaves no room for doubt.
  • Avoid common pitfalls known to plague novice traders.

UndergroundTrader’s Quick Start eGuide

Even if you’ve never traded before, you’ll be up to speed in no time with the help of this handy 55-page eGuide, originally developed for our $5,000 mentorship program.

  • We’ll start by setting up charts on your computer screen… step-by-step together.
  • Then we’ll look at a trade setup, identify each contributing factor, and walk through a confidence-building check-list to make sure you “cover all your bases”.
  • Finally, we’ll visit the Pit, learn the jargon, and see how trade alerts come through… So you can start making money right away!
  • And, since your eGuide is in pdf format, you can always find immediate answers to specific questions by simply typing an appropriate word into the “find” box… How handy is that!


Observe firsthand as seasoned Underground Traders, myself included, chat about the markets, conduct real-time analysis, and place actual trades… trades that could potentially earn you $50k income per month.

When you’re ready to turn on your own personal Money Machine, redeem your UndergroundTrader gift certificate and ride our coat-tails to higher profits for 30-days FREE.

Cobra-IQ Charts and Demo Trading Account

Hone your skills for 30 days in a real-time demo account... Set up your charts, place your orders, and watch the profits mount… Exactly like a live trading account in every way except the “money” isn’t real. Authentic practice leads to real profits!

Why not let me prove it to you 100% risk-free!

Try it Risk-Free
For 2 Full Years!

You can test-drive the UndergroundTrader System completely risk-free, thanks to my unconditional 2-year guarantee.

I’m sure you’ve seen guarantees where you have to send copies of your account statements or completed worksheets to prove that you actually followed the system before you can get your money back… But not this time.

Trading Full Circle is unconditionally guaranteed for two full years. No strings attached.

Only 250 People Will Receive
This is your invitation to be one of them

In April, 2010, fourteen industry leaders were brought together at the Legends of Trading Forum to share cutting-edge trading tactics.

In conference rooms throughout the Chicago convention center two hour seminars were being conducted by revered icons such as Larry McMillan, Price Headley, Robert Prechter, and Steve Nison.

I felt honored to have drawn a packed room in such esteemed company. And naturally, I was eager to impress. So, within my 2-hour allotment of time, I delivered a seminar entitled: Short-Term Profit Hunter that will positively knock your socks off!

Trading Full Circle (Includes Book + 3 Bonus Items)
Order Item #K61001...........................$199.00

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